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Join Scott Walker in fighting the union recall effort

Join Scott Walker in fighting the union recall effort

The recall effort against Scott Walker starts today, and Walker took a preemptive strike on Monday Night Football last night:

This is the right message.  Unlike in Ohio where the collective bargaining reform bill lost in a referendum, in Wisconsin the benefits already are being felt.

But make no mistake, this will be WWIII for the national unions. They will fight hard to remove Walker.  Expect hysteria far beyond what took place during the original bill and recall efforts because the unions have been emboldened by Ohio and by the tolerance of violence at Occupy Wall Street rallies.

Help Walker fight the recall battle. His website is here.  I’ve also started a Focus page for the Recall.


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I don’t understand the reasoning about these laws allowing recall elections. What is the use of having elections at all if a certain number of people can demand another election a scant year later? This is insane and a real money loser. Politics is an expensive hobby not only to candidates but to the state also. I wonder how many states allow recalls and what can be done to eliminate them. When a candidate is elected, he/she should be able to stay in office for the term they were elected to.

    Milwaukee in reply to BarbaraS. | November 15, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    States vary in their laws. Wisconsin has a very liberal recall law. A previous legislator was recalled for voting for a sales tax to help fund Miller Park, where the Brewers play. Senator Feingold has been recorded saying something like ‘It isn’t over until we say it’s over.’ The progressive-socialist-liberals don’t care about the cost or the inconvenience.

    One of the big differences between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives want to leave people alone while liberals are very interested in telling people how to run their lives.

      A previous legislator was recalled for voting for a sales tax to help fund Miller Park, where the Brewers play.

      Yup. He double-crossed his constituents, and got exactly what he deserved.

        Milwaukee in reply to dad29. | November 16, 2011 at 7:28 pm

        If you could refresh my memory on that, I’d appreciate it. The Governor at the time was Tommy Thompson, who now wants to be a United States Senator as a Republican. Tommy strikes me as a crony capitalism kind of guy. Wasn’t Tommy rooting for that new stadium?

          Milwaukee in reply to Milwaukee. | November 16, 2011 at 7:30 pm

          While this might be somewhat off topic, conservatives are going to need strong conservatives in the Senate. A former Governor such as Thompson might be able to complicate the Republican primary. When he was Governor, I was a public school teacher, and was unimpressed. I felt he represented businesses but not capitalism. He didn’t seem to me to be conservative on either social or fiscal matters.

I just sent Scott Walker a donation. He’s fighting the good fight and needs all the help he can get. Let’s hope good people around the country will help support him financially as well as in spirit.

Please, Professor, keep this one front and center – the issues, ads, participants, facts, and money totals; this one needs to be won. The only way to avoid another John Kasich and Ohio is to go directly to the fight, bypass the Washington overhead.

After they abandoned John Kasich and Ohio it’s time to abandon the Washington Republican establishment in favor of the fighters. It seems a lesson not learned by Washington Republicans – the next election cycle is going to be a street fight, fought in the trenches. Washington doesn’t do street fights, it doesn’t get dirty, it sends mercenaries. Democrats have self-funding mercenary armies; the Education Industry, SEIU, AFSCME, ACORN’s (illegitimate) offspring, and Trumka’s Troops. Republicans have none.

It has been my policy for several years now to leave Washington to the foundations and big wigs. I’ve not been good at it but the Ohio fiasco finally convinced me. Hence forth my small monetary contributions will go direct to the fighters and the fight. Nothing would be better than to suck another ten of million out of union coffers in a fight of attrition that they lose.

Keep this one out there professor.

Common folks here in Packerland are tiring of the recall tactics. All of us little people are finally paying attention.

This past weekend I had a rather mild mannered female acquaintance who I’ve known for several years give me a very hard time about the “recall Walker” bumper sticker on my car. She was obviously wound a bit tight and we were in polite company, so I just let her go. I was able to keep a straight face until she questioned my sanity, advised me that I ought to be ashamed of myself and threatened to rip the sticker off of my car. As amusing as the rant was I finally had to tell her my car was at home in the garage and has no bumper stickers whatsoever. A case of mistaken bumper identity that resulted in laughs all around, but sure illustrated the rise of emotions related to the current political climate in Wisconsin.

Walker’s reforms are working and we all know it. We’ll certainly take the influx of outstate union money, but it is still us little people who get to do the voting.

Until they have a viable alternative candidate, they can scream ‘recall’ all they want.

There has to be more than simply, Not him. Especially when they’ve tried twice – and failed – to get him via proxy.

And the insanity begins again. The unions have already tried to strong arm business owners into things before and I am sure they will work even harder now. My friend unfortunately is in an industry that requires him to be in the union(he was forced off a job site in May because his dues were not up to date). He shares the crap they mail him constantly on how Walker and the Repubs are taking away this and that and laughs at it saying the really sad part is that there are so many stupid people that think this is true.

AS for them putting up a candidate, at least Feingold has decided to not run for Governor or to try and get back in the Senate.

In the interest of disclosure: I taught in a poor performing public high school in Wisconsin for many years, and hope to soon collect my state pension. I need to support Walker to defend my pension. States with public sector unions run amok have greater financial difficulties. Those difficulties could jeopardize my pension.

In the 1980’s Governor Thompson (a liberal, establishment, crony capitalist Republican) raided the public employees pension fund. The unions sued and forced the State to repay what was missing. Thus the Wisconsin Public Employees Trust Fund is in pretty good shape.

Can someone please post a link where people can donate to Walker? I cannot find anything online. Thank you.

This is an important fight but it’s hardly the “under the radar” type of contest you wanted this blog to focus on. They will also be recalling state senators and are much more likely to succeed in winning the one seat they need to control the senate than in recalling Walker. Focusing on vulnerable senators would be a better service. Let AFP, Crossroads, and Freedomworks focus on Walker.

It would be disgraceful for the people of Wisconsin to recall Governor Walker shortly after electing him to do what he told them he would do.

When will the unions be reclassified as political action committees working for democrats?