You probably have heard about the inappropriate booing of one of our national figures.  Such conduct undoubtedly reflected latent racial tingedness and ethnic subtextism.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has issued a profile of the type of person who engages in such conduct, after an exhaustive study of the person who once threw a Bible at Obama:

… a Glenn Beck worshiping Tea Party activist who belongs to a militia, and dresses up as a Confederate Soldier on weekends in fields near his double-wide trailer which is heated by burning Korans, where his teenage wife home schools their uninsured barefoot kids about creationism and preaches abstinence-only sex education at the fundamentalist church on Sunday mornings after taking her turn screaming “baby killers” outside the only remaining abortion clinic in the state, who traveled to the rally in his V-8 pickup truck with a shotgun in the rear window, which he purchased at a gun show from a fellow sovereign citizen, and who refuses to pay income taxes because the Tenth Amendment says nothing about taxes, and who thinks Obama is a Muslim who was born in Kenya and brought to the U.S. by George Soros after undergoing extensive brainwashing in Manchuria, all of which he learned by reading wingnut blogs, listening to Rush Limbaugh, and watching FoxNews.

Anyway, here is the audio/video of the inappropriate event:


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