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Presidential disrespect went around and now comes around

Presidential disrespect went around and now comes around

G.O.P. vs. Obama: Disrespect or Just Politics?

That is the deeply probing question asked by The NY Times with regard to G.O.P. opposition to Obama.

There was no such question when it came to Democratic treatment of George W. Bush, it was pure disrespect.

Please dig deep into the history books and show me another President who was booed at his successor’s inauguration:

And another President who had sit not only through the booing, but also listen to his successor lay into him during the inaugural speech.  As The Times itself noted, we have to go back 75 years for an inaugural speech as cutting as Obama’s:

It was a delicate task, with Mr. Bush and Dick Cheney sitting feet from him as Mr. Obama, only minutes into his term as president, described the false turns and the roads not taken….

Yet not since 1933, when Franklin D. Roosevelt called for a “restoration” of American ethics and “action, and action now” as Herbert Hoover sat and seethed, has a new president so publicly rejected the essence of his predecessor’s path.

Obama is being treated no worse than he and his supporters treated Bush.  What goes around comes around.

Update 9-2-2011 – Thanks to reader John for a link to A short walk down memory hole lane.


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Republican presidents have been treated horribly at least since Nixon (Nixon’s since vs. say, LBJ was “being caught”). Reagan and both Bushes were subjected to some of the worst vitriol possible. The Obama inauguration being the bottom (at least to this point). But a peep out of the MSM? Nah. Hammer Obama’s policies, though….

We must eradicate the scourge of “Progressivism” from the landscape.

Obama doesn’t come close to being treated as badly as Bush. The media still adores him. Most of the dims still support him, mainly because not to do so is political suicide. We conservatives on the internet trash him daily but the republican leadership is still playing nice to a serial liar and lawbreaker. It was ghastly the way Bush was treated by these so called “representatives of the little people” and their minions, the press, both coming in and going out. They are childish, churlish, vincidtive monsters with a second grade playground mentality. I was ambivalent about the dims until 2000. At that point I decided these were people that I not only did not want to associate with but didn’t even want to know. The media harped on every little thing that Bush did and turned everything around to his detrimate. They do not even report all the laws obama is breaking daily.

As I always say, there is a not-so-fine line between being stylishly immature and boorishly childish.

A high school classmate of mine attended President Obama’s inauguration with her twentysomething son and daughter.

Her Facebook page is illustrated with photos of the event and she proudly proclaims how she and her children joined in on the ecstatic booing of President Bush.

I felt like asking, “Why not just simply write, ‘I have no class … and neither do my children’?”

I’m sure she’s outraged at the GOP’s supposed disrespect of President Obama. Mark my words … just like Republicans were not heard booing Presidents Clinton or Carter, they will not boo President Obama when he leaves office.

LukeHandCool (who has never booed … even at a sporting event … as he just finds it distasteful).

For Obama’s treatment to come anywhere near the abuse that Bush was made to endure, the directions to my favorite law professor’s home in Ithaca will have to read: “Take a right at the fifth ‘Defend Freedom, Defeat Obama’ sign, a left at the third ‘Impeach Obama’ placard, bear right at the ‘Worst President Ever’ poster, and stop at the house just after the ‘Socialists are Insatiable Leeches’ banner.'” 😉

I’m not seeing that anytime in Obama’s future.

I think President Obama is the most divisive president in my lifetime…if not ever. He zings people, then sits back as the Lame Stream Media calls out anyone who stands up to that. I also believe that he is condoning the black flash mobs by not speaking out against them. The mobs Might listen to the 1st black president, but they would never listen to whitey.

Liberal friend argues: “An unqualified black man has as much right to be president as all the unqualified white men who have been in office.” 🙁

For relief, I go listen to the brilliant, soothing voice of Allen West. Here’s his latest video upload:

[…] last, but not least, Legal Insurrection points out that disrespect of the President is not limited to Obama, and that liberals should smoke […]

Whoever was doing the “booing” then will be the ones “boo-hooing”, claiming racism and rioting in January, 2013.

Cassandra Lite | September 4, 2011 at 1:13 pm

How about Bush being booed and jeered and outright ridiculed at Coretta Scott King’s funeral…while he sat there on the dais. Incredible disrespect and petulance. They don’t know this, though, because in their echo chamber, hating on conservatives has a Ph of 7.

And then there was Kerry and the Truther, back in 2004, when said he’d look into the charge that 9/11 was an inside job. Ted Kennedy screaming in the Senate that the War on Terror was hatched down in texas for purely political reasons. I’ve lost count of the number of times that Pelosi and other Democrats said that Bush or his Administration had lied to them to start an “illegal” war.