G.O.P. vs. Obama: Disrespect or Just Politics?

That is the deeply probing question asked by The NY Times with regard to G.O.P. opposition to Obama.

There was no such question when it came to Democratic treatment of George W. Bush, it was pure disrespect.

Please dig deep into the history books and show me another President who was booed at his successor’s inauguration:

And another President who had sit not only through the booing, but also listen to his successor lay into him during the inaugural speech.  As The Times itself noted, we have to go back 75 years for an inaugural speech as cutting as Obama’s:

It was a delicate task, with Mr. Bush and Dick Cheney sitting feet from him as Mr. Obama, only minutes into his term as president, described the false turns and the roads not taken….

Yet not since 1933, when Franklin D. Roosevelt called for a “restoration” of American ethics and “action, and action now” as Herbert Hoover sat and seethed, has a new president so publicly rejected the essence of his predecessor’s path.

Obama is being treated no worse than he and his supporters treated Bush.  What goes around comes around.

Update 9-2-2011 – Thanks to reader John for a link to A short walk down memory hole lane.


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