I will not repeat everything about how The Washington Post misstated Marco Rubio’s record in order to portray Rubio as having misrepresented how his parents came to the U.S. and whether they were exiles.

But true to form, WaPo not only is not backing down, it’s doubling down by doing what the MSM does best when attacking conservatives — simply pretending that the WaPo prior report was correct, ignoring those who called WaPo to task, and considering it case closed (h/t HotAir):

That ethnic calculus was further complicated by records, reported by The Washington Post last week, showing that Rubio had incorrectly portrayed his parents as exiles who fled Cuba after the rise of Fidel Castro.

The Miami Herald examined WaPo’s conclusion, and found that it was WaPo not Rubio who was misleading the public on this issues, but none of that matters to WaPo. It just keeps repeating its own misleading conclusion now as supposed historical fact.

And it is a falsehood we will see repeated in other forms as to the eventual Republican nominee, whoever that person may be. It’s the way WaPo does it, invent a false story about a Republican, ignore all evidence to the contrary, and then just keep repeating it.