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Things you probably missed this weekend


Professor, I’m as much a fan of your post titles as the next guy, but wouldn’t “Things you probably missed this weekend” read better as “Things you might have missed this weekend”?

(Professor Jacobson to Mrs. Jacobson circa 30 years ago):

“Ummm … I’m sure you probably wouldn’t want to go out with me … but … wanna see a movie?”

LukeHandCool (who, in an uncanny parallel to Thomas Edison’s “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have
successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb,” has himself discovered at least 1,000 ways to NOT ask a girl out).

The Tutsi slaughter Hutu slaughter Tutsi cycle in perpetuity.

It is redistributive and retributive change.

Quick items new since this weekend:

– MF Global files for bankruptcy. The first of MANY of the firms which invested into the European Soverign debt crisis. Stay tuned to see how many of the “experts” like Jon Corzine take a HUGE haircut because their firms fail after making big bets that the European Banking Community would bail out Greece without any cuts to bondholders.

– UNESCO gives Palestinians full membership in UN Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, which derives 22% of its regular budget funding ($80 Million) from the United States, which has an auto-blocking function in the enabling law providing the funds to cut off funding for any organization which accords the PLO the same standing as a UN member state. The chair of the Sub-Committee going to push UN reform legislation to cut off all funding for the UN for any organization which upgrades “Palestine” in any way.

    Update – State Department cuts UNESCO funding. US was scheduled to make a $60 million payment to UNESCO in November and will not do so now, according to spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. Developing story as of 1:51 EST.