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Saturday Night Card Game (Race-based attacks on Herman Cain expose left-wing hypocrisy, once again)

Saturday Night Card Game (Race-based attacks on Herman Cain expose left-wing hypocrisy, once again)

This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain

The attacks on Herman Cain from the left are gruesome, as Cain is reduced by his attackers to an affirmative action candidate who helps white Republicans hide their racism by allowing them to support a compliant black person for President.  The attacks are not “racist,” but they are race-based, as Cain’s race is the reason for and focus of the attacks.

We already have seen on the Saturday Night Card Game how Janeane Garofalo asserted that Cain was gaining popularity in the Republican primaries only because he allows racist “teabaggers” to hide their racism.  Numerous left-wing bloggers and pundits argued that Cain was an insult to blacks, a minstrelsy self-loathing figure.

Now they’re claiming that Cain is popular because he knows his place (emphasis mine):

“One of the things about Herman Cain is, I think that he makes that white Republican base of the party feel okay, feel like they are not racist because they can like this guy,” Finney said. “I think he giving that base a free pass. And I think they like him because they think he’s a black man who knows his place. I know that’s harsh, but that’s how it sure seems to me.”

Some NAACP officials have joined in the attacks (emphasis mine):

“He’s engaging in a very dangerous, irresponsible type of rhetoric,” said Edward DuBose, president of the Georgia state conference of the NAACP. “It’s almost like he feels the need to be accepted in a different class or community, and somehow, by portraying his own race or portraying the poor as a problem, it’s going to advance his cause. I think he’s going to find that that’s not true.”

Much as liberal feminists joined in or at least condoned misogynistic attacks on Sarah Palin, liberal civil rights advocates are silent  or even join in the race-based attacks on Cain.  And in so doing, once again subjugate the principles they espouse to the needs of the Democratic Party.


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There are 2 ways in which these attacks really are racist.

1) They equate the black guy’s beliefs with his skin color, as if disagreement is impossible for black people.

2) They assume all white people (or at least Republican ones) are unthinking haters, incapable of accepting a man (in this case Cain) on his own terms.

“And I think they like him because they think he’s a black man who knows his place. …”

Got that right! I like him because he’s black man who knows his place…is in the White House 2012!

    I thought the same thing. First a millionaire and major company CEO; then President of the United States.

    Imagine going to the head of the line in all categories being “knowing one’s place”. Heh!

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The Cain campaign is purifying the Democratic Party. Those who are either completely deluded and those who are unprincipled will pile on the racist rhetoric in order to defeat him. Those who haven’t drunk enough Kool-Aid will exit. For the thinking, principled Democrats, this has to be a deal breaker.

Being a Caucasian, if I support Herman Cain, it’s only to hide my racism. But I don’t support Herman Cain, it’s only because he’s black; I’m a racist.

But wait – there’s more, and it get’s sort of tricky. I certainly don’t agree with everything Cain proposes – so perhaps I’m just a little bit racist.

But what about Obama? I disagree with most everything Obama proposes. Some might say that makes me mostly racist.

But, Obama is only half black. I am so confused. Please help.

Truly no words anymore. I’m a recovering democrat, after what I saw done to Hillary and Bill in 2008, the Obamas and LSM calling them racist at every turn, I saw the radical race baiting cesspool that is now the undemocratic party.

Don’t vote for Barry? you’re a racist, vote for Herman Cain? hell you’re a racist then as well. These people on the left are sick, so sick they cannot even see their sickness.

Every democrat I know, who are conservative, moderate, JFK type dems, have left the party or just DINOs now, disgust does not even begin to describe how they look at their former party.

I’ve been a democrat my whole voting life, until 2008, I voted for Mccain/Palin, and honestly I do not ever see myself voting for another demonRat again, these people are beyond disgusting.
I’m not sold on Cain yet, mainly because I want to see how he handles these attacks, but if he is the nominee, hell yes, I will campaign for him harder than I campaigned for Hillary, and when I campaigned for Palin.

I’m sending another donation to Cain. Right now I cannot think of another Republican with better cajones to get the job done…

Come on 2012!

“I’m sending another donation to Cain.”

I’m going send my very first donation to Cain. I watched that insulting video one more time and just got so disgusted at what they’re doing to Cain.

Herman Cain is like a human Rorschach Test to the American left … the twisted projections he brings out of them should be very revealing to independent voters.

I could go on all day and night about the way white liberals treat him (I see on Facebook already that my old liberal classmates are gradually trying to Palinize him).

His treatment by America’s black liberals is added evidence that many of them really do suffer from what Shelby Steele has termed “racial doubt” and don’t want blacks to be held accountable for any lack of success. They always want the excuse of racism at the ready.

Seriously, how much more controversial is what Mr. Cain is saying about the black community compared to what Bill Cosby has said repeatedly?

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan was prescient in his warnings of the break down of the black family. He had the courage and the integrity to speak out about it, knowing many people would not want to hear such warnings.

He was accused of being a racist … and that accusation hurt him so badly that his daughter later recalled finding him in the kitchen, crying.

I see it clearly now. If I support Cain, I am a racist. If I don’t support Cain, I am a racist. Since I am a white, conservative I am a racist. It is so obvious now…

What needs to be understood better is that leftists — and tragically, that term encompasses liberals generallly these days — “Third World peoples” long ago supplanted the proletariat as the key oppressed class that would become the driving force in world revolution. So it was that “imperialism” and “neo-colonialism” became the main enemy and the anti-imperialist struggles of various revolutionary parties and movements became the focus of leftist agitation everywhere in the develooed world.

This domestic counterpart of this change was the shift in leftist concerns from the working class generally to “people of color” who now played the role set out in orthodox Marxism for the proletariet.

But the Marxist mode of thought and analysis remained. And just as a proletarian who declined to take up the red banner of revolution but preferred to think of himself as middle class was manifesting a “false class consciousness” (after all, the revolutionary role of the working class was ordained by history, so it had to be false and the poor fool just didn’t know it), so it is that a “person of color” who declines his historical role exhibits a false race consciousness, in effect, acting as if he were white, not black.

I don’t think it can be emphasized enough how deeply rooted in a century and a half of Marxist categories the thinking of today’s left is. They will deny it — or even not be aware of it — but much of what they say is a lot more Lenin and Mao than it is FDR.

    Surly Curmudgen in reply to JEBurke. | October 30, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    The terms Communist, Progressive and Liberal as used by the left, all mean the same thing. Let me explain why. Carl Marx in 1848 finished writing and then published the Communist Manifesto. Over the next 30 to 40 years the book gained some followers, mostly self anointed elites with PHDs. ( Now there is a subject worth some grant money. Why are highly educated people with PHDs so susceptible to such an absurd philosophy.) As people became aware of their agenda, the communists picked the term progressive in an attempt to hide that agenda. Years later, the same problem, too many people have spotted the agenda again so they picked the term liberal. ( Note that the dictionary definitions of progressive and liberal are very far removed from the political definitions.)

    One of the goals of their agenda is to infiltrate and take control of both major political parties. The Democrat party is at this time wholly controlled, 90% to 95%. The Republican party is 40% to 45% controlled. This leaves WE THE PEOPLE with very little true representation inside the belt way.

    If we want to survive, as a nation, as a republic, we must flush the progressives from both parties, from all government offices, from the media, from positions of instruction, both public schools and universities. The progressive political philosophy must be rendered ineffectual, laughable, an object of ridicule. The progressive must be excoriated and driven out of any position of authority. Any adherent of such an absurd idea should never be paid more than minimum wage.

Herman Cain knows his place: THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!

Surly Curmudgen | October 30, 2011 at 1:29 pm

The Democrat party is comprised of two groups. The first group is fully cognizant of the views and agenda of those controlling the party. The second group has been duped and deceived into supporting the party. When individuals within the second group have become aware of the views and agenda of those who control the party they are abhorred and vow to never support the Democrat party again.

The second group is ten times as large as the first group.

Yikes, some of the nonsense here about how liberal means communist etc…lol. Oh well, what did I expect. ppppssst…. leftist and communist yes, liberals are capitalists.
Anyway, I came to say that I agree with the author that there is a double standard and hypocrisy regarding stupid liberals like Garafalo and others when it comes to Cain verses Obama. It is pathetic. If you don’t support Obama you are racist you are racist and if you do support Cain you are racist.
But then we all have our prejudges don’t we? The author skipped right over the sexist treatment of Hillary Clinton and went right to Sarah Palin. You all should realize that it was the sexist treatment of Clinton coming first that drove us to support and defend Palin.