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Snowloween Tweet of the Day

Snowloween Tweet of the Day

From Walter Russell Mead referencing cancellation of his own speech, and taking it all in good humor:

I was scheduled to give a talk at the Hannah Arendt conference here at Bard this evening on the problems of the green movement in dealing with the connections between scientific data and public policy, but just received word that the talk has been canceled because of the snowstorm now enveloping the Hudson Valley.

The northeaster now bringing winter storm conditions to the eastern seaboard is probably not going to win many new converts to the climate change movement, though apologists will gallantly argue that, dialectically understood, early blizzards demonstrate the power of climate change….


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It’s the end of the green “climate change” movement if public policy ever takes note of scientific data.

Algore must have been in town…

The alarmists are getting so desperate as they apply every burp in the natural scheme of things to the role of human caused climate change.

In fact it is downright amusing at the “facts” they bring up in this display of desperation. Obviously the Real Fact as regards this early snowstorm is Bush’s fault. Doesn’t the Bush family own a vacation home in Maine? Yeah, that’s the connection… String ’em up!

Globule heating, OWS, blame it on Bush is the path to the future in their view.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen in 2012!

The “Al Gore Curse” is heating up again!

Just to make sure I have this correctly:
“Unseasonably hot” = climate change
“Unseasonably cold” = climate change
“Unseasonably wet” = climate change
“Unseasonably dry” = climate change
“Unseasonably hot and wet” = climate change
“Unseasonably hot and dry” = climate change
“Unseasonably cold and wet” = climate change
“Unseasonably cold and dry” = climate change
Did I get them all?
Oh, and earthquakes.

BannedbytheGuardian | October 30, 2011 at 7:54 pm

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