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They are narrowing the targets for intimidation

They are narrowing the targets for intimidation

The anti-1% street agitation is the fulfillment of a process we have seen unfold since Obama’s 2008 campaign, a process by which a group of various definitions of wealth is isolated and targeted for demagoguery.

It was the Top 5%, then the Top 2%, now it’s down to the Top 1%.

It is a narrowing of the campaign messaging, unfolding in the streets.

And it is getting ugly, with NY legislators from both parties getting death threats if they do not support renewal of a NY State surcharge on high income earners:

Several influential New York state lawmakers have received threatening mails  saying it is “time to kill the wealthy” if they don’t renew the state’s tax  surcharge on millionaires, according to reports.

“It’s time to tax the millionaires!” reads the email, according to WTEN in Albany. “If you don’t, I’m going to pay  a visit with my carbine to one of those tech companies you are so proud of and  shoot every spoiled Ivy League [expletive] I can find.” …

The email, with the threatening subject line of, “time to kill the wealthy,” was detailed and disturbing.

“How hard is it for us to stake out one of the obvious access roads to some  tech company, tail an employee home and toss a liquor bottle full of flaming  gasoline through their nice picture window into their cute house,” wrote the  author of the email.

They are narrowing the targets for intimidation.  It’s now an Obama pattern, but he cannot control what he starts:

Can’t Obama just find someone to publicly flog and be done with it already?


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    Heh, I wondered how long it would be before he turned up. Let’s not forget Obama started his political aspirations in Bill Ayers’ and Bernadine Dohrn’s living room. Probably during lovely, nostalgic chats about the riots and bombings and killings their Weather Underground engaged in, then a new plan was hatched. Ayers said only recently he didn’t regret bombing the Pentagon, after all.

      Kerrvillian in reply to Fuzzy. | October 6, 2011 at 7:17 pm

      Oh, but Bill Ayers is just some guy in Obama’s neighborhood!

      “I did not have a socialist agenda with that man, Mr. Ayers…”

    votermom in reply to Moe4. | October 6, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    It’s not clear to me if he wrote it or is just posting a copy of it.
    Either way …

Yep, don’t forget this actually started as the “Day of Rage” with the organizers jumping in to rename it almost immediately. Twitter was entertaining that night. :/

just imagine the look of surprise on their faces when they come for our wealth, only to discover that the wife and i, at her urging and with my agreement, have made most of our investments in works of art and in commodities.

Artists like John Browning and John Garand, Paul Mauser, Eugene Stoner and Dan Wesson, to name a few.

we also diversified in commodities as well, mixing brass, lead and copper for a balanced approach to dealing with the current market trends.

if those keep going they way they are headed worldwide, we’ll be in a position to make a killing, instead of losing everything we’ve w*rked for over the years.

as always a sound investment strategy is key to surviving volatile economies, but i am not a broker and this does not constitute financial advice. contact a local professional of your choice for a strategy that fits your portfolio.

First, when the ran out of revenue, they came for the top 1% of all wage earners, I said nothing.
Then, when the ran out of revenue, they came for the to 5% of wage earners, I said nothing.
Then, when the ran out of revenue, they came for the to 10% of wage earners, I said nothing.
Then, the Chinese repossessed the entire country.

“How hard is it for us to stake out one of the obvious access roads to some tech company, tail an employee home and…

Not that I would ever advocate such a response…but I wonder if the attitudinal punks have ever thought about how much easier it would be to target shiftless attitudinal punks. No stalking necesary.

It’s now an Obama pattern, but he cannot control what he starts: Uhm, why would he want to control it? It’s the perfect cover for over throwing the established order. Just as Obama and his buddies threw the Wall Street crowd (his campaign contributors) under the bus after 2008, he will promptly throw the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd under the bus as well when they have given what he wants. Obama’s MO is to take the next group of rent seekers to crush the previous group when their utility has been used up. Obama will unleash the drones on the current dupes just as he did on the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan after he used them to win the election against George W Bush. Just as he will slash the military budget to nothing once the drones are done their work.

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This is the very same kind of ‘student protest’ and ‘talk’ that resulted in a war that displaced my parents from their native vietnam. The difference being the populace of 1950s Vietnam did not recognized the threat early on when Ho Chi Minh and his Maoists agitators were conducting regular campus rallies (supported by local papers) against the ‘greedy rich South Vietnamese’.

We need to nip it the bud…before its too late.

    clemster in reply to Aucturian. | October 6, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    You could not be more right. Unfortunately, people do not learn from the past. Vietnam was not the beginning nor the end of ill advised intervention in foreign affairs by the US. When I came back from Vietnam in 1970. I was very active in Vietnam Veterans against the war. As we well know, wholesale demonstrations accomplished nothing, as we remained in VN until 1975. The present day demonstrations, while entertaining, will accomplish nothing. After all of the chest thumping and horn blowing in Madison this spring, the Conservatives remain firmly in charge. May it ever be so. You might as well mount an anti-glacier protest, for all the good that was accomplished in the Madison spring riots.

    The big question is how. What are your thoughts?

      LukeHandCool in reply to Fuzzy. | October 6, 2011 at 7:30 pm

      I know he’s already made remarks, but I see this as a big opportunity for Herman Cain.

      How could these poseurs respond if he were to directly challenge them and call their bluff?

      His life story is like kryptonite (in this case, maybe a bar of soap) to them.

      If I were Mr. Cain, I’d use this as an opportunity to distinguish myself from the GOP pack, go head to head, diametrically opposed to Obama … all while doing the right thing.

      He’d win over the hearts of the “other 99%” of Americans.

      Time to make history, Mr. Cain. Use the circumstances of your birth … which were once a handicap … to your advantage now.

      Couldn’t hope for this confluence to be choreographed any better.

      I’ve been leading a small group of indie DIY’ers activists in NYC(inspired by but not related to the Tea Party…there isn’t one in NYC for many reasons). We’ve just discovered two other interesting DIY groups that we are forming a coalition with to better coordinate our indie voter outreach campaigns in the city; Hip Hop Republicans based in Harlem and Conservative-in-the-Arts in Brooklyn.

      Our immediate task is to network with the local chapters of College Republicans at Columbia and NYU; having learned that a sizeable number of the mob at Wall St. are students at these school. We’ll be working with the these chapters to … (classified).

      I promise to keep you posted.

        This sounds promising, and please do let us know. I love the idea of organizing community indie (or conservative) groups that aren’t necessarily political, too. If things head south we’ll need organized DIY’ers for sure. I’ll have to give this some thought and evaluate my own skill/talent roster to see what I can contribute in this way. Great idea!

So much of life is a crapshoot … so much of life is unfair.

Imagine if you’d been born black and grew up in the segregated South. Maybe your parents could only find menial jobs. That would be an unfair start in life, wouldn’t it?

Look at Herman Cain now. Tell me again what these iPad-carrying, greasy white anarchist hipsters are bitching about?

“…I’m going to pay a visit with my carbine to one of those tech companies you are so proud of and shoot every spoiled Ivy League [expletive] I can find.”

This was probably written without any notice of the irony that it was the spoiled Ivy Leaguers who provided the money to those tech companies that made it possible to send threatening emails. Or, indeed, even the tech company that made the carbine to carry out the threat.

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | October 6, 2011 at 6:54 pm

Chicago got maybe 100 to protest. Chicago metro area is about 10 million, making these occupiers a mere 0.001%, claiming to represent the 99%.

But why not target corruption of all and any, instead of just targeting the rich for being rich? If you are in a union making $60,000 with nice bennies, and can retire at 55, is it somehow OK for you to burn down a person’s house because they are more successful?

As Mike Royko showed 40 years ago, their is deep corruption in Chicagoland for sure. Perhaps we should look at that continuing Chicago political corruption, that opened a door for Raines or Gorelick to make their millions by scamming Americans with tranches of garbage loans disguised as AAA bonds. Rahm got his piece of the action, and Obama is continuing the “Chicago Way”.

Does Ayers or some Marxist that wrote that “manifesto” really speak for the mob? It seems like an opportunistic afterthought, which perhaps they can get the chanters to chant along with. But it seems like this “solidarity gang” want to mix their Marxist crap in with people that should actually demand investigation of Raines, Gorelick and Frank;, along with the Goldman Sachs crew that revolves through the White House administration.

BannedbytheGuardian | October 6, 2011 at 7:06 pm

Get back to me when they have deposed the Czar & Czarina . When NY elite are on the Transcontinental train passing burnt out villages heading for the snow swept boondocks.

Oh & check the Czarina & girls for undervests. It makes for a truly awful mass murder scene when so many bullets are needed to dislodge the jewels.

I think the Russians have got the Academy Award for Revolution drama.

This thing is just pathetic & piffy.

Whatever happened to the Pinkerton Detective Agency, and their “detectives”? Since the police aren’t going to do much about this, can’t some privately hired detective provide some protection? I can, for example, think of a cargo facility on the West Coast which really needed some detectives around a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, the police are part of unions, and so their loyalty is not with the people they are supposed to protect. When Governor Walker excluded the police and fire from losing their collective bargaining rights it wasn’t because some had donated to his cause. It was because he feared the police and fire departments going on strike and abandoning the general public.

Orwell had it right, only underestimated. The Two-Minute Hate against Emmanual Goldstein has turned into the Three-Year Hate against Big Businesses Who Have Not Donated Properly To The Democrats.

Let me see if I can find my “Question Authority” bumper sticker. It’s about the only way I can fight back before Nov. of next year.

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