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Occupy Wall Street metaphor alert

Occupy Wall Street metaphor alert

We saw something similar in Wisconsin, when an anti-Scott Walker protester locked her head to a metal railing with a bicycle lock.

Yesterday an Occupy Wall Street protester climbed a 70-foot statue demanding that Mayor Bloomberg resign and that the police presence be reduced.  The police attempted to talk him down, and after a few hours he was lowered to the ground in the bucket of a police crane:

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Pretty much sums up the Occupy Wall Street protests.


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Cassandra Lite | October 23, 2011 at 11:31 am

So he’s Canadian, he goes up there vowing to stay until Bloomberg resigns, comes down after three hours, and now the public has to pay for his psychiatric treatment at Bellevue. What a great metaphor for the whole OWS movement.

(I’m guessing there was a waiting list to get into an Ontario psych hospital, and this seemed like a clever work-around.)

Professor: I just had to share this today. Occupy Mordor: Because no One Ring Should be allowed to rule them all (excellent graphic at link).

Subotai Bahadur | October 23, 2011 at 11:37 am

I have to admit, that there is a large part of me that says, “Why not just leave him up there?”. Not being sure of the local topography, if it WAS possible to cordon off an area so that if he jumped or fell it would not cause injury or property damage to bystanders; it sounds like a plan to me.

Subotai Bahadur

It is very apparent these people never grew up. I guess they never had to. This looks like the tantrum of a two-five year old child. Sad. Just saying….

Choot ’em

why didn’t they just leave him their …. I have long been a fan of letting stupid discover its limits and if you just ignored him he would have come down …sooner or later ..hopefully much much later ….I remember laughing at those wack jobs in Berkely trees for a couple of years and was really disappointed when they shook Dumpster Muffin out of her perch …think about it what better example could there be of liberalism than some metro sexual liberal male sharing a statue with the pigeons for a couple of years …. * SIGH * …life is far to short for such crushing disappointments

Ad my vote for why didn’t they just leave him up there? If he climbed up there why coouldn’t he come down the same way?

Unless he had a gun or something he was using to inflict harm on the people below him, he should have been treated like the misbehaving child he was acting like – ignored.

One OWS idea that might be worth co-opting would be free college education.

A universal free ONLINE college education system wouldn’t have to cost anything, but it could effectively de-fund the world of fashionable academic Marxism over time.

What a slacker fer Christ sake ….he said he would not come down until Bloomburg resigned ….* SIGH * ….there was a liberal GIRL who lived in a tree for neigh on 2 years out in Berkley and this putz couldn’t even make it past dinner ….he should have called Hillery and asked if obama was using 1 of her balls again yesterday …if not he certainly had a use for it ….what a stud

Since a good deal of many undergraduate educations is available online, why not make college online for free? Colleges and universities would then be validating student’s knowledge. A degree means that yes, on this day this student knew how to do some stuff. College could then consist of groups cramming to pass this test or that test. This won’t fly, because just like simplifying the tax code, this would eliminate opportunities for graft.

Why are so many of our high school graduates going for 4-year holidays?

    Steve in reply to Milwaukee. | October 23, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    MIT and Stanford have started constructing real coursework available for free ( no credit but do get a certificate of completion) that have the same or very similar content to their on campus courses.

    I’d really like to see this more. In my neck of the woods all of the undergraduate classes reqd for for graduation is available to non CS majors. Whats up with that ? I would have expected CS to be first to the web/cloud/stream not the last! Stanford link for any interested.