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Crazy-eyed females against Israel

Crazy-eyed females against Israel

Be sure to buy-cott Motorola, along with Sabra Hummus and Aroma Cafe.

Why does it seem these anti-Israel flash mobs overwhelmingly are made up of crazy-eyed females?


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I would’ve been impelled to buy a Motorola product even if I didn’t need or want it, had I been there. Wow, bad singing, bad dancing, and most look like Arabs. The ones who aren’t are ‘useful idiots’.

Why not so many men? Who could tolerate being with these harpies for more than a minute? Yikes. Also, men look doubly silly, if that’s possible, doing these dances, than the nasty womenfolk.

Sabra Hummus, btw, for hummus lovers, is IMHO the best commercial hummus out there. It’s overpriced at my local supermarket, but Costco has it at about 1/2 the price (though with usually not much choice on varieties-big whoopie, at the price it’s fine for having just plain or pine-nut, the usual choices at Costco. Yum, just had some last night.

Sabra is a good, every-day hummus. I don’t have a wide variety of choices in my local purchases, but when I have a choice I buy Made in Israel in most instances. (Except for IMI handguns. Don’t like slide mounted safety levers.)

Since we’re talking ‘Made in Israel’ products here, I can hardily recommend products from Maglula.   Specifically, with the UpLULA™ mag loading is unbelievable easy.

1. Afaic tasing or pepper spraying those disruptors would be entirely within the property owner’s moral rights.

Legal rights, I don’t know.

2. People like that could spend ten years under Chinese occupation and they still wouldn’t get a clue.

3. Why does it seem these anti-Israel flash mobs overwhelmingly are made up of crazy-eyed females?

Israel is using force to defend itself against barbarians; force is a male, patriarchal method of oppression.

This has to be considered the BDS Troupe’s Sgt. Pepper’s.

Thank you for this information. I own 4 Apple iphones. I will trade them in for 4 Motorolas. I look for Israeli products every time I shop. They are hard to come by. Many of the Hebrew sounding names are not made in Israel. Gefen and Kedem are 2.

Just looking over the entries linked in this one and under Sabras/Tribe you say:
“It is easy to make light of the foolishness of the BDS movement, but it is deadly serious.”

With all the “Occupy…” shenanigans going on right now, I think we need to remember that as kooky, illogical &/or ill-informed these protests may appear to us on the right side of the aisle, their intent and the passion behind them are real.

Anyway… love hummus and have enjoyed a tub of Sabra or two, in the past, and will now look out for Tribe. As a coffee lover, I’ll be on the lookout for Aroma, too…

edgeofthesandbox | October 4, 2011 at 2:11 am

I went to Aroma in LA; it was very good.
I am very happy with my Nokia, but maybe I’ll get Motorala next time.