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Do Unto Obama As Obama Did Unto Bush? You Betcha

Do Unto Obama As Obama Did Unto Bush? You Betcha

I really wanted to put my disgust at Bush Derangement Syndrome behind me in approaching Obama.

Yes, Obama and his supporters (i) repeatedly lied about Bush lying us into war, (ii) distorted the court rulings on Gitmo to create the false impression that Bush is a war criminal, (iii) refused to acknowledge that their Iraq policy either would have left tens of millions of people to live in tyranny or would have resulted in a genocidal civil war and an alQaida run state, (iv) deliberately talked down the economy to the point that people believe that unemployment rates equal to those during the Clinton administration are the equivalent of the Depression era, (v) engaged in name calling while calling for an end to name calling, (vi) refused to acknowledge that the housing crisis and related credit crisis were the result of the free money policies started under the Clinton administration and the lowered lending standards mandated by Democratic policies, (vii) engaged in demeaning diatribes against Sarah Palin based on class arrogance and an ingrained hatred of traditional America, (viii) created bizarre and almost paranoid tales, including that Bush might not relinquish power in some sort of coup d’etat, and (ix) skillfully silenced legitimate criticisms of Obama’s background and policies by tagging critics as racist. And the mainstream media was the cheerleader-in-chief throughout it all.

I was ready to put it all behind me, until the inauguration. The disrespect showed to Bush during the inauguration was too much. I’m just not that big a person to let it go.

As many others have noted, that disrespect was not only by the crowd, but by Obama himself during his speech. Obama couldn’t seem to put his hostility towards Bush behind him for the inauguration, despite the extraordinary efforts of the Bush administration to ensure a smooth transition. There were no missing keyboard parts or petty vandalism as happened when Clinton left the White House.

The performance of the crowd and Obama was a metaphor for where this country is heading if those who oppose Obama’s policies remain silent in the hope that Obama will play nice. Being nice to Obama does not result in Obama or his supporters being nice to you. As I have noted before, Obama is one of the most aggressive politicians ever, and conservatives are kidding themselves if they think a few kind words now and then from Obama reflect a change in agenda.

So should we do unto Obama as Obama did unto Bush? Will the country be better off with a real opposition party? As Sarah Palin would say, “you betcha.”


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Knock yourselves out, your unreasoning, intemperate hatred only makes us stronger.

Dale: Like a tumor huh?

Wow, I don’t see anything that rises to the level of hatred, but rather a declaration that opposition on the issues and policies of President Obama will take place when appropriate. Isn’t that a proper and desirable process within a democracy?

Dale: “unreasoning, intemperate hatred” huh? I guess you know that your comment presumes that “unreasoning, intemperate hatred” was leveled against George Bush.

dissent is patriotic, right?