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Freudian Tweet of the Day

Freudian Tweet of the Day

All this talk about Rick Perry being too much like Dubya has infiltrated the brain of the person who tweets for The Hill.

From @thehill:

From The Hill, at the link in the tweet:

 Just a mistake, or creating a story?


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“Just a mistake, or creating a story?”

Who cares? It was probably a Freudian slip though. Bush and Palin live in their heads rent-free.

Well, you know “b” and “p” are right next to each other on the keyboard.


“Tippecanoe and Bush Too!” That’s much better. 🙂

If the ad were merely pro-Bachman, it’d be ok.

I Rove the way Perry is Bushing back.

Prof Jacobson…you’ll like this

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