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Wisconsin isn’t over

Wisconsin isn’t over

Other than the possible fisticuffs and chokeholds at the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Wisconsin politics has faded from the national headlines.

But Wisconsin isn’t over folks.  Democrats challenging Republicans in recall elections are doing better at fundraising, and Nancy Pelosi is headlining a fundraiser as well.

One of the primary agitators and sources of much of the nastiness, a grouped called We Are Wisconsin, hired Harry Reid’s campaign spokesman to lead its “communications” operation.  The group has raised several million dollars from outside sources.

The first recall election is July 12, but most are on July 19.  [see correction below] If anyone has local intel on how things are going, or links to where people can donate to Republicans, please post in the comments.

Correction:  Sorry to mess up the recall dates, but it’s confusing.  The July 12 and 19 dates are primaries, and the general elections are August 9 (against the Republican incumbents) and August 16 (against the Democratic incumbents).  So the critical date is August 9.

Here is the schedule of primaries and actual recall elections:

July 12 Democratic primaries
• Dist. 8 (incumbent Sen. Alberta Darling): Gladys Huber vs. Sandra Pasch
• Dist. 10 (incumbent Sen. Sheila Harsdorf): Shelly Moore vs. Isaac Weix
• Dist. 14 (incumbent Sen. Luther Olsen): Rol Church vs. Fred Clark
• Dist. 18 (incumbent Sen. Randy Hopper): Jessica King vs. John Buckstaff
• Dist. 32 (incumbent Sen. Dan Kapanke): James Smith vs. Jennifer Shilling
Winners will face incumbent Republicans on Aug. 9

July 19 Republican primaries
• Dist. 12 (incumbent Sen. Jim Holperin): Robert Lussow vs. Kim Simac
• Dist. 22 (incumbent Sen. Robert Wirch): Fred Ekornaas vs. Jonathan Steitz
Winners will face incumbent Democrats on Aug. 16

UPDATE:  Thanks to a commenter for a link to this Tweet and the place to go to donate,


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I didn’t need to hear this x#&t. Will this dead horse ever stop breathing? I thought with the reelection of Prosser I could remove all my Wisconsin bookmarks.

Reckon not! Sigh.

It’s Wisconsin, folks. Totally expected. With the Packers locked out and given the time of year, what else would occupy their time? On-line cheese sales don’t start until October.

I understand the concern and I hope things go well for Republicans in the recall elections, but the fact is, if WI voters don’t continue to insist that the 2010 election results were valid and reflected the will of the people, they deserve what the get.

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You would think that some of the Republican hopefuls spending time in Iowa could score some brownie points by making a quick day trip or two over to Wisconsin to assist with the recall elections there.

Democrat fund-raising is ‘going well’ because it is national, and there are no other competing causes (e.g., a Presidential election.)

There is no reason to think that the Democrats will gain control of the State Senate with this move; most well-informed folks are predicting that they will gain net one seat and they need three.

The GOOD news for (R) candidates is that there are almost no college students attending school as would be the case in November. Thus, LaCrosse, Oshkosh, and Kenosha (the Parkside campus) will be far less (D) than usual.

As to money, go here:

    Hank in reply to dad29. | July 7, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Is there a place to make a Paypal contribution? I don’t want to give a Visa number and address and all that.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding that these primaries are not “Democrat” or “Republican”, but open primaries to find a challenger for the incumbent, and that there’s no reason at all why that challenger must be from a different political party. Any Republican who wishes to challenge an incumbent Republican, or Democrat who wishes to challenge an incumbent Democrat, is AFAIK welcome to try their hand in the primary, and there’s nothing in the least underhand about it.

The recall elections are for Wisc State Senators that were elected in 2008 where Obama carried the state by 13 points. In spite of the presidential results, the republicans up for ‘recall’, won their respective elections against the “Obama wave”. Three of those elections were within 2 points. (Dis 8, 18, & 32).

On the Dem side, Halperin won by 2 points and may be vulnerable here.

New Gov Scott Walker seems to be doing an outstanding job to date, (although I don’t know how the Wisky media portrays his performance).

The Wisconsin State Senate is currently held by republicans, 19-14, so the Dems would need to net +3 to take control. Personally, I don’t see this happening, but ‘ya never know’.

Who sponsors We Are Wisconsin? We have a We Are Ohio too, unfortunately.

    We are Wisconsin PAC was started by a coalition of unlons. Harry Reids campaign guru is involved as is the Wisconsin head of the AFL-CIO. This is all about power for the unions thru donations to the Dems. Grassroots effort? Hardly…… and job offers to canvass the state are coming from outside Wisconsin. Thugs is all they ever were and all they ever will be. The Marxist unions need to be broken.

I first started following the Wisconsin fiasco because I’m a Packer fan. I was going to the Urinal Sentinel to bask in their Super bowl win when I noticed the side stories about their current political antics. Since then I’ve learned to never forget that there is further insanity around the corner, come what may.

I fear the sort of Democratic frenzy we’re seeing in Wisconsin may go national. They don’t know how to be the minority party. Hopefully that lack of grace will keep them in the minority for some time. It is not a pleasant sight.

Minor update – there is a general election on July 19 in the 30th Senate District against incumbent Dem Fleebagger (and assistant minority leader) Dave Hansen and recall organizer David VanderLeest. The bad news – the conventional wisdom is that the GOP screwed up royally when favored candidate John Nygren (a multi-term Assemblyman) was tossed off the ballot after the Dems and the Government Accountability Board (though I repeat myself) invalidated 40-some of his nomination signatures and tossed him off the ballot.

Prof, I hope you’ll tell us who you think needs (small) donations, and when. I can’t keep up with this stuff.

Prof J, aren’t there (2) additional Districts in the election?
District 2-Cowles(R)GB vs. Prim Winner, Nausbaum v. Junkerman

District 30 Hansen(D) vs. Vanderleest (R)


teapartydoc | July 7, 2011 at 7:44 pm

The main thing for the WI voter to realize, is if they allow the democrats to succeed, then every election held there in the future may have to be re-contested if the left doesn’t get their way. This a prospect that needs to be nipped in the bud, big-time, or it’s totalitarian city.

Tweet from Gov. Walker on how to help:

Nat unions r starting 2 drop $ bombs on WI recall races. Counter them @

Thanks, Wrella! Ask and ye shall receive…. 😀

Donation will be on the way tomorrow.

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