Kelly Steele is Harry Reid’s campaign spokesman and one of the chief strategists.

According to reports, Steele is credited with taking down Sue Lowden, and is in charge of the early efforts to paint Sharron Angle as an extremist and crazy:

And that’s where Steele factors in–to help Reid, as his team puts it, “vaporize” his opponent. He came aboard earlier this year, along with Reid’s long-time spokesman Jon Summers, who now splits time between the federal office and the campaign in Nevada.

A few days ago I posted that the difference between the Reid and Angle campaigns was that all Angle had to do to win was to tell the truth about Reid, while Reid needed to lie about Angle.

Soon after that post, two Twitter accounts related to the Nevada campaign signed on to follow me on Twitter. The first was Angle’s Bunker, which is an anti-Angle website funded by the Nevada Democratic Party.

The second was Kelly Steele, who uses the Avatar in the image above right.

Not a real big deal. Anyone can follow me on Twitter.

But I’m not sure Steele understands he will have to put up with such inane tweets as my best wishes to the nation of Ghana for further success in the World Cup, and my retweet of the following:

And of course, my retweet of Sharron Angle’s announcement that she had met her initial $1 million fundraising goal:

But then again, Steele probably isn’t too worried about money, since Reid is reported to have $17 million on hand, and he is expected to raise up to $25 million.

Considering the failed Stimulus Bill, ObamaCare, the Cornhuster Kickback and Louisiana Purchase, trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, crushing national debt, “the war is lost,” “the surge has failed,” and a summer of cap-and-tax maneuvering, even $25 million cannot rehabilitate Reid.

Which is why it is Steele’s job to “vaporize” Angle instead.

Anyway, back to the title of this post. Should I be honored, or worried?

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