From Robert Stacy McCain, on the eve of the 7 millionth visit to The Other McCain:

One of the common complaints of newbie bloggers is that it’s impossible for them to break through into the top ranks of the blogosphere, because Big Bloggers hog up all the traffic. But notice that two of our top referrers — Conservatives4Palin and Legal Insurrrectiondidn’t even exist when I started blogging full-time in March 2008.

Thus we see that the blogosphere is a work-in-progress and new contributions are always welcome, but (a) newbies must persist through the “zero hour” discouragement when traffic is low, and (b) successful start-up blogs are those that actually contribute something new to the discussion, whatever that “something new” may be. Also, if what you’re doing isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, try doing something different.

Here’s my advice, which consists entirely of what to AVOID:

Have fun.


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