I watched Obama’s press conference today, and he is a wonder to behold.  He is a relentless demagogue who plays Americans against Americans and sets up false choices as part of a class warfare agenda.

Here’s a false choice (my rough transcription) which jumped out at me during the Q&A:

“Republican leaders need to ask their consituents if they are willing to sacrifice the safety of their children for a tax break for a corporate jet owner.”

This was typical throughout the press conference.  He’s the only reasonable one, the only one who cares about people, the only one trying hard to reach a “balanced” debt deal, and so on and so on, the facts be damned.  Of course, if it seems to some that he’s been detached, it’s only because he’s been so busy working on the Taliban, and bin Laden, and the Greece crisis.

He had the audacity to say with a straight face that his administration is trying to remove burdensome regulations, when in fact Obamacare and Dodd-Frank alone impose vast regulations (most of which have not been written yet, which freezes business investment) on virtually every area of the economy.

Not only does he not get it, he is ideologically incapable of getting it.  He views the economy as a zero sum game, a point I have made before

This reminds me of the failed luxury tax on yachts years ago, which devasted the shipbuilding industry in Rhode Island leading to substantial layoffs; the choice was not between yacht owners and children, but between job creating industries or not.

Andy Levy summed it up well:

Do not underestimate the ability of this man to appeal to our worst jealousies and envies, while telling us he is doing the opposite with a smile on his face.

Update: This is too precious, via TweetDrudge, Democrats were the ones who passed the tax breaks for corporate jets in 2009 as part of the Stimulus Package. Hey, can you blame him for not knowing it, he didn’t read the bill.


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