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The Definitive “They Didn’t Know What Hit Them” Tweet

The Definitive “They Didn’t Know What Hit Them” Tweet

Or maybe, The Definitive “They Didn’t See It Coming” Tweet; or The Definitive “They Don’t Get It” Tweet; or The Definitive “Not Seeing The Forest For The Trees” Tweet.  Any other suggestions?

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows:

Update: WaPo becomes Hackistan
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Please tell me what is the significance of a plum-colored line? Because that's what a "plumline" is.

Unless he means plumBline, in which case it's a thing used to measure perpendicularity to the earth.

I don't think this guy gets that the whole tea party phenomenon is the electorate's white blood cells attempting to kill the cancer caused by too many packs of Hope 'N' Change: Elite Flavored.

All of the above, plus "The Definitive Best Laugh of the Day" Tweet.

The Definitive 'Head Stuck in the Sand' Tweet?
I was going to suggest 'Head Stuck Up…', erh, somewhere else, but know that would get me chastised at the very least!

the definitive "see, we CAN be dumber than you thought" tweet of the year…

Can anyone site a single piece of 1912 polling data that suggested the Titanic was about to sink on its maiden voyage? The consensus on that was "Don't make us laugh." But it happened. So much for that problem.

What said "poll data" look like. Sample question: "Do you hate the Obama/Pelosi/Reid government because (a) You are a racist (b) You mistrust smart people (c) You resent people who don't marry their cousins or (d) You have partaken of too much methamphetamine?"

PRAY that the donks remain this clueless through November 2012.

He sure relies on poll data to base his thinking. Well good.

Cowboy Curtis is right. Perhaps we should in general stop explaining things to liberals. Let them freeze in the dark.

OTOH, patiently explaining things to them means that they automatically reject what they're told, because they are smart and know THAT can't be right. So perhaps we should carry on as current.


I think the Dems are in trouble because people naturally dislike having someone spit in their face. When the poll data and constituent mail clearly show that people don't want health care passed, and when you bend the rules and twist arms to get it passed, what do you expect?

The Dems spit in the face of the American people, and should not be surprised at their comeuppance.

oh, I think he should be poled…

Cowboy — I do pray for confusion to fall over them like a fog. I can see the Almighty working. Why? It's obvious they hate us.

We should consider it a blessing that arrogance leads inexorably to ignorance, because it cuts off the arrogant from knowing much outside their own world view. For leftists today, arrogance IS their world view. None of them are all that passionate about any particular issue. Most "progressive" voters are not especially informed, for example, about the intricacies of the health care bill (who is?) They just support it because their tribal brethren support it. But they feel arrogant about their support of it anyway. They just know their views are superior, even if they don't quite know what those views actually are. Because arrogant superiority is really all they have left. What else was the Stewart/Colbert rally this weekend but a tribal gathering of the solipsistic?

And this is their core weakness. The arrogance is off putting to anyone not in their Cool Kids club, so it doesn't win them friends. But it also creates a barrier between them and any reality outside thier collective hallucination. That is why they have not prepared for what is to happen to them tomorrow. This is a good thing.

Oh, come on. It's a fair cop.

It's not that they're elitist. It's that they're incompetents, spendthrifts, credentialed morons and kleptocrats. That's what sticks in the public's craw.

I call that the "She told me she was 18" tweet.

I have been in and around the forest all my life. This reminds me very strongly of the cute squirrel with head up, ears perked, thinking he heard a noise, but it was probably nothing. Just before the eagle swoops down to chew his little squirrel body up to complete the circle of life. This election is going to be a conservative wave of "Animal Kingdom" proportions.

The definitive "So THAT'S what my colon looks like" tweet.

"Honestly, the numbers in this race have been so screwy and contradictory over the past few weeks, I’m prepared for literally any outcome."

The vote fraud / illegal voting that will happen in this election is the left's wildcard. Does anyone else think that the erronious polls put out by left wing news organizations may provide a smokescreen of sorts? These news organizations that are normally so much in lockstep with what they cover are all over the place with supposed polling data. If they wanted to get the "real" numbers it wouldn't be hard, as I'm sure 90% of those mover/shaker media operatives are on a mailing list somewhere, allowing them to easily compare numbers and data. I think the vote fraud is going to be unprecedented, as I'm sure the turnout will be. Hopefully these two variables will pull against each other to reveal some clear cut cases of vote fraud in some districts. If the DOJ will prosecute. Does fraud that benefits Dems, "The party of illegals and minorities" go hand in hand with not prosecuting cases against minorities, thereby giving themselves an excuse to help themselves (their party) in this election? I would be very surprised if there is not a major case of fraud revealed, and the DOJ prosecutes it into a slam dunk case. My bet is the former happening, then they will pull a "King Shibazz"

[Les performs a facepalm]

The ideologically inerrant are always in error.

More like: "So THAT's what an invisible barrier looks like!"

They are only "cool kids" if other people still think they are. Hardly anybody does any more. Epic fail!

…showing that the elitism charge has stuck to obama…
OK, if that's what you want here's Chrissie Matthews to help you out, Mr. Sargent.
Andrea Mitchell does her best to justify the Obama, but Matthews doesn't let her get away with it.   Precious.
(h/t) Radio Free NJ blog

What's This tweet thing?

Might as well have been: "Can anybody explain what those yellow flags in the streets mean?"
"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

I'm totally good with them not knowing what hit them. Bug, meet windshield.

I suggest you call it the "Everyone I Know Voted for McGovern" award.

Actually, the question is valid. I say this as a person who agrees that elitism is large part of the issue. But, as a science teacher, I know that a gut feeling that is true is not as powerful as a bunch of stats (and yes, stats can be biased and falsely presented). But the question remains, is everyone just speaking of anecedotal evidence or is the real data?

I just got off the phone with the DNC.

Looks like we can all go to bed early tomorrow. Democrats are going to win the House by 50 seats and the Senate by 15 seats.
I believe it because the DNC told me so.

I get Sargent's tweets. He and Howard Kurtz are the most clueless of the entire pundit firmament. Not just that they disagree, they really cant see what's in front of their noses. In contrast to someone Like Nate Silver who is on the other side politically, but sees reality when he looks at it.

Can anyone prove this train bearing down on me will actually hurt me?

I just polled everyone in my apartment, and 100% agree that one of the reasons Democrats are in trouble this election is because the "elitism" charge has stuck to Obama.

Sample size: 1
Margin of error: pretty damn high.

But, it is a "single piece of poll data" as requested.

"Who is that detective, and why is he making a chalk outline of my Congressman?"

It's going to hit them hard….

House Projection – 261 Republicans, 174 Democrats (+84 Republicans and +2 Democrats)

Don't get cocky! Remember, they found an ex(?)-SEIU member submitting tens of thousands of fraudulent registrations in Houston. It's the main reason the democrat pols don't want voter ID.