With news that blogger Nate Silver has been hired by The NY Times, and with the dream of an independent progressive blogosphere fading as fast as Obama’s approval ratings, I wondered whether The NY Times would hire me to blog for it.

Unlikely. My first post would be something along the lines of “Frank Rich and Charles Blow Suck, but MoDo Sure Does Have a Great Facebook Photo.”

The NY Times and The Washington Post only are interested in liberal bloggers, and token “nice” conservatives, like Ross Douthat.

By contrast, I would be a real troublemaker. And they know it.

Here are the top 10 reasons The NY Times will not hire me:

10. Charles Blow Is The New Frank Rich
9. Count Frankula’s Blood Lust
8. Brooks Back On Board The Obama Ship Of State
7. Paul Krugman, The Series
6. Come And Get Your Unpaid NY Times Internship
5. NY Times Finds Something “Buried” So “Deep” I Posted About It Months Ago
4. NY Times: Anyone Who Disagrees With Us On Immigration Is A Racist Xenophobe
3. NY Times — The Orphan Who Killed Its Parents
2. Where Is The Video Of NY Times Editors Butchering The News?

and the Number 1 reason The NY Times will not hire me:

1. I’m Seething Over The NY Times Calling Me Seething

(Psst, NY Times Editors, I’m just kidding. If you have a really big check to offer, you can reach me at 212-555-1212. I promise to be nice. Honest. Trust me on this. Would I lie to you?)

Update: Thanks Prof. Reynoldsfor the link. Please tell your students I have added the following to the Syllabus:

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