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It has been a long time since we wrote about Mia B. Love, running for Congress in Utah-04. We first covered Mia -- and were the first to cover her campaign -- in early January 2012, when no one gave her a chance of getting the Republican nomination, Mia B. Love – A conservative political star rises in … Utah:
If you haven’t heard of Ludmya “Mia” B. Love before, you will be hearing a lot more about her.  Mia has the potential to be the next big thing in conservative politics. And you heard about her here first!
I remember calling her when her campaign was in its infancy, and she actually picked up her cell phone and gave me an interview as she was in the car driving to an event.  She seemed so happy that someone, anyone, was calling with interest in her candidacy. Back then, when I Googled her name for background, there were so few mentions of her that most of the search results went to -- well, you can imagine with a name like "Mia B. Love" that some of the search hits were not about her and NSFW. Mia came on strong as the conservative blogosphere rallied around her and brought attention to her campaign. She won the Republican nomination at the convention, but lost the general election by a few hundred votes to Jim Matheson, a long-serving Democratic incumbent who repeatedly defied the odds in a Republican district. Now Mia's running again, and the polls show her far in the lead, as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune:

Jim Matheson has been the Harry Houdini of modern politics, a Democrat surviving in a heavily Republican Utah district which became even more Republican after the 2010 redistricting. But he still beat Mia Love in 2012. By a few hundred votes. In Utah. With Romney at...