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Late Thursday night, Steve Scully, who was tapped to moderate the next presidential debate (which is currently not happening after Trump refused to participate due to a switch from an in-person debate to a virtual format), appeared to accidentally send a private message to Trump-hater Anthony Scaramucci, asking how he should respond to Trump.

Democrats have spent months pressing Joe Biden not to concede the election, in Hillary Clinton's words, "under any circumstances."  They've been war-gaming what to do if President Trump wins the election by winning the Electoral College (and losing the meaningless popular vote).  They've made it quite clear that the only acceptable result to them is a Biden win.

America has been suffering silently for months while the radical left has been rampaging through American cities, smashing windows, destroying businesses, setting fires, and worse. Now that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away, people on the left are threatening a new wave of destruction if Trump and Republicans even try to replace her.

The left pretends that it is all about compassion and empathy, that it's pure of heart and overflowing with good intentions and tolerance.  Anyone who watches them in action, though, knows better and is disgusted by them. The latest example is the outpouring of—in the words of one Twitter user—"hate, revenge, wrath and immaturity" at the news that President Trump's younger brother, Robert, passed away.

I first heard of Critical Race Theory back in 2012 from Andrew Breitbart, and like all decent, law-abiding, fair-minded, non-racist Americans, I was appalled by it.  As Breitbart warned at the time, this then-radical Marxism-based divisive, destructive theory is being mainstreamed.  It has moved out of our universities and into our culture, society, and even our government.
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