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How well did things go for Mike Pence and the Trump-Pence ticket tonight? Even Chris Matthews—no doubt to the horror of Rachel Maddow who was helping oversee the post-debate commentary on MSNBC—had to declare Pence the "winner." Perhaps even worse for the denizens of MSNBC and its viewers, Matthews said Pence looked "strong" and like a "grown-up," whereas Tim Kaine came across as "desperate." Ouch!

It wasn't even close. Mike Pence trounced Tim Kaine. If Trump had given the performance in the first debate that Pence gave tonight, Trump would be leading in the polls instead of sinking. Pence made the case against Hillary on Obamacare, foreign policy, law enforcement, immigration, the email server and a host of other issues, including her claim that half of Trump supporters are "deplorables."

Follow the vice president debate between Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine with us here at Legal Insurrection! Longwood University in Virginia is hosting the debate, which will start at 9PM EST. You can watch the live stream and Twitter feeds below.