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Hillary Veep pick Tim Kaine recipient of questionable gifts

Hillary Veep pick Tim Kaine recipient of questionable gifts

Kindred spirits

Hillary Clinton has picked Virginian Senator Tim Kaine for her Veep nominee.

Politico reports that Kaine has a gift scandal of his own, making him a kindred spirit for the Clinton Foundation scandal-tainted Clinton, Kaine accepted clothes, vacation as gifts:

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine took advantage of the state’s lax gift laws to receive an $18,000 Caribbean vacation, $5,500 in clothes and a trip to watch George Mason University play in the NCAA basketball Final Four during his years as lieutenant governor and governor, according to disclosures he filed.

Now a leading contender to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Kaine reported more than $160,000 in gifts from 2001 to 2009, mostly for travel to and from political events and conferences, according to disclosures compiled by the Virginia Public Access Project. The givers included political supporters, a drug company that soon after bought a facility in Virginia, and Dominion, the state’s biggest provider of electricity.

While legal under Virginia’s unusually permissive ethics rules, the gifts could become attack-ad fodder after similar presents led to corruption charges for Gov. Bob McDonnell, whose conviction the Supreme Court overturned Monday. Republicans could also use the records to portray Kaine as part of the self-dealing establishment in a cycle animated by hostility toward the political class.

Jim Geraghty at National Review reported on Kaine’s receipt of gifts in 2013:

There was McDonnell’s immediate predecessor, Tim Kaine, now one of the state’s two senators:

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, a Democrat, accepted an $18,000 Caribbean vacation last year, putting him atop the list of Virginia elected officials who in 2005 accepted nearly $315,000 in gifts, trips, concert tickets and other gratuities from corporations, interest groups and wealthy persons. The newly elected governor’s winter getaway on Mustique — a private island playground for rock stars and royalty — was paid for by Albemarle County investor James B. Murray Jr.

Murray had contributed $41,000 to Kaine’s campaigns up to that point, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. Kaine reappointed Murray to the Virginia Commission on Higher Education Appointments.

The VPAP site reveals that since 2001, Kaine received $186,899 in gifts and travel – Redskins tickets, cases of wine, etc.


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Trump can take the wind out of democrat sails by saying, “Yeah, Tim was on my VP list, too!”

Why am I not too surprised at this little tidbit. Corruption abounds in the Democrat party.

Common Sense | July 22, 2016 at 9:04 pm

A matched pair!

Crooked Hillary and Crooked Tim!

What will Trump tweet about this?


Hillary admits it! She needs a MAN!

A very WHITE man!

impeach obama | July 22, 2016 at 9:35 pm

Are there ANY pols who do NOT take ‘presents’ even if it’s not their birthday ?

BTW I am voting Trump despite the fact that I despise this character because of Justice Ginsburg. Trump for 4 then out if he isn’t as advertised – i want a neutral if not conservative SCOTUS and a friend not a frenemy to Israel residing at 1600.

The Clinton Crime Family (CCF) must not be allowed in the White House (even as visitors, who knows what they will ‘borrow’).

Hillary needs a Kaine… etc.

Poor guy.

Doubling down on corruption? Why not!

But of course there’s no possibility of Kaine going to prison over this, unlike McConnell.

Oh…McConnell is a Republican. Never mind.

Hillary is scared. Otherwise she would have picked someone on the left like Warren. She’s trying to attract moderates.

    legacyrepublican in reply to RodFC. | July 23, 2016 at 12:18 am

    Actually, I believe she is scared to death about losing Virginia.

    Trump can easily go to VA and cite her setting up her crony as Governor by a phony conviction of the prior governor, rigging the last election with a wildcard that meant her Democrat lackey would win, and then declare VA a rigged system if it doesn’t vote for him.

    Choosing Kaine as a running mate tells you more about how much she fears the Don than which base she is trying to reach.

    As Rush might say, Trump has a penthouse suite in her brain and is living large and rent free.

      In the end she is going to pay him to house sit.

      VaGentleman in reply to legacyrepublican. | July 23, 2016 at 5:17 am

      It was a double bad day for Gov McAwful. First the State Supreme Court ruled his blanket restoration of convicted felons’ voting rights unconstitutional, then Hillary rejects him too.

      You are right about shoring up support in VA. Things have not been going well for dems here – witness the reversal they had to do on concealed carry reciprocity that led to an expansion of gun rights.

      Considering Kaine’s lackluster term as governor ($2BN surplus became $4BN deficit), Trump must be salivating.

Piker. Hillary and Hubby collected over a quarter-billion dollars in their little bribe and influence slush fund.

Or maybe he’s in training. There are always two…

Tim Kaine for VP? Really?

That’s … quite weak and very boring.

At least we know that Hillary won’t be taking on ISIS in any meaningful way (or ISIL, or whatever the politically correct acronym-du-jour happens to be). His statement to the CFR that “This can’t be the U.S. against ISIL. It can’t be the West against Islam. The ground forces need to be forces from the region.” has a very nice dichotomy against Trump’s speech that we will quickly destroy ISIS.

This actually reaches ALLLLLL the way back to the Iraq war argument: A fast, light force that can rout the enemy and then leave the nation-building to the locals, or a heavy tread force that will crush the apparatus of everything and rebuild it from scratch. Rumsfeld won that argument and put a light force in Iraq, and look what that got us: nearly a decade and a half of low-level civil war. If we’re going to be resented, we had better damn-well earn it by IMPOSING democracy and peace into the region.

Kaine’s Q&A with the Council on Foreign Relations from December 14, 2015.

Kaine might actually even do further damage to Hillary, as he was one of the co-authors on the Iran Nuclear Agreement. That depends on how much Trump is willing to go after the agreement now that we know that Iran can accelerate it’s program after 10 years, not the 15 we were originally led to believe (and we KNOW that they’re going to cheat). Kaine himself stated: “Look, it’s really questionable as to whether this deal is going to work, but it is imperative that we try it.”

However, perhaps he CAN help Hillary: Sen. Kaine’s former position was Professor, Legal Ethics, University of Richmond School of Law. It’s nice for Hillary to finally recognize that she has such a bad ethical problem that she needs a PROFESSOR as her right hand man to advise her on what is right and what is wrong.

Great choice Hillary. I’m sure Obama approves. Tim Kaine’s Long, Deep Relationship With Radical Islam

We all know that Democrats have some pretty nefarious political connections … but for Heaven’s sake, why did Hillary have to pick someone with such deep Islamist connections as Tim Kaine?

The Virginia senator has a long history of embracing radical Islam.

He appointed a Hamas supporter to a state immigration commission, once spoke at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist suspect and has received many donations from well-known Islamist groups.

Back in 2007, Breitbart reports, then-Governor Kaine chose Muslim American Society (MAS) President Esam Omeish to the state’s Immigration Commission. It was an appointment so controversial that even a Muslim group against radical Islam criticized the appointment and lack of vetting.

In 2008, federal court filings found that MAS was “founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America…;.

…In the second example of Kaine’s deep connections with Radical Islam, he spoke at a 2011 dinner honoring Jamal Barzinji, the “Founding father of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.”

Barzinji has been on the FBI’s radar since 1987, when an informant told them that Barzinji was part of a network of brotherhood fronts to “institute the Islamic Revolution in the United States.”