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(See bottom of post for update.) TJ Ducklo, the deputy press secretary for the Biden administration, has been suspended from work for one week for allegedly telling a female reporter from Politico "I will destroy you." The reporter, Tara Palmeri, was asking questions about a story Ducklo did not want her to cover. Specifically, his romantic relationship with another member of the press.

Virtually all of the late night 'entertainment' shows are now voices for the radical left. These shows used to exist for the enjoyment of all Americans, but now they parrot DNC talking points, demean traditional American beliefs, and mock anything to the right of Bernie Sanders. They really enjoyed bashing Trump nightly, but now that he is gone they're making up for it with other topics.

For the last four years, we watched as journalists in the White House press room treated Trump's press people with outright hostility. Now we are learning that the Biden White House has allegedly been asking reporters to submit their questions in advance, presumably so there won't be any surprises. If you watched how the Biden campaign dealt with the press before the election, none of this would surprise you.

Long before Joe Biden became the Democratic presidential nominee, reports circulated that the then-77-year-old former VP signaled he'd only commit to serving one term if elected. This came after months of Democrats and media figures raised the issue of his age and cognitive health after a series of gaffes and flubs made during the primaries.
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