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There's been no shortage of drama and intrigue at the Washington Post over the last few days after one of their reporters, Felicia Sonmez, lashed out at a colleague on Twitter over what she and her sisters in solidarity have deemed a "sexist" retweet. It all started Friday after Dave Weigel, a political correspondent at the paper, shared a tweet from another Twitter user who joked about how in his view “Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it’s polar or sexual.”

When it comes to basic cable, FOX News is still king. In the month of April, FOX News not only beat the other cable news networks, they beat everyone, and the big winner the month was 'The Five.' When it comes to cable news, MSNBC came in second, which is another embarrassment for CNN which just saw its new streaming service collapse after just one month.

The Republican National Committee has decided to listen to conservative voters for once and has voted to part ways with the Presidential Debate Commission. For years, Republican voters have tuned in to a political debate only to see a liberal journalist as moderator, who often ends up arguing with the Republican candidate more than the Democrat on stage.

At the end of March, Stacey blogged about the problems plaguing CNN+ right after its launch. Employees already expected layoffs while it offered 50% off its service for life. Well, CNN+'s uphill battle took a hit from an avalanche. CNN wanted "to invest around $1 billion" in...