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Yet another story lost in the Iowa Caucus hubbub -- documents from the campaigns of former Sen. McConnell challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes and her father, Jerry Lundergan, were subpoenaed by a federal grand jury yesterday. You may remember Lundergan Grimes. She's the testy, shotgun-shooting Kentucky Democrat who repeatedly refused to answer a very simple question -- "Did you vote for Barack Obama?" She lost her Senate bid in 2014, but is serving a second term as Kentucky's Secretary of State. Lundergan Grimes seems harmless enough, so how did her campaign end up in the federal crosshairs? A campaign bus. A bus used during her campaign was owned by one of her Dad's companies. Allegations that Lundergan Grimes used the bus at a discounted rate led to an investigation into whether use of the bus was an, "illegal in-kind contribution from a corporation."

We will be covering the main contested Senate elections (all poll closing times in Eastern time): By popular demand (WARNING -- Flashing lights) And Yes, for those of you late to the game, we did set off the Fireworks and Music: Fireworks November 2014 Election Night

James O'Keefe and the crew at Veritas Action Fund are in search of a supporter of Alison Grimes supporter who actually believes her campaign position that she's not anti-coal industry. The other day O'Keefe released a video in which various assorted Democratic operatives and Grimes supporters used the "L" word in describing her position. Today O'Keefe has released another video in which a financial backer using the "F" word as to what Grimes will do to the coal industry if elected. Language Warning Here's a partial transcript posted by O'Keefe:

Democratic operative Kathy Groob tweeted a handful of racist tweets about Senator McConnell's wife. Outrage ensued and Groob apologized and then deleted her Twitter account. Fox News reports:

A Democratic operative deleted her Twitter account Monday following a series of what some called racist remarks about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao.

Chao, former U.S. Labor Secretary under President George W. Bush, is Asian.

Kathy Groob, who describes herself as an “advocate for women in politics,” sent a series of tweets related to Chao at a political event Saturday.

According to WKMS, Groob sent the tweets in response to comments McConnell made at the event, in which he referred to his wife as "the only Kentucky woman who served in a president’s cabinet."

Following widespread criticism from her own party, Groob later apologized for her “poor choice of words” and deleted her Twitter account.

The tweets that started it all:

Kathy Groob Tweets Elaine Chao Asian not KY

The Kentucky Senate race is essentially tied in the polling. A poll released today by a Republican pollster shows Alison Lundergan Grimes up by 3 points, within the margin of error. Elizabeth Warren is about to inject herself into the race in a big way. Warren's student loan bill, which even an author at liberal called "a glorified talking point," failed to pass an early procedural vote on Wednesday. In response, Warren declared war on Mitch McConnell, vowing to campaign and raise money for Grimes. The notion of taking political retribution is in keeping with Warren's vow to have "plenty of blood and teeth left on the floor" of those who oppose her. HuffPo reports, Elizabeth Warren To Hit Back At Mitch McConnell By Campaigning For Alison Lundergan Grimes:
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) railed against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Wednesday for failing to support her student loan refinancing proposal, which the Senate killed in a 56-38 vote earlier in the day.... When MSNBC's Chris Hayes asked Warren how she planned to fight back, the senator gave a response that could shake things up in Kentucky, where McConnell faces a tough race for reelection against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes. "One way I'm going to start fighting back is I'm going to go down to Kentucky and I'm going to campaign for Alison Lundergan Grimes," Warren said. "She's tough, she's feisty, she endorsed the student loan bill, said she wanted to bring down interest rates for Kentuckians. ... So my view is I'm going to get out there and try to make this happen for her."
Seems to me that making Warren an issue in the race is risky for Grimes.