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Leftist projection is something that we once had to work to prove and often could not (at least to skeptics), but after the 2008 election of Barack Obama as president, it became a bit easier because the Obama executive branch was busily silencing and undermining conservative and/or Tea Party voices while publicly speaking about transparency, tolerance, equity, and fairness. Hillary Clinton's phantom "vast right-wing conspiracy" of the 1990's was replaced with the right's understanding that there may indeed be a "vast left-wing conspiracy."  The very thing she claimed was aligned against her and was completely imaginary was actually just how the left rolls.

San Antonio Rep. Joaquin Castro announced Monday he will not challenge Sen. Cruz in the upcoming Senate race. Castro has been pushing off his public announcement since February. As of last week, he was reportedly undecided.

Will Rep. Joaquin Castro toss his hat into the upcoming Texas Senate race? Castro first said in February he'd make his announcement in eight weeks, then said he'd it would be the end of April, only to recently move his self-imposed deadline to "a few more weeks" reports the Texas Tribune. Should Castro jump in, he'd first have to beat fellow Democratic Congressman, Beto O'Rourke, who declared his candidacy at the end of March, before squaring off against Sen. Ted Cruz.