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Wikileaks has been known to release insurance files from time to time.  These are dumps of encrypted files that can only be opened by those who hold the encryption key to do so.  For one, it makes certain that information reaches the public in the event those who hold the information aren't available to release it themselves.  It can also be sort of a secret holder's way of saying, "back off, or I'll go all secret-exposing nuclear on you..." But Wikileaks' latest release of such files has everybody talking.  That's because they're almost 400 gigabytes large.  That's large. So, folks are all wondering, what could possibly be in there?

NSA leaker Edward Snowden has left Sheremetyevo Airport after receiving his paperwork today approving temporary asylum in Russia. From the NY Times: After a month holed up in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, Edward J. Snowden, the former intelligence contractor wanted by the United...

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