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Syria overtakes Snowden, NSA on social media

Syria overtakes Snowden, NSA on social media

Edward Snowden and the NSA debate seem to have lost some significant momentum on Twitter in light of the current discussion about what the US will or won’t be doing about the situation in Syria.

Business Insider noticed that Syria Tensions Have Knocked The NSA Spying Scandal Completely Off The Radar, and provides this handy chart to illustrate (visit the Business Insider link to view the chart full size).


Given that Obama just suddenly decided to seek congressional authorization, Secretary of State John Kerry is now set to make the rounds on five Sunday talk shows, and UN inspectors say analysis of samples collected in Syria may take up to three weeks, it’s likely that Snowden and the NSA debate may have a hard time staying on the radar.


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I believe that was the Obama plan all along. The American public suffers from a short attention span and a single input channel. For example have you heard anything about the IRS mess lately? I suspect that we have not heard the last of Snowden though, there are more shoes to drop.

Congress now holds the Syria hot potato, hilarity will ensue.

    RickCaird in reply to OldNuc. | September 1, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    I think it is just that Obama has so many crises and scandals coming at him that it is impossible to hold them all in your head at the same time.


It needs to be kept in mind that the spike on the graph shows twitter activity that was not previously focused on Snowden or the NSA.

The plot lines showing the traffic discussing Snowden and NSA dipped a little but not so much.

When a large number is represented on a plot the scale of the plot is adjusted thus that makes the rest of the numbers appear to be very small.

That is to say, a lot of people who were not talking about Snowden & NSA suddenly bloomed.

I, for one, will use a new hashtag such as #Syria in a tweet discussing a different subject just to gain a wider dispersion.

It is also a safe bet that the usual Democrat race industry suspects will recalibrate to encompass Syria like water seeking the path of least resistance, such as…

‘White people don’t care about brown children getting gassed to death,’ if Congress turns thumbs down on Obama’s War.


‘Obama had to force White people to give in and let him save brown children,’ if Congress authorizes Obama’s War.

This Is Obama’s War and the Democrats will fashion memes and talking points to distract from that fact.

The Democrats’ soft underbelly is this: it’s about a Democrat President starting a war over WMDs who, as a senator, attacked a GOP President because he started a war over WMDs even though Bush garnered UN & Allied support.

Democrat Hypocrisy is a public optic Obama & his publicly supportive Democrat elites are unable to escape even though the Liberal Media will work hard to neutralize it.

Liberal activists have already staged demonstrations and an estimated 350 of them were doing that at the White House yesterday before, during, and after Obama’s public walk-back of his lone wolf attack plan.

Reports are stating Obama could hear the protesters yesterday before and during his walk-back speech.

The Anti-Obama War push back is bi-partisan and *THAT* scares the pants off the Democrat movers and shakers.

There is Democrat political blood in the water and the circling sharks are both liberals and conservatives.

Democrats have never cared too much for brown or black babies …

Even after the reality of genocide in Rwanda had become irrefutable, when bodies were shown choking the Kagera River on the nightly news, the brute fact of the slaughter failed to influence U.S. policy except in a negative way. American officials, for a variety of reasons, shunned the use of what became known as “the g-word.” They felt that using it would have obliged the United States to act, under the terms of the 1948 Genocide Convention. They also believed, understandably, that it would harm U.S. credibility to name the crime and then do nothing to stop it …

Samantha Power, 1994, writing about Susan Rice’s part in the Rwanda affair.

No worries, eh…only 800,000+ dead there.