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Twelve Republican Senators and Senators Elect, led by Ted Cruz, have released a Joint Letter calling for appointment of an Electoral Commission to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of results in disputed states, to be completed in time for the January 20 inauguration, including giving state legislature's time to change their electoral votes if the audit reveals fraud.

Long before Joe Biden became the Democratic presidential nominee, reports circulated that the then-77-year-old former VP signaled he'd only commit to serving one term if elected. This came after months of Democrats and media figures raised the issue of his age and cognitive health after a series of gaffes and flubs made during the primaries.

I've been extremely fatigued the last few days. I don't think I have coronavirus because I don't have other symptoms, but it's been hard for me to sustain the energy to follow the legal proceedings that have brought to a conclusion the judicial option for fighting the election result.

Following the Supreme Court's denial of the Texas lawsuit—later joined by 17 states, New Jersey Democrat Rep. Bill Pascrell is demanding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuse to seat the 126 House Republicans who supported the Texas suit. LI readers may recall Pascrell filing complaints against and trying to get lawyers representing President Trump disbarred.

The Democrat/Media/Big Tech axis has decided that it is safe—now that the election is over—to inform the American people about the shady Ukrainian and ChiCom connections and influence-peddling scandal surrounding Hunter Biden and implicating 'the big guy,' then Vice President and now Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.
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