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It was "just" a Mayor's race, but it's a tale of how unions funnel money to decide elections, often behind the scenes. The Boston Globe has the scoop, American Federation of revealed as funder behind mysterious pro-Walsh PAC during mayoral campaign (h/t @dbernstein):
Organizers of One Boston, the mysterious political action committee that dumped $480,000 into the Boston mayoral campaign during its final days, confirmed to the Globe today that the American Federation of Teachers funded the group’s efforts to swing the race in favor of Mayor-elect Martin J. Walsh. In a complicated series of transactions, the AFT — a powerful national teachers union — gave the money to One New Jersey, a teachers union-backed political action committee. That group then donated those funds to One Boston, a local affiliate set up to spend money in the Boston mayoral race.

With less than two weeks to go before the Virginia gubernatorial election, candidates Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli (aka Sauron and SpongeBob Squarepants) are each receiving campaign support from some pretty well-known political figures. On Saturday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered a “rousing endorsement” to an audience in Falls Church, Virginia for Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe. (Whom some in Virginia have branded “Terry McAwful”) This week, former President Bill Clinton is set to join McAuliffe at five different campaign events in Virginia. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum is on team Cuccinelli. His PAC,  Patriot Voices, is calling for volunteers to “Join our Strikeforce and help Ken Cuccinelli become the next Governor of Virginia!”

Spoiler candidate alert: Libertarian Robert Sarvis is a third-party candidate in the 2013 Virginia governor’s race. Although polling reveals that it is unlikely for him to win, will he split votes away from Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli in the process? Election day is less than 60...

Note the "?!?" in the title. It's because we're too damn classy to put "WTF?" in the title. Really, Terry McAuliffe, corruptocrat, insider of insiders, money man, fixer, green-bagger? All the recent polling says McAuliffe is going to win: Really, Virginia, Really?!? Someone tell me that yes, Virginia, there...