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Video: Cory Booker supporters shout down Republican – “We don’t want you here”

Video: Cory Booker supporters shout down Republican – “We don’t want you here”

Republican Steve Lonegan is running against Cory Booker in the Senate race in New Jersey.

This story is linked at Drudge, but the Drudge link doesn’t have the video.

Here it is:

The press is mostly quiet about it. What if the roles were reversed?

T-Bone could not be reached for comment.


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“What if the roles are reversed?”

We all know that the media would be chumming like starving sharks if that were the case.

Seriously, though, Cory Booker is (was?) a brave individual, whom I consider(ed) a hero for rescuing people from a burning building.

It is quite a shame, though, that “heroes” tend to let politics and their own corrupted human natures destroy their reputations, proportional to their distance from Washington D.C. Just look at John McCain. Mostly self-inflicted, of course.

That place is a cesspool, and like the Aegean stables, needs to be cleaned thoroughly. George Washington must be rolling in his grave over the state of American politics today.

    Paul in reply to Paul. | September 18, 2013 at 8:46 am

    To be fair to Cory, in this instance, it’s only his followers, but does someone really want support of people who destroy their reputation through association?

As a former mayor of Bogota, Maybe the intellectuals present and shouting thought Bogota, Colombia and what they really wanted was, more Blow, Foo-foo Dust, Snow.

Shirley no racism involved, eh?

OH and T-Bone seems to be Booker’s “Julia”..

Not A Member of Any Organized Political | September 18, 2013 at 9:40 am

What is Cory Booker hiding?

What is Cory Booker’s supporter’s hiding?

To act as un-civil as that, one can only logically think they must be hiding something. IMHO

The reasoned voice of the low-info Obama voter, huh? Too bad a modicum of intelligence isn’t required to gain entry to a voting booth.

I can’t wait for the day to leave the USA behind and retire in Central America.

One might wonder what would happen, if a Lonegan supporter took this video recording, and played it FULL BLAST HIGH VOLUME at the next booker rally.

Interesting, no?

Zombie mob. This is the future. I saw “World War Z” last night with a friend and we both came away with the sense that this was a metaphor for our political culture that Obama and the Left have been ushering in.

The idea of free and open political discourse has always been distasteful (even frightening) to the Left, but they’ve often hidden this disgust and fear because the culture generally wouldn’t tolerate its true expression. But all that is changing. The left’s march through the educational institutions and the degradation of not only our civic education but our sense of standards — the wide acceptance of the idea that any challenge to the Progressive orthodoxy amounts to a grave offense against all that is good and true — is now showing results across the culture. Shouting down people you disagree with (i.e., fear and loathe) is not only acceptable but necessary and heroic. We now even have “educated” people who believe this.

    Paul in reply to raven. | September 18, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    yep, and they’re crawling all over the tops of each other like a swarm of ants trying to get to that government teat.

average josephine | September 18, 2013 at 10:50 am

Reminds me of the reception Romney got in Philadelphia, e.g.

May 2012 “But here in the streets of West Philadelphia, the emotion surrounding his contest with the nation’s first black president was raw, as dozens of neighborhood residents [organized by Mayor Nutter and OfA] shouted, ‘Get out, Romney, get out!'”

Well, the lesson of this video is that if you want government for thugs, by thugs and in support of thugocracy, by all means vote for Cory Booker.

Otherwise, you’d better vote for Lonegan.


When I hear about stuff like this I think of Germany in the 1920s. At that time, it was routine for political events to be disrupted by violence from the opposing side. The communists attacked the nazis, the nazis attacked the communists (“and everybody hates the Jews!” Sorry. Couldn’t resist the Tom Lehrer reference).

How long will it be before candidates will HAVE to bring lots and lots of “security” to speeches just to be able to speak?

This is why civility matters (and “civility” is a problem).

Does anyone know whether or not there are any reasons the candidate is disliked by the people in the video? Does he have any particular reputation?