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Israeli Uncovers Hamas Server Farm and Tunnel Complex Beneath UNRWA’s Gaza HQ

Israeli Uncovers Hamas Server Farm and Tunnel Complex Beneath UNRWA’s Gaza HQ

Hamas’s terrorist command center was hooked to UNRWA’s own electricity supply.

The news about collusion between the United Nations Palestinian aid agency (UNRWA) and Gaza-based terrorist groups shouldn’t comes as a surprise to anyone. Hundreds of Gaza-based UNRWA employees double as terror operatives and dozens of them took part in the October 7 massacre — killing, raping and kidnapping Israelis.

But nothing symbolizes this unholy alliance than the latest discovery of Hamas’s command center right beneath the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza city.

During a search operation in northern Gaza, the IDF soldiers uncovered a tunnel shaft near an UNRWA school that lead them directly to the UN agency’s headquarters.

The subterranean terrorist compound found under UNRWA HQ served as a data center equipped with industrial-grade electronic equipment. Even more shockingly, Israeli soldiers discovered large amounts of weapons and explosives from the UN agency’s own building.

“This 700-meter-long tunnel, 18 meters deep, contained multiple blast doors and various intelligence assets seized by the forces. Intelligence and documents found confirmed the offices’ use by Hamas terrorists. Large quantities of weapons, including rifles, ammunition, grenades and explosives, were uncovered hidden in the building’s offices,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) disclosed Saturday evening [emphasis added].

To remove any lingering doubts, Israeli soldiers found the Hamas command center hooked to the UN agency’s own electricity supply, indicating that UNRWA did not only knew of its existence, but may have helped in setting it up.

“The forces found electrical infrastructure inside the tunnel connected to UNRWA’s main HQ, suggesting it was supplying the tunnel with electricity—generated by the fuel provided through humanitarian aid [emphasis added],” the IDF added.

The sophistication of the terrorist command center beneath the UNRWA office is unlike any underground compound discovered by IDF in Gaza so far. “The subterranean data center, seen by The Times of Israel’s military correspondent on Thursday during an Israel Defense Forces media tour, included an electricity room, industrial battery power banks, and living quarters for alleged Hamas terrorists operating the computer servers,” The Times of Israel revealed.

The Israeli military revealed the details of the discovery in a press release on Friday evening:

Over the last two weeks, IDF and ISA [Israel Security Agency] forces have been conducting a division-level targeted raid on terror targets in northern and central Gaza. (…)

Following ISA intelligence, the forces arrived at a tunnel shaft near an UNRWA school. The shaft led to an underground terror tunnel that served as a significant asset of Hamas’ military intelligence and passed under the building that serves as UNRWA’s main headquarters in the Gaza Strip.

The tunnel was 700 meters long and 18 meters deep and contained several blast doors. A wide variety of intelligence assets were seized during the operation. The newly-found intelligence will allow the forces to operate against additional Hamas targets. The dismantling of the tunnel weakens Hamas’ intelligence capabilities.

The forces located electrical infrastructure inside the tunnel connected to UNRWA’s main headquarters, under which the underground tunnel was located, indicating that UNRWA’s facilities supplied the tunnel with electricity.

Following these findings and based on preliminary ISA intelligence, the forces conducted a targeted raid on UNRWA’s central headquarters, which contains offices for various humanitarian and international organizations. Large quantities of weapons were found inside the rooms of the building, including rifles, ammunition, grenades and explosives. Intelligence and documents discovered in the offices of UNRWA officials confirmed that the offices had in fact also been used by Hamas terrorists.

The Israel government reportedly wants UNRWA out of Gaza once the Hamas terrorist fighting forces is eliminated. Jerusalem has drawn out plans for kick the disgraced UN agency out the territory, official documents suggest.

“Israel’s Foreign Ministry has put together a classified report calling for the removal of UNRWA from the Gaza Strip in the long-term,” the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) news agency reported December 31. “The report’s recommendations set out a three-stage process for shrinking and eventually eliminating UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, from the Strip: 1) Prepare a case detailing UNRWA’s cooperation with Hamas; 2) Reduce UNRWA’s field of activity and find replacement service providers; and 3) Transfer UNRWA’s responsibilities to another entity.”

UNRWA says it wrote ‘protest letters’ to Gaza terrorists

Writing in Twitter, UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarin claimed that his organization had no cluse about widespread terrorist activities taking place in its facilities. The agency was also unaware that Hamas was digging multistory terrorist complex under its headquarters and laid electric cables though its building, he said.

The UNRWA chief assured that the agency was writing “protest letters” to Hamas terrorists whenever it encountered any ‘suspicious,’ triggering hilarious responses on Twitter.

Biden restored UNRWA funding in 2021, reversing Trump’s decision

After recent Israel’s revelations implicated UNRWA staffers in the October 7 massacre and hostage-taking, the Biden administration and several Western countries suspended their funding for the UN agency. The move vindicated President Donald Trump, who in 2018 cut all U.S. funding for the terrorist-infested agency.

Soon after entering the White House in 2021, President Biden reversed Trump’s decision, restoring $235 million in U.S. aid to UNRWA in that year and raising it to $344 million by 2023.

Netanyahu says ‘victory is within reach’ as IDF prepares to capture Hamas’s Rafah stronghold

Talking to the ABC News on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured that the victory is within reach” as the Israeli armed forces is posed to destroying Hamas remaining terrorist strongholds in Gaza after fifteen weeks of ground offensive.

The Israeli leader on Friday ordered the IDF to draw up a plan for the military takeover and the civilian evacuation of Rafah, the last major Hamas terror stronghold located on the Gaza-Egypt border.

The ABC News reported ahead of airing the interview on Sunday:

As Israel prepares to launch a ground assault in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told ABC News that “victory is within reach.”

“We’re going to do it. We’re going to get the remaining Hamas terrorist battalions in Rafah, which is the last bastion, but we’re going to do it,” Netanyahu said during an interview with “This Week” co-anchor Jonathan Karl, airing Sunday.


‘Fauda’ creator Issacharoff on battle for Khan Yunis

Avi Issacharoff, a prominent Israeli journalist and co-creator of the popular TV series Fauda, describes the challenges facing the IDF as its advances though Khan Yunis and prepares to capture Rafah, the southern-most Hamas stronghold on Egypt’s border.

Writing for the Israeli news website YNET, Issacharoff presented the unvarnished truth about the situation in Gaza in wake of the “calamity that the Gazans and Hamas have brought upon themselves.” After talking to the IDF officers on the frontline, he cautioned that “victory isn’t guaranteed yet” and Israel needed to stay the course as Hamas leadership hides in tunnels and among civilians.

Read the excerpts of the YNET article below:

After driving for more than ten minutes from the western border into the depths of the Strip toward Khan Younis, the only sight that meets the eyes is one of utter devastation. It’s a destruction of huge, almost biblical proportions. No home in the area is habitable, and not a single person remains, let alone pets. A few stray cats and dogs roam, appearing to contemplate their steps in bewilderment and confusion.

This is the catastrophe of 2024, a disaster for the Palestinians in every sense. It’s a calamity that the Gazans and Hamas have brought upon themselves. It’s uncertain whether they even comprehend the enormity and extent of the devastation. The daily videos that Hamas releases, which supposedly document strikes on Israeli forces, cannot begin to make up for this disaster, for the extensive damage that will take many long years to repair.

We are now 2.5 miles into the strip, just under two miles from the sea, and yet there are no houses in sight that have been left untouched by significant damage. One can only speculate about the length of time it will take to remove the debris from these houses on “the day after”. On that day, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians will wish to return to their homes, only to find nothing but ruins upon ruins.

Still, no gunfire is heard here. Hamas has retreated, is in hiding, and avoids direct confrontation with IDF soldiers, choosing instead to seek refuge in tunnels. They have abandoned Khan Younis, an emblem of the organization and the military wing’s starting point, allowing it to collapse completely, both above and beneath the ground (…).

“The IDF is functioning like an immense shredder,” an officer described, “progressing incrementally every day.” The brigade’s officers have also elaborated on the extent of the damage inflicted on Hamas: “The Khan Younis Brigade comprises four battalions, and effectively, three of these have been neutralized. What does neutralization entail? It’s not that these battalions lack active members; fighting persists, and daily, many are killed. However, if their leaders are incapacitated or have deserted, if 60-70% of the combatants have been eliminated, and a similar proportion of their weaponry has been damaged or seized by us, then they are regarded as neutralized.


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destroycommunism | February 11, 2024 at 10:11 am

The UN says this is a lie that they are only building non racist highways from the pete buttigeige highway plans

destroycommunism | February 11, 2024 at 10:12 am

ANYONE AWARE that Biden signed another EO that FREEZES BANK ACCOUNTS?

FEB1 2024

and you know that that agenda wil expand from the original “only for west bank violence”

to americans who support Israel

    Yeah, vile Biden and the Dhimmi-crats are despicably attempting to make political hay out of a handful of Israeli citizens who have understandably defended themselves from ceaseless Arab Muslim “Palestinian” attacks on car drivers and their occupants.

    They’re trying to make it look as though justified self-defense, and, extremely sporadic and rare unjustified violence from Israelis, are somehow the factual and moral equivalent to ceaseless and pervasive Arab Muslim “Palestinian” jihadist attacks and terrorism.

    henrybowman in reply to destroycommunism. | February 12, 2024 at 1:37 am

    In view of the verified video of high FDIC mucky-mucks saying that a bank bail-in is inevitable, if you had more deposited in “bank accounts” than you absolutely needed in rder to conduct day-to-day life or business, you should appreciate the wake-up call.

It’s been said many times through the years, but is now more relevant than ever.


And on the day after will fund them all over again

How many generations of refugees should we allow this corrupt UN arm to create? Time to dismantle this institutional refugee/poverty and terrorist inculcation and resettle Gazan inhabitants in neighboring Arab countries.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to Concise. | February 11, 2024 at 11:43 am

    None of the Arab countries want them, for good reasons.

    WTPuck in reply to Concise. | February 12, 2024 at 12:25 pm

    Since the so-called “palestinians” were originally Jordanians, Egyptians, and maybe a few Syrians and Lebanese, yes.

      Milhouse in reply to WTPuck. | February 13, 2024 at 12:58 am

      If you’re referring to where their grandparents immigrated from, they’re from all kinds of countries, but very few from Jordan. Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Arabia, Bosnia, and more.

      If you’re simply referring to their citizenship between 1949 and 1967, then none of them were Egyptian. Those living in Judaea, Benjamin, and Samaria were Jordanian citizens, but those living in the Gaza Strip were stateless.


My cynical feeling at this point is that, given how pervasive servile and obsequious dhimmitude, Leftist/Dhimmi-crat Jew-hate and vilification of Israel are on the Left, which sentiments have predictably infected corporate Boardrooms and the C-Suite, I would not be surprised at all to learn that Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure had provided cloud computing services and server storage to Hamas (and, to other Muslim terrorist and Islamofascist groups), gratis.

NorthernNewYorker | February 11, 2024 at 11:04 am

So, did the IDF tip the server?

I’ll see myself out.

Israel must destroy Hamas and then kick out every single person associated with the UNRWA Arab Muslim terrorist organization, and, destroy all objects associated with it. Salt the earth, afterwards. Sounds like a good start.

As if we didn’t need more evidence that the UN is crooked and supports terrorism..

“However, if their leaders are incapacitated or have deserted, if 60-70% of the combatants have been eliminated, and a similar proportion of their weaponry has been damaged or seized by us, then they are regarded as neutralized.”

This is wishful thinking. At least 30% of adult terrorists left, who will be recruiting from a large pool of brainwashed homicidal teens,

“Unbeknownst to others.”

Israel needs to go after the big Hamas leaders comfortably ensconced in Qatar and elsewhere.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | February 11, 2024 at 12:42 pm

And this bullshit platform comments gives me shit for my posts demanding that the UN be defunded and removed from the US.

What got their panties in a twist was the fact that I pointed out UN blue helmets were murderers and rapists.

I guess that’s OK since a UN agency is assisting in the rape and murder of Israelis.

I await those who say that UNRWA isn’t really the UN, and can’t be held accountable.

Now you are starting to see why Biden and company have turned against Israel. They are getting too close to the UN corruption and his handlers can’t have that.

I recall that the appearance of blue helmets in Africa always signaled a sharp increase in rapes.

Keep calm and destroy hamas.

The UN needs to go the way of the League of Nations.

Is it common for UN facilities to have ‘secret’ subterranean installations, or do they have to obtain building permits?

Israel should stick high explosives throughout the Hamas infrastructure underneath the UNRWA building. and set them off all at once. If the building above collapses, oops!

The data on the server farm is key to exposing western and eastern collaboration. We’re talking direct state and NGO financial participation, and materiel aid, in preparation of a vast network of terror-cell strikes throughout the Levant and near Middle East.

Remember the book “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”, written by a liberal trying to figure out why Kansas voters support conservatives, which in the author’s opinion was contrary to their own interests. Well I guess I need to write a book, What’s the Matter with DC? I’m a conservative trying to understand why politicians continue to fund our enemies to the detriment of us and our allies.

Why should anyone be surprised? UNRWA’s mission is to support the Palestinians, so it should surprise no-one that UNRWA is supporting the Palestinian Army – which is Hamas.