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Pathetic Leaders Week in Education

Pathetic Leaders Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

The congressional hearings on campus anti-Semitism this week were a real eye-opener.

This is disgusting.

More of this is coming.

Is there any wonder why this is happening in so many places?

Things are really bad at Columbia.

It’s so obvious.


Getting results!

He is right, of course.

And the problem is?

Good for him.

Who can blame them?


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Since these women seem incapable of feeling shame or embarassment, I hope the people around them are ashamed of them…family, friends, colleagues…they might notice that…maybe

A working academic on X the last few days – I wish I could remember who – had a lengthy thread explaining that for the VAST majority of school administrators, their placement in their positions was based almost entirely NOT on their academic bona fides but rather, on their political fidelity. He described it as something that is much more analogous to the Soviet Party system than a system based on merit. This, he argued, is the root cause of the problem, a problem that will almost certainly not be fixed in the foreseeable future, perhaps ever.

Intersectional feminist dingbat college president supports islamofascism, except when she doesn’t.

Ivy league toxic woke trash dumpster fire.

Pathetic? Probably.

Evil? Definitely.

Pathetic Leaders Weak In Education

There, FIFY.

Dizzy dames rule.

BierceAmbrose | December 9, 2023 at 3:04 pm


The failure here isn’t what they said, or how their institutions handled it. The failure here is that this is business as usual.

It is obvious that the three presidents are there to run a business and not to educate. Unless the billions of dollars from the Middle East are stopped, the anti-Semitism will continue. That’s where it is coming from because of the money. That much money can buy a lot of influence on the hiring of professors and what the student body looks like. Has anyone noticed that almost all of the protesters are dark-skinned and have beards? And do any of you think these protests were organic? With all of the Palestinian flags that are all just alike and the professionally made signs. This was all paid for and organized.