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People Are Turning on the Radical Left Week in Education

People Are Turning on the Radical Left Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

In many ways, the radical, anti-Israel left is destroying themselves by letting the public know who they are and what they believe. We are seeing a shift.

Top schools are failing this test.

Professor Jacobson is right about this.

This was just outrageous.

Things are really bad at Columbia.

Things are moving quickly.

It’s happening in Canada too.

This is good news.

This is great news.

She is right.

Sounds like a rowdy event.


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This is good although when it comes to ‘the people’, it is always too slow and for many, too late.

Too fast usually means innocents get hurt or killed. Lynch mobs are not only violent but mass stupidity.

Not the “radical left”, call them what they truly are: COMMUNISTS.

They just make it up. They decide what is hate speech What’s next?

“A Corona del Mar Middle and High School student was suspended this week, allegedly for saying remarks deemed to be threatening, such as “Free Palestine,” to a classmate, according to social media posts circulating Friday.”

In a just world, the protestors against Israel would be treated the way the J6 people have been treated. They were victims of an anti-American administration and corrupt FBI. The POTUS should have made a statement that anyone advocating pro-Hamas sentiment would be arrested and deported if here on a visa. For any American caught for the same reason, they would be doxxed nationally and publically shamed. These protests should have lasted no more than one day under a just government. We cannot allow anti-Semitism to rise up and must stomp it out NOW.

DEI and diversity crap was always about ramping up the hate and hostilities

People are turning the wrong way. The poison from social media on a bunch of ignorants is growing. If man has learned nothing, it’s that it’s easier to bad than good. The oppressed will vanquish the oppressor, Then what? Create new oppressors, who are probably going to be worse because of their ignorance.

If Israel is abandoned, it’s going to be a long road to vanquish the new oppressors.

I thought there was a law that stopped federal funds to racist institutions such as Harvard, etc? It was enacted to stop racism against blacks, but should be used to stop antisemitism.