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Ugly Hatred of Jews on Full Display at Concordia University in Canada

Ugly Hatred of Jews on Full Display at Concordia University in Canada

“people were throwing water bottles at us or decided to come to our booth and try to remove the Israeli flag or to remove pictures or posters of children, infants, elderly or anyone in between that is currently kidnapped and in Gaza”

The vile anti-Semitism we have been witnessing on American college campuses is also playing out at schools north of the border.

Students at Concordia University in Montreal set up a table exhibit calling for the release of hostages in Gaza and things got out of control quickly.

The Jewish Journal reports:

One Arrested, Three Injured in Confrontation Between Pro-Palestinian Protesters, Pro-Israel Students at Concordia University

One person was reportedly arrested and three were injured in a confrontation between pro-Palestinian protesters and pro-Israel students at Concordia University on Wednesday.

A series of videos of the confrontation, which happened in front of a table set up calling for Hamas to release the hostages, have gone viral on social media. The videos show the pro-Palestinian protesters chanting, “Free Palestine” and “Ceasefire Now” toward the Jewish students. One video appeared to show a female pro-Palestinian protester calling a Jewish student a “f—ing k—” and accusing the student of “pinkwashing.” Other videos appeared to show students shoving each and needing to be restrained and students in an apparent tug of war with an Israeli flag.

The Montreal Gazette reported that, according to Montreal police, a 22-year-old female student was arrested for allegedly assaulting a 54-year-old security guard; a 19-year-old security guard and 23-year-old student also sustained minor injuries in the clash, per the Gazette.

CTV News Montreal spoke to Concordia student Eitan Kovac, a witness to the clash, who said shortly after the table was set up, pro-Palestinian protesters began yelling at them. “People were seconds away from assailing others, throwing stuff,” Kovac told the outlet. “We had a few incidents where people were throwing water bottles at us or decided to come to our booth and try to remove the Israeli flag or to remove pictures or posters of children, infants, elderly or anyone in between that is currently kidnapped and in Gaza.”

This is so ugly.

This Twitter user claims to be the girl in the video:

Here’s more from the same incident.

This also happened at Concordia:

The Montreal Gazette reports:

Meanwhile, Université de Montréal is analyzing footage from the altercation in which one of its lecturers, Yanise Arab, is seen yelling at someone.

UdeM spokesperson Geneviève O’Meara said the school is evaluating “what will be done next,” but would not provide further comment.

Arab is a lecturer in the history department, O’Meara said. According to his profile on the UdeM website, he teaches a course about resistance in the Arab world.

In light of this week’s incidents, the Center for Research-Action on Race Relations is also calling on educational institutions to take action to prevent violence and discrimination on campuses.

Yanise Arab’s page at the Université de Montréal website has already been taken down but here’s the archive:

This has apparently been a problem here for some time.

Featured image via Twitter video.


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The world has gone mad.

It sounds like a typical academic disagreement. Nobody has any practice at argument in the day of feelings rule.

Keep it up, Arabs. It is time to expand the Sahara.

How’s that multi-culturism working out for you canada? Woke progressive lefties blaming islamophobia?

    henrybowman in reply to smooth. | November 10, 2023 at 1:44 pm

    Diversity is their strife.
    You’d think Canada, of all places, would have learned their lesson from Quebec. But no.
    “Thank you sir… may I have another 30 factions?”

The police should arrest all who broke the law and throw them all in jail.

It appears much worse in the UK, where the police restrict the display of the UK flag and the “made of state” of Palatine is allowed everywhere.

Certainly sounded like “k*ke” to me. The woman is a terrorist-supporting, piece of shit regardless of what she said.

    markm in reply to Paddy M. | November 11, 2023 at 7:25 pm

    Even if you believe her, her defense against antisemitism is, “I’m a misogynist instead.”

    “I’m the student that you keep reposting about which you and your colleagues are claiming as me saying a k-slur when I’m saying c*nt.”

The Gentle Grizzly | November 10, 2023 at 10:17 am

How many of these people have ever even met a Jew?

All of this . . . yet Jewish voters will continue to overwhelmingly vote for woke candidates and policies poisoned with hate directed, in part, at them.

    smooth in reply to Q. | November 10, 2023 at 12:12 pm

    Self-loathing jews are the useful idiots of woke progressive lefties.

    irv in reply to Q. | November 10, 2023 at 12:38 pm

    Ideology trumps common sense every time, unfortunately. And schools, both in the United States and Canada, mostly just teach ideology.

It’s noteworthy that the lovers of the world always seem so angry about, fillin the blank. With Jews it all comes out. That’s why TDS is so recognizable. Lots of lovers there, too.

Summarily expel the haters; prorate their tuition and give what remains to the persecuted student(s) or group; refuse to transfer accumulated credits to another college. And it goes without saying “Put him in a straitjacket and give him an enema! Wait, give him an enema FIRST, then put him in a straitjacket!”

These vacuous imbeciles have just gloomed onto anther idiotic movement they think is popular. That it’s inherently racist and violent is beyond the grasp of their little minds.

At the University of Maryland they had written “Holocaust 2.0” in chalk

You figure if you protest something, you know what you’re protesting. Too many have no clue. That is why this is so dangerous. Lemmings for a mob and do exactly what they are profess to be against.

Who knew that importing millions of Jew and West hating Arabs who support the annihilation of not only the Jews but Western Civilization would end badly?

Concordia purports to be a Christian university. These people should be expelled if Concordia is to have any credibility..

    tbonesays in reply to gary fouse. | November 17, 2023 at 12:58 pm

    Years ago I checked. Montreal Concordia is NOT affiliated with the chain of Lutheran colleges in the American midwest. I guess it’s a plan B for young Canucks who didn’t get into McGill.

    Smart phones have made mobs even dumber. You can’t learn anything about the 2 people doing anything through the forest of 20 people recording them.

I find it hilarious that the midwit chick thinks screaming the C-bombs puts her in a better light than “kike” which is what I think everyone is talking about. As for the doxing, she is in public and was arrested so what doxing? Why was it great to dox those on the right but not the left? Sucks when your rules are applied to you.

That midwit shows what a mental giant she is by going after Gad Saad. She might as well take a run at Jordan Peterson. She needs to be expelled immediately.

The muslims are rioting in canada.

They will TERRORIZE you!

“your colleagues are claiming as me saying a k-slur when I’m saying c*nt. ”

Glad she cleared that up.