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Nothing To See Here: Democrats, Media Think The Real Problem With Hamas Invasion of Israel Is . . . Wait For It . . . Americans’ Islamophobia

Nothing To See Here: Democrats, Media Think The Real Problem With Hamas Invasion of Israel Is . . . Wait For It . . . Americans’ Islamophobia

And other things the media under-reported last week.

We have all seen the heart-wrenching footage of the horrors inflicted on innocent Israeli citizens by Hamas on October 7, 2023. The gruesome, evil savagery perpetrated upon innocent people just going about their daily lives. The torture, the rapes, the beheadings, the inhumanity on such a scale that it was truly soul-wrenching to witness even from afar, via video (most of which helpfully provided by the evil-doers themselves).

What is the Democrat response? Well, beyond the Hamas Caucus that seems to be quite a bit larger than the original (and merely) “progressive” Squad, it’s been the George W. Bush throwback to warning about the inherent danger nestled in Americans’ hearts, those vile throbbing masses of potentially violent xenophobia and hate (per the establishment class, remember, that’s you. And me. And every other normal American in the nation.).

We’re not being bombarded with assurances that Islam is the religion of peace and love, as we were by Bush 43, but it’s the same tune: Americans are the problem. If only we could just stop hating these barbaric terrorists and their truly horrendous deeds, the world would be a better place. And stuff.

Indeed, the Biden White House views pretty much anyone who votes or has ever voted or who ever once thought they might vote for a Republican as a domestic terrorist threat to ‘the very soul of our nation’ up to and including parents who don’t want their K-3rd grader exposed to kiddie porn or who don’t like their kids being posited into a life-defining caste as either “oppressor” or “the oppressed” as “domestic terrorists.” Those deplorables, those “extreme MAGA” types, those J6 paraders and selfie-takers, those are the REAL terrorists.

Oh, and Catholics, we all know they are the real domestic terrorist threat. Oh, and grandmas who did (or simply possess!) a needlepoint of the Gadsden flag. Or random Americans who have an unconstructed Lego set of the Capitol building in a closet. But actual people threatening (and carrying out) actual violence (including homicide). Oh, hell to the no. Those are a protected class. Somehow.

After doing such a stellar job as border czar, Kackles Kamala has apparently been made Islamaphobia czar. Or something.

This Democrat-hactivist media initiative is so tone-deaf, so crazy that people are reduced to stating facts in the face of such fallacy (even as we all know by now that facts and truth don’t matter one whit to these “it’s all about the psy-ops and Teh Narrative” people).

Of course, this is so insane, that there has been a rather amusing backlash now that, thanks to Elon Musk, some conservatives on X can actually say words.

Democrats and their U.S. intel-media arm keep shilling the “Islamaphobia” angle as if it’s real. And as if we even care anymore about their hurt feelz and can’t see through their diversionary whining. It’s okay for us to disagree with a Muslim, Jew, Christian, et al. without being a “[insert whatever]-phobe.” When lefties attacked me for not supporting Obama, I said that I wouldn’t support his policies if they were fronted by a white person, either. And here we are, Obama 3.0, fronted by Weekend at Joey’s, and I still don’t like the policies . . . because they are anti- and unAmerican, because they are an insult to our great country. Not because they are Obama’s (they aren’t, they are rooted in ’60s radical ideology that is, in its turn, rooted in Marxism). But they play their victim role to a “T.”

It’s just not clear how much longer that game will play.

And we have the Democrat hactivst media literally creating their own conspiracy theories in real time (as they are wont to do):

One of my very favorite writers over at Hot Air, David Strom, discusses the crazy as only he can: “Islamophobia Jumps the Shark”

Oh, and it’s happening in London, too. Apparently, Brits are just as deplorable in their disgust and loathing of unspeakable brutality against women, children, and the elderly as we normal Americans are.

Twitchy: “As Antisemitism Rages, London Mayor Targets … Islamophobia?”

By the way, they really do hate you and want you dead.

On the bright side, they need us to respond in a way that grants them public support. And we are far too smart for that, so they keep pushing. Surely something, they hope, will push our buttons, lead to a “revolution.” Naw. We still have a Constitution, and as is growing more meaningful by the day, states rights.

I’m (old) American to my core, but I do find myself “identifying” as a Floridian more and more as more and more of our country falls prey to these un- and anti-American jackals. Anyone else doing that? Or finding that? It’s been an odd and harrowing journey for me from an American to a Flordian (or as I think of it, a Free Flordian). I miss America.

Nothing To See Here

Um, what?

So when the leftst Welsh are bemoaning the vast weight of their black heritage, it may be time to call a freaking time out on the crazy, no?

He’s not wrong.

Yeah, never shopping at Target.

Hot Air: “Incurable Disease Update: Target CEO’s Woke Virus Brain Damage Looking Permanent”

They think that Americans will put up with this (actual Americans!). Yeah, we won’t.

National Review: “Congress Sheds Light on Proposed New Energy Rules That Could Leave Americans in the Dark”

A dark day for Florida. Seattle he leaves destroyed in his progressive wake, a hotbed of crime, drugs, homelessness, and horror. And now he’s moving to my free state. Not happy.

Definitely Nothing To See Here

So Obama is actually in charge? Who the heck voted for freaking Obama in 2020?

I will be the first to admit I am behind the curve on AI, don’t get it and the ‘get off my lawn’ part of me hates it, but who knows? It could be good. Until we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it won’t be, can’t be.

For the next time a Democrat tells you that no one wants abortion legal up until the moment of birth:

Interesting take on America without guns (hint: we don’t become some Australian Utopia, we become a third world hellhole–unless Mexico is just a second world hellhole, but still, not exactly aspirational for anyone who loves our country):

Bearing Arms: “The Federalist Explores What US Would Look Like Without Guns”

Yeah, we know.

What have they learned? And how does that play against the loss of trust over covid? Far far fewer people gobble up the word of “science” and “experts” now. Surely, that wasn’t a goal.

This is huge and really matters. So, of course, the Democrat propagandists ignore it.

Read the whole thread:

Reason 1,365,895,243 to home school:

And finally, some good news.

Red State: “Carjackers Made a Deadly Mistake When Trying to Steal an Armed Citizen’s Vehicle”

There’s something to be said for having a governor who also knows the law.

For the funny (watch him sniff people, fall all over the place, and steal things that don’t belong to him . . . it’s JOE “I am the Democratic Party” BIDEN!):

This is the awesome.


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Many German Jews being thrown into cattle cars were heard screaming “But I am a Good German!”

Now many perplexed American Jews will find themselves beaten and bleeding in the streets of their own cities while crying, “But I am a Good Democrat!”

Translation = the fear of being bombed, beheaded, tortured, or raped and murdered in our sleep is racist.

This kind of nonsense tells you who they really fear. Jews won’t murder them, some Muslims will.

Steven Brizel | November 9, 2023 at 8:43 am

This is engaging in moral equivalence on a national scale

@MikeBenzCyber for all the dope on Obama’s AI censorship network. Not easily digested, there’s layers of complexity not given to casual reading. All well cited and documented.

Recall Obama backed the Phascist Morsi and the social justice arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. He flipped out when Al-Sisi deposed his Morsi gangsters.

The British right is under assault by the same forces besieging us in America. Only “far-rightists” oppose Woke culture revolutionaries and their Palestinian allies. This coming Saturday (Armistice Day) all hell may break loose in London.

    David Walker in reply to Tiki. | November 10, 2023 at 11:17 am

    Obama’s father is a Muslim, therefore according to Sharia law, Obama is a Muslim too, and he cannot have renounced Islam because the penalty for that under Sharia is death, and there has never been a Fatwa taken out on him.
    It is highly likely that he is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood so is unlikely to be remotely sympathetic to Jews – and that’s putting it mildly.
    He is in fact an enemy of the state and of the civilised West.

All this villainy from the Democrat Party /Media complex, provable with video, only to be met with denials and misdirected narratives about fear of Islam, Jews bad Hamas is a victim…on and on to the break of insanity. The bigger problem: Elections, 2018, 2020, 2022 and this week, and we can’t figure out a way to beat the miserable commie lib bastards??? After all we see going on in our country and the world and still when it comes to voting they are not just motivated to cast a ballot…they are beyond motivated, they are incensed that we lowly rustics could organize enough to oppose their dystopian ideas that they beat us handily.

The Democrat and his allies are a threat, the actual problem is us on the R side and the constant traps we have fallen in that have been set against us and are in plain sight.

    100% agree. IMO Ronna McDaniel should have been fired already and, if nothing changes, the Walking Corpse is a good bet in 2024, despite current polling. The Republican Party did not respond to the 2020 election and change tactics in either 2022 or 2023.

Biden is trying to bestow upon the Dem’s Middle Eastern antisemite (I’m repeating myself) base the most prized status of all wokedom: Victimhood. If Biden can get the MSM on board with this, he has given the brutal aggressors a great social victory which will benefit Biden in 2024.

Hamas has revealed the true nature of muslims.

Hussein obama is smiling.

To be fair Wales was involved in the slave trade to a fairly significant degree. Not just ‘blackbird’ ships transporting slaves either. Much of their exports; cheap textiles and copper bars as two examples were produced to supply trades goods desired by the dominant African tribes who supplied the slaves to the Europeans.

Many examples of Welsh entrepreneurs/adventurers of the day making fortunes in the slave trade or through sugar plantations in the West Indies, their descendents thoroughly quiet about the origins of the family fortune. Was common throughout Britain, see the origins of Barclays Bank as an example.

Then as now many people know the truth but prefer to ignore it b/c the costs of paying attention and taking individual action are too high. See modern day slave labor and the ubiquitous iPhone among other consumer goods.

    David Walker in reply to CommoChief. | November 10, 2023 at 11:20 am

    Concerning slavery, every last black person conveyed to the New World was originally captured and sold by another black person – usually via an intermediate Arab slave trader – and despite the trade to the East being at least an order of magnitude greater than that to the West and starting centuries earlier there is no evidence whatsoever of any residual diaspora of black Africans in the countries to the East in any comparable to the well-established ones in the West, and just why that should be?
    Also that it was black African Barbary Corsairs that pillaged the west coast of Europe as far north as Ireland, taking up to 1.5 million slaves, depopulating many of the coastal villages of Cornwall, South Wales and Ireland and there is no evidence whatsoever of them remaining in North Africa – for obvious reasons.
    Also worth remembering what Cassius Clay said after he returned to the USA after fighting Liston in Zaire: “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat!”

I’m getting nauseous from rolling my eyes so hard.

What to do about Islamophobia?

According to mental health professionals, the most effective treatments of a phobia are:

1. Learn about what’s bothering you: Study Islam. Learn about terrorism and the threat facing our country.

2. Exposure therapy: Watch a video of Muslims beheading victims. Realize what they are capable of.

3. Cognitive behavioral therapy: Lean how to challenge your worries by carrying a concealed weapon.

3. Take action: Carry wherever you go. Avoid college campuses and “peaceful” protests.

4. Stay informed by reading Legalinsurrection daily—especially stuff by Fuzzy Slippers

You’re a little late to the “Biden is Obama’s 3rd Term” party, but better late than never 🙂

The “Islamophobia” canard is long past its expiration date. Islam is a satanic religion, and nothing good can come of it. Islam is to be opposed at every opportunity.

Apparently judging people practice Islam by throwing live babies into bonfires and behead them is Islamophobia and those who do should go to prison. While slaughtering babies is fine!

For a great series on AI, watch “Person of Interest” on Freevee.

Hamas slaughters Jews; the real issue is Islamophobia.
Hey, we’ve seen this dance before, haven’t we?
Trans monster slaughters little kids; the real issue is violence against transes.

I learned about Islam when I helped my now wife in college write a paper in a Religion class on Islam. I read the Quran and this was back in the late 70s. I learned how vicious the Islam religion was and how it was designed to attack and take over all of the world. The religion is a Theology and is designed to be in charge of the government along with the religion and to people that will not submit they will be killed.