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Groundbreaking Win For Parents: WI State Court Rules Against School’s Secret Gender Transitioning Policy

Groundbreaking Win For Parents: WI State Court Rules Against School’s Secret Gender Transitioning Policy

Parents’ Lawyers: “This is the first case where a court has ruled on the merits in favor of parents over a school district.”

In a groundbreaking win for parents’ rights, Wisconsin’s Waukesha County Circuit Court blocked the Kettle Moraine School District’s gender transitioning policy. The court held the school could not “refer to students using a name or pronouns at odds with the student’s biological sex, while at school, without express parental consent.”

The school’s policy “violates parents’ constitutional right to determine the appropriate medical and healthcare for their children,” the court ruled.

Unlike parents in other cases we’ve covered, the Wisconsin plaintiffs had advance notice of the policy excluding parents from minor students’ gender transitioning at school. When their then 12-year-old daughter first started questioning whether she was a boy or a girl, the parents took her out of school for treatment at a mental health center that “affirmed” her transition to the opposite gender.  Eventually, however, they rejected that approach.  And so, after she returned to school, the parents told the district that they wanted staff to refer to their daughter by her legal name and pronouns.

The school said no. They would “follow the guidance” of the student, even if her parents objected.

Understandably, the parents then withdrew their daughter from the school district. It’s a good thing, because shortly thereafter, she decided she didn’t want to be a boy anymore. As the parents’ lawyers point out, she realized her parents were right and that the “affirmation” that she was a boy “really messed her up.”

The parents sued the district over the policy, arguing that it violated their parental rights.

The court agreed, acknowledging the plaintiffs’ uncontested expert medical testimony that “living a ‘double life’ where a child’s gender roles are different at home and school, is ‘inherently psychologically unhealthy.'”

In the court’s view:

this [was] undisputedly a medical and healthcare issue[.] … [T]he School District went against the parents’ wishes on how to medically treat their child. [Its policy] directly implicates an infringement against the parental autonomy right to direct the care for their child.

The School District could not administer medicine to a student without parental consent. The School District could not require or allow a student to participate in a sport without parental consent. Likewise, the School District cannot change the pronoun of a student without parental consent without impinging on a fundamental liberty interest of the parents.

The parents’ lawsuit was brought by both the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). In its statement announcing the win, WILL explained that “although there are numerous school districts with similar policies and other cases challenging those policies, this is the first case where a court has ruled on the merits in favor of parents over a school district. Thus, this case sets an important precedent that will help other parents defend their rights, both in Wisconsin and across the country.”


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ThePrimordialOrderedPair | October 4, 2023 at 3:09 pm

Good for this ruling … sad to have to cheer the most basic sort of common sense.

As to the pronoun stuff … the idea that anyone can “choose” the pronouns they want used for them goes against the whole utility of pronouns in language. If that is the case – that you cannot know the proper pronouns to use for someone until you ask him, then there is no need or utility for pronouns, at all, and everyone might as well just only refer to people by their names (which they also have to ask them about, if they don’t know them).

What I want to know is when these insane sex offenders (which is what these schools and teachers are) start getting held accountable, thrown into prison, and forced to register for the rest of their miserable lives as the lowlife sex criminals and perverts that they obviously are? Why have we not seen even a single one of these lowlifes arrested and dragged away in handcuffs?

    What’s worth keeping in mind is that “chosen pronouns” are always third person — that is, they apply only when you are speaking about someone to someone else. Otherwise, the pronouns are always “you” and “your,” which are already unsexed. And I refuse to take anybody’s direction as to what words I must use when discussing them with someone else, somewhere else.

    “Why have we not seen even a single one of these lowlifes arrested and dragged away in handcuffs?”
    Watching the Scott Zeigler case intently…

Better solution is called a f****** baseball bat up against the side of the head of up against the side of the head of anyone. They figure that one out pretty quickly

    1073 in reply to Ironclaw. | October 4, 2023 at 6:57 pm

    We used to have a perfectly good way to object to individuals who lie or harm our family. It was called C0de Duell0.

    It was legal and fair.

Common sense is prevailing in some of these recent cases involving the malignant “trans” phenomenon, but, that clear-cut parental rights must be litigated in the first place in order to be validated, is dismaying.

    henrybowman in reply to guyjones. | October 4, 2023 at 6:07 pm

    One would think that it would be a no-brainer for a court to decide that what a custodial parent says goes.

      Dimsdale in reply to henrybowman. | October 4, 2023 at 7:55 pm

      Indeed. I was always of the considered opinion that toilets were already “gender neutral.”

      Nobody makes anyone use a urinal. So why does a trans “woman” need to be in a girls locker room/bathroom/sorority etc. in the first place??

        You ask: “why does a trans “woman” need to be in a girls locker room/bathroom/sorority etc. in the first place??”
        Because this trans-mania is a big scam, used by opportunistic sexual predators. And the officials condoning their nonsense are dumber than doorposts. In this case they were school officials — never the brightest bulbs in the fixture, but a more striking example may be the prison officials who enabled women in women’s prisons to be impregnated — by a male prisoner claiming his rights to be there on account of his self-re-invention as a woman! Why, how is it possible for a woman to impregnate another woman? Just can’t understand it. Must be a miracle …

There is so much wrong about the idea of teachers and schools enabling or encouraging the gender change of a student without the parent’s consent or knowledge that I don’t know where to begin. Simple seeing this as an issue in need of a court ruling clearly demonstrates the evil that pervades our country.

Waukesha slowly but surely saving the country

“Understandably, the parents then withdrew their daughter from the school district.”

I find this to be the most encouraging part of the story.

Ok but have they charged the school personnel involved with child endangerment for failing to notify the parents that their child was claiming to be suffering from a sever mental disorder?

wagnert in atlanta | October 5, 2023 at 12:07 pm

On the other hand, Peter Ustinov, the British actor, was an automobile for a period in his early youth. However, his worried parents never insisted his school refer to him as “it.” Nor did the school try to underhandedly do so. Eventually, Ustinov reverted to being human. if slightly strange, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

This is all very nice, but I don’t see any practical way to enforce it. It will continue until the system that propagandizes and promotes this evil (beginning in pre-school) is broken. They will just continue what they’ve been doing (though maybe more discreetly) and lie about it.