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Zelenskyy Heading to D.C. as Congress Mulls Giving Ukraine $24 Billion

Zelenskyy Heading to D.C. as Congress Mulls Giving Ukraine $24 Billion

America has already given Ukraine $76 billion since January 2022.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is coming to America for the United Nations General Assembly next week.

Zelenskyy plans to visit the White House in D.C.

But this caught my eye: Congress might give Ukraine $24 billion.


Congress is increasingly divided over providing additional funding for Ukraine as the war is well into its second year. Biden has sought a package of $13.1 billion in additional military aid for Ukraine and $8.5 billion for humanitarian support. It also includes $2.3 billion for financing and to catalyze donors through the World Bank.

But conservative Republican lawmakers have been pushing for broad federal spending cuts and some of those allied with Donald Trump, the former president, are specifically looking to stop money to Ukraine.

Congress is working to pass its annual appropriations bills before a Sept. 30 deadline to keep the U.S. government running.

America has already given Ukraine $76 billion from January 2022 to May 2023


The State Department said the U.S. has give Ukraine $46.5 billion since 2014 (when Russia actually invaded Ukraine) “in security assistance.”

The department listed everything handed over to Ukraine.

Just admit that we’re in the war. But government officials are professional liars so they never will because our involvement is unconstitutional.


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slagothar | September 15, 2023 at 11:06 am

Have to keep the kickbacks coming for both D and R in case Trump is reelected and shuts it down. Nothing but money laundering….

    Ghostrider in reply to slagothar. | September 15, 2023 at 8:41 pm

    Dear Kevin McCarthy,
    Just Say No. and I will leave you alone.
    Matt G. from Florida

    diver64 in reply to slagothar. | September 16, 2023 at 6:22 am

    I am shocked. Shocked that you are implying that the unlimited money we are sending Ukraine now has anything to do with corruption and money laundering to benefit politicians here. Zelenskyy is not, not! coming to DC to personally remind Biden and the Dems of all the blackmail dirt he has on them.

Make him put on a tie before saying no more.

    CommoChief in reply to oldschooltwentysix. | September 15, 2023 at 12:41 pm

    You don’t like the ‘Che Guevara chic’ Zelenskyy seems to be trotting out? Personally I think it keeps his motivation and character in perspective. After all he shut down Churches, arrested religious figures, closed radio, TV and print media who criticized him and jailed opposition political leaders. He’s a totalitarian and just like Che Guevara he is convinced of the righteousness of his own BS propaganda.

      alaskabob in reply to CommoChief. | September 15, 2023 at 3:12 pm

      Need to add the body count to the list. The one major difference between Che and Z is the billions of dollars that have gone into innumerable bank accounts …including his.

2smartforlibs | September 15, 2023 at 11:19 am


And zero chance congress would say “no”.

Fat_Freddys_Cat | September 15, 2023 at 11:24 am

I suppose it’s rude to point this out but the U.S. government is supposed to look after its own citizens.

$700 dollars per person in Maui

Do the math

Yet, they will all still vote blue

Children burnt to a crisp

2000, no outrage on the media

Like Jan 6 we can’t let this fade away

Start calling your congressman today


Go to their office

Enough. This isn’t our fight. Europe needs to grow a pair and expend the resources to protect itself.

the Germans are lecturing the world on “the world cannot trust Putin to NOT keep going across Ukraine”

now that’s industrial grade chutzpah

Why nothing on the Ken Paxton witch anti MAGA trial?


    The Packetman in reply to gonzotx. | September 15, 2023 at 12:07 pm

    As I write this, the TX Senate is still hearing closing arguments.

    CommoChief in reply to gonzotx. | September 15, 2023 at 12:46 pm

    Agreed, it would be nice to get a story and some updates/analysis on that sham impeachment. It’s a big story and not just in TX. It’s the establishment and the Speaker of the TX House in particular going after an pretty effective AG whom the establishment doesn’t want to see as Governor.

Maybe taxpayers could get a break if he’d just go ahead and run for Congress.

What is Mr. 10%’s goal?

I am tired of seeing our taxpayer dollars going to Ukraine. God love ‘em. Their cause is just. However. Our hardworking people pay for all of this with our tax dollars. It isn’t enough considering our national debit numbers.. This should stop. We need to put our own house in order (which seems nearly impossible) before we can help others. Damn, we help everyone but our own. This is totally wrong.

It’s a drop in the bucket of the trillions in new debt we’ve added in just the past few months. So when people say it costs too much they are seeing a few trees instead of the entire forest.

    CommoChief in reply to geronl. | September 15, 2023 at 2:18 pm

    This sort of thinking is how we got a $33 Trillion + debt and annual federal spending that is no where close to being in balance. It goes like this; Congressman X wants $100 million for his pet project and convinces Congressman Y to go along in return for his support of that guy’s boondoggle. That was in the early 2000’s now the amounts being traded are in the multiple $ Billions.

    If you believe X is important then make the case for X being a higher priority than other things and receiving the funding instead of those other things. Of course that would cause someone’s pet project to lose out and they would oppose you. Probably more than just them b/c forcing an honest debate about spending priorities within a fixed and limited budget would upset the whole apple cart.

    Not for nothing but about 1/2 of federal spending is for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Current higher interest rates are pushing the payments on our existing debt to consume a much higher % of the budget. Here’s how that’s looking, total debt service for the entire FY22 budget was set at $305 billion for the year. In the first quarter of FY23 alone debt service cost was $231 Billion.

    Expressed another way the FY22 budget deficit was projected at $1.8 Trillion and the ‘discretionary’ portion of the federal budget was $1.7 Trillion. IOW all the federal revenue from all sources is already committed for mandatory spending. We have to borrow to fund everything else. As interest costs increase in both nominal terms and as lower yield Treasury instruments mature and are reissued at far higher rates this debt service % will crowned out even more items.

    Tell us where spending for Ukraine should rank in order of every other federal expenditure or go away with your BS argument that boils down to ‘it’s not THAT much money’.

    Gosport in reply to geronl. | September 16, 2023 at 2:25 am

    Remember back in January when McCarthy promised:

    – The House will hold votes on key conservative bills, including a balanced budget amendment, congressional term limits and border security
    – Efforts to raise the nation’s debt ceiling must be paired with spending cuts.
    – Move 12 appropriations bills individually. Instead of passing separate omnibus bills to fund government operations,
    – Cap discretionary spending at fiscal 2022 levels, which would amount to lower levels for defense and domestic programs
    – GIve members the ability to offer more amendments from the House floor
    – Create an investigative committee to probe the “weaponization” of the federal government?

    Neither does he.

      CommoChief in reply to Gosport. | September 16, 2023 at 9:43 am

      To be fair McCarthy has delivered on a few of those. It would be super if he would force regular order on spending bills or at least refuse to have the HoR vote on any omnibus spending packing. By all means have the necessary reconciliation/joint negotiation with the d/prog controlled Senate but force it to be on each normal appropriation v one omnibus filled with all sorts of hidden goodies, boondoggles and rat traps.

jimincalif | September 15, 2023 at 1:53 pm

Zelensky will end up richer than Putin, regardless of what happens to Ukraine. I wonder how much of this goes to Hunter and the Big Guy? And we taxpayers are the chumps yet again.

    Lucifer Morningstar in reply to jimincalif. | September 15, 2023 at 5:15 pm

    >>Zelensky will end up richer than Putin . . . <<

    Will end up? I suspect that Zelenskyy is already richer than Putin as I’m sure a significant portion of all the cash shoveled into Ukraine is diverted to Zelenskyy’s personnel (but secret) bank accounts.

    >>And we taxpayers are the chumps yet again.<<


thad_the_man | September 15, 2023 at 2:06 pm

I wonder if Elensky will play piano for them.

enough …. not our fight

All this money to defend Ukraine’s border while the morons running our country let illegal aliens pour across ours pisses me off.

Imagine what $24 Billion would do to secure our southern border

jrcowboy49 | September 16, 2023 at 5:21 pm

America has already given Ukraine more than most of the Europe has combined. They have the most to lose if Russia is able to continue its march through Ukraine and sets its sights on Poland and???? The US needs to close its southern border with the completion of President Trumps wall and round up the illegal invaders and send them back! We have our own problems with a demented idiot as President and an unqualified VP to take his place. NATO needs to pick up the ball and stop Russia’s aggression!

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