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WHO Chief Pressing China for ‘Full Access’ to Determine Covid Origins

WHO Chief Pressing China for ‘Full Access’ to Determine Covid Origins

It is hard to imagine China being more cooperative in 2023…but one can always hope.

Last week, my colleague Mary Chastain reported that a senior-level CIA whistleblower claimed the agency tried to bribe him and other analysts to bury findings about the COVID-causing SARS-Cov-2 virus spreading from a Wuhan lab leak.

It appears that the lab leak hypothesis is not the conspiracy theory “experts” asserted it was in 2020 and 2021. Now, the chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing China to offer more information on the origins of COVID-19 and is ready to send a second investigation team.

“We’re pressing China to give full access, and we are asking countries to raise it during their bilateral meetings — [to urge Beijing] to co-operate,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “We have already asked in writing to give us information . . . and also [are] willing to send a team if they allow us to do so.”

…Tedros told the Financial Times that he travelled to Beijing in order to convince Chinese president Xi Jinping in January 2020 to allow the first Covid-19 mission of WHO experts, led by the health body’s Bruce Aylward, into the country.

The two most prominent theories envisage either a zoonotic jump from animals to humans via Wuhan’s wet food markets or contagion stemming from an accidental leak from the city’s virology laboratory. But no scientific consensus has emerged from the debate, and Tedros reiterated that all options remained “on the table”.

As a reminder, the 2021 investigation produced a laughable report that read like Chinese propaganda:

Wildlife farms in southeast Asia were likely the original source of the coronavirus pandemic, not a Wuhan, China, market as originally thought, according to a World Health Organization report Tuesday on the origins of COVID-19.

The report indicates that the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan was not the original source of the outbreak.

The WHO report also says that a leak from a Wuhan lab “was considered to be an extremely unlikely pathway.” Theories on the coronavirus origins had cited a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology as a possibility.

I wish the group luck with its second investigation. It is hard to imagine China being more cooperative in 2023…but one can always hope.

“Unless we get evidence beyond reasonable doubt, we cannot just say this or that,” [Dr Tedros] said.

The original WHO mission was held in China in early 2021, but returned an inconclusive and highly criticised report, citing Beijing’s lack of cooperation as a factor.

“On the origin study, since they are not giving us full access, we started discussions in private and then when they refused to cooperate, we made it public,” Dr Tedros said. “If we know [the origin], then we can prevent the next one. So it’s science.”

One has to wonder, though, if the WHO’s move to pressure China is related to its president’s no-show status at the recent G20 summit.

…[V]iewed from the lens of China’s great power rivalry with the United States, analysts say Xi’s expected no-show at the G20 could also signal his disillusion with the existing global system of governance – and structures he sees as too dominated by American influence.

Instead, Xi may be prioritizing multilateral forums that fit into China’s own vision for how the world should be governed – such as the recently concluded BRICS summit and the upcoming Belt and Road Forum.

“There may be an element of a deliberate snub to India, but it could also be a statement that there are different governance structures Xi Jinping thinks are important – and the G20 may not be one of them,” said George Magnus, an economist and associate at the China Center at Oxford University.

I will look forward to assessing the next report, if there is one.


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So this means the WHO feels a few more feet of leash on their already short leash?

I’ll never be convinced otherwise that this is the first strike of WWIII.

This looks like optics to me. I take nothing at face value concerning any Int’l NGO or China, especially the WHO.

    LeftWingLock in reply to Telemachus. | September 19, 2023 at 8:37 am

    Agree 100%. Also, the list of people and organizations that you can’t take at face value (i.e., much of what they say is outright lies) is (as I’m sure you know) much longer Int’l NGOs and China.

To what end are they doing this? Will WHO behave better next time? What about tackling some of the other lies like global warming? I left science 30 years ago because of the corruption and lies. Since then it’s only gotten worse so don’t think this act will absolve anyone of anything. To do that you’d need a radical policy change like telling the truth as events are unfolding instead of your continual politization and lies.

Giving China another shot at deflection, so basically Chinese run organization asking China the cause.

Seems like we are all on the same page.. No one trusts either of these people, their organizations, and their country. Why is this happening? Whatever the real reason, it isn’t for transparency.

I wish the group luck with its second investigation. It is hard to imagine China being more cooperative in 2023…but one can always hope.

Leslie is more of an optimist. But she does keep an open mind.

This just means that the WHO has a surplus of money so it wants to hire some of its friends at wonderful salaries with benefits to fake doing some work.

Lucifer Morningstar | September 19, 2023 at 9:34 am

We’re supposed to think that Xi Jinping’s bought and paid for lackey really cares about the origins of sars-cov-2? Nope I don’t believe it and I won’t expect anything will come out of this. It’s just Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ attempt to rehabilitate his and the World Health Organization’s image in advance of the Nipah virus becoming the next world wide pandemic and they have to take extreme measures to deal with it.

Press them all you want, they’ve had over 3 years to scour away the evidence, and fabricate new evidence to suit them. We’re talking about an authoritarian regime with a huge economy behind it, no regard for human rights, and an obsession with controlling its public image.

irishgladiator63 | September 19, 2023 at 1:21 pm

This new investigation will determine that Trump made coronavirus with his chemistry set in his basement.

Also that Joe Biden is completely innocent of all crimes and is the best president ever and China totally didn’t bribe him.


    And there are those here at LI that he the actually did make the virus and is responsible for everything damn thing associated with it

    Cause we are all revisionists now and I’m sure little d would have done a much better job… cough, vomit…


“It is hard to imagine China being more cooperative in 2023”
That horse will learn to sing, sure.

Are there bridges for sale in Brooklyn too?

The chink virus came from Chinkland.