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University of Cincinnati Students Demand Action to End Crimes Near Campus

University of Cincinnati Students Demand Action to End Crimes Near Campus

“there’s been multiple incidents of burglaries, break-ins and robberies, some in broad daylight”

Crime will keep rising across the country until criminals fear punishment for criminal behavior.

WLWT News reports:

Students demanding action to end crime near University of Cincinnati’s campus

More concern tonight after a week of continued violence around UC. As we’ve been telling you, there’s been multiple incidents of burglaries, break-ins and robberies, some in broad daylight.

Just this week, at least two more burglaries involving UC students off campus. Students, parents and alums, are demanding changes.

“I know so many stories of cars getting broken into,” said former student Ben Kraus. “I remember we lived by the rule of leave your car unlocked because they’re either going to break the window or open the door and go through it.”

Kraus graduated from UC in 2022.

“I had a great experience except for that incident sophomore year,” Kraus said.

After a night out in Clifton, Kraus and his friends returned to their frat house on University Court.
“Everyone went to bed and we woke up, door was wide open,” Kraus said. “Window they came in was wide open. We had four TVs stolen, shoes, laptops.”

Kraus says after that, he made it a point to triple-check that doors and windows were locked when he got home.


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Gen Z needs to understand; defunding the police works exactly the same way as banning guns. If you defund the police, or ban guns, and crime doesn’t go down (or even goes up), the solution is always to double down.

If defunding the police isn’t working in your area, it means you have to do it harder.

This public service message brought to you by the Democratic National Committee.

They were the idiots wanting to defund the police and fund social workers instead. I don’t see social workers putting gangbangers in cuffs or shooting back anything but therapy sessions at thugs carrying illegally procured guns.

I know the Clifton area. The University is bordered. by a pretty big park, Burnett Woods, which is a haven for drug dealers, especially around the Greek area. At one time, there was a police station across the street from Burnett Woods and cops walked up and down the business sections on a daily basis. That station closed some years ago. People I know who live in that area are pretty nervous. College campuses have always invited crime due to lots of naive students on hand. It hasn’t gotten better with less police presence.

It seems that some people thrive by following the rules — written, and unwritten.

And then there are those people who thrive by violating the rules — written, and unwritten.

It seems to me that if you continue to live/work/play in an area that is not safe, a some point is it not you who bears responsibility ?

Idk anything about Cincinnati but I do know this: If it seemed unsafe I’d leave.

If your relationship does not feel safe, you leave.

If your working conditions do not feel safe, you leave.

“But but but it’s not that simple….”