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Another California Soros-Backed DA is Potentially Facing a Recall Vote

Another California Soros-Backed DA is Potentially Facing a Recall Vote

“If we don’t do something now, I’m sure that so many people will be impacted directly, and many innocent people will be hurt.”

Legal Insurrection readers may recall our previous reports featuring Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price.

Price is one of many George Soros DA’s who in recent years dominated the down ballot races across the United States. Since assuming office in early January, in a move commonly implemented by the Soros DA’s, Price went after the human capital.

She put veteran prosecutors on paid leave and fired two former investigators. In their place, the former employment and civil rights attorney brought in friends most of whom had no relevant experience as well as the staff members of former San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin who was recalled in June last year.

Price shocked the legal community when she offered a fifteen year sentence to a man accused of three murders including one of a witness.

Now the effort to oust Price has moved forward as an organization filed the intent to recall paperwork and the needed signatures to officially begin the process.

The group calling for Price’s recall is known as Save Alameda For Everyone or SAFE. It includes critics, activists and members of families who have been affected by her policies.

Seven months into her tenure, Price has already become a lightning rod in the heated conversation about criminal justice reform and public safety. She ran on a platform emphasizing restorative justice policies including reducing sentences for younger offenders, eliminating most sentencing enhancements and holding law enforcement accountable.

But critics say she’s too lenient on violent criminals. District attorneys are an arm of law enforcement. Police officers arrest suspects, then it’s up to district attorneys to decide which charges to file. The more serious the charges, the more jail time.

Oakland Chinatown leader Carl Chan is helping lead the effort, and the family members of victims whose perpetrators were lightly punished under Price’s questionable brand of justice are contributing passionately to the growing recall movement.

“We are here to save people in the future not become victimized,” Chan said. “If we don’t do something now, I’m sure that so many people will be impacted directly, and many innocent people will be hurt.”

“To think that my son’s case could go to trial with Price at the helm, it destroys me,” said Lorie Mohs, whose son Blake Mohs was the security guard who was shot and killed by a woman accused of stealing from the Home Depot in Pleasanton.

“She’s not getting death or discharge of a gun, which is how she murdered my child. She shot my child in the heart within two feet of his person,” said Lorie Mohs.

For those of you interested, the link to Save Alameda for Everybody is HERE.


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Let the Alameda County voters enjoy the fruits of wokeness. I don’t think they have had enough yet.

I don’t understand how people are as collectively stupid as to vote for idiots like this woman, or LA’s insane DA George Gascon.

Then, I realize that California has mail-in ballots.

    That isn’t the problem as much as the money that Soros injected into the campaign. In most down-ballot races, almost nobody knows the candidates. They vote by name recognition or pure coin flip.

      I agree with the unbelievable ignorance of many many voters, but these races are suspicously ‘close’, and only determined over the course of a ‘few days’ . I believe the fix is in.

        “”unbelievable ignorance””

        In some cases yes, generally no. There simply is no source of reliable, verifiable information on a lot of lower level races. You vote by party or by coin flip, but it’s all just guesswork.

This is worth doing but I point out that we’re fighting back retail, while the progressives wage war wholesale…

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

What is with all the low-intelligence DAs these days? Historically, DAs were of pretty high intelligence, even if their motives were compromised.

Kim Foxx: self-righteous dimwit
Fani Willlis: smug, alienated, angry
Pamela Price: lethargic, dismissive, completely out-of-touch

I know in CA you must have passed the BAR exam to run for DA. I thought it was supposed to be a test that demanded high cognition.

Anyway, there is one easy way for each of these low-IQ public servants to dig themselves out of the hole they find themselves in: start genuinely and vigorously prosecuting defendants.


    Suburban Farm Guy in reply to not_a_lawyer. | August 20, 2023 at 7:32 am

    Affirmative Action. How a lot of dimwits end up where they don’t belong, doing damage that should never have happened.

This is a pretty good sum up.

Isaiah 5
20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight!

Pleasanton went from grassy, rolling foot hills, to very upscale bedroom community, in forty-some odd years. It was a dusty cowtown sixty years ago.

The current mayor was a real estate agent that opposed development – upscale development. Pretty typical for nimby-leftists. She checked all the phony boloney community “service” req’s for local office. I dislike these people, not for their wealth, but for their passive aggressive permissiveness. They are a curious breed- of upscale knave.

And now hoods drive over from Oakland and menace, rob and kill the “wrong type of folk,” because all the retail businesses have failed bay-side. The hoods see the wealth and know fat lambs await plunder.

Admittedly, I am old, and cynical, and not-quite-an-alcoholic-yet but I have begun to think that the big cities of the Republic are beyond saving. The majority of people in them who might who might have built a voting block big enough to challenge the machine have already voted with their feet by fleeing to the suburbs or walled enclaves.

In any case, even if they did manage to vote in a group that would try to tackle the crime problem, it would take perhaps 10 years of policing measures so extreme that the public would not tolerate them. Even assuming public support, the fight through the courts would be a long, exhausting, and extremely expensive fight.

In short: I don’t think it can be done. The move to remote work is still young but, along with online shopping, I believe that we have removed the raisons d’être for big cities.

In short – F’ it and let it all burn.

Now, I believe I’ll have another drink and just watch something light and cheery like a Disney movie – oh wait! Dammit.

Dem voters have bought into the ‘equity’ notion as a value. It is not a value but an anti value based on an impossible goal–equality of outcome. This DA has taken the devil’s money and is doing his bidding and decent people are suffering for it. It is odd that so many of these exposed Soros DAs seem to be black women. I don’t know how many more there are but they seem eager to take blood money just to hold power even for a while. .

“Price shocked the legal community when she offered a fifteen year sentence to a man accused of three murders including one of a witness.”

This is a weird case. Delonzo Longwood was the accused of the shootings when he was 18 years old. Logwood is now 31 years old. That’s 13 years before a resolution of this incident.

The main witness against Logwood was a man named “DL” who traded his testimony against Logwood for a reduction in sentence in one of his cases from 31 years to 15 years. DL testified at the preliminary hearing and then refused to testify at any trial. Several witnesses contradicted DL’s statements.

Ultimately, the prosecution could not prove Logwood did anything against 2 of the alleged victims and dropped their cases which left only the third victim.

Because the contradictory witness statements, there was a doubt a solid case could be made against Logwood.

The referenced article from the original post is from February, 2023. The judge at that time refused the plea deal and stated he wanted to review the case.

In June of 2023, the judge accepted a “no contest” plea from Logwood which will require him to serve 12 years (less than the original 15 years offered.)

The defense claimed the “no contest” plea was due to the exposure Logwood faced if they went to trial. The prosecution wasn’t sure they could prove the case.

My point is not that DA Price is a not loser and does not understand the law and is more interested in “social issues” rather than justice, but that this case – the case against Delonzo Logwood – may not be the best case to prove or illustrate Price those ideas.

Don’t California recall votes unlike election voting must have precise signatures on every ballot or its not counted?