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University System of Georgia and U. Georgia Hit by Alleged Russian Cyberattack

University System of Georgia and U. Georgia Hit by Alleged Russian Cyberattack

“The Department of Energy said in a statement to CNN that it took ‘immediate steps’ to reduce the impact of the cyberattack”

It’s disturbing to think this could have been a test run for something much bigger.

FOX News reports:

University System of Georgia, UGA among institutions hacked by Russian cybercriminals: reports

Russian cybercriminals reportedly launched a global cyberattack that exploited several U.S. federal government agencies and higher educational institutions, including the University System of Georgia and the University of Georgia.

The attack exploited MOVEit Secure File Transfer and Automation software, which is used to securely share sensitive data files.

U.S. government agencies and several hundred U.S. companies and organizations could be impacted by the hacking, an official with the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency told reporters on Thursday.

Clop is the ransomware syndicate believed to be responsible, for the cyberattack. Last week, the group posted to its dark web urging its victims to reach out and negotiate a ransom or risk having sensitive data leaked online, although cybersecurity experts say the Clop criminals cannot be trusted to keep their word. The gang claimed it would delete any data stolen from governments, cities and police departments, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Victims include the U.S. Department of Energy, the University System of Georgia, the University of Georgia, Johns Hopkins University and its health system, Louisiana’s Office of Motor Vehicles, Oregon’s Department of Transportation, the Nova Scotia provincial government, British Airways and the British Broadcasting Company.

The Department of Energy said in a statement to CNN that it took “immediate steps” to reduce the impact of the cyberattack after being made aware that records from two department entities had been compromised. The department said it notified Congress and is working with law enforcement, CISA and the affected entities to investigate the incident.

A spokesperson for the University System of Georgia told Fox 5 Atlanta that it and the University of Georgia had purchased the MOVEit software to store and transfer sensitive data, and that the institutions are investigating the possible hack.


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henrybowman | June 20, 2023 at 3:11 am

This is the very same app implicated in the hackery scandal of several weeks ago.

What are the IT directors of these institutions doing to earn their money, sitting in their Barcaloungers with their thumbs up their ass?

Have a child at UGA Law. Really expected UGA to protect sensitive data. So disappointed and a bit concerned. Is there no remedy for this nefarious activity?

Maybe students can sue….