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Join Us Now As The Fight Against ‘Race-Conscious’ Discrimination Intensifies

Join Us Now As The Fight Against ‘Race-Conscious’ Discrimination Intensifies

At the Equal Protection Project we already have made a profound impact in just a few months. The upcoming Supreme Court affirmative action ruling will make the fight againt DEI discrimination even more important, in ways you may not expect. The mechanisms of discrimination are shifting and EPP needs the resources to investigate, educate, and litigate when necessary.

The Equal Protection Project ( of the Legal Insurrection Foundation was launched in late February 2023 to fight the spread of ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ discrimination. The upcoming Supreme Court affirmative action ruling will make the fight even more important, in ways you may not expect. DONATE to join us in this fight at a critical juncture.

At EPP we already have made a profound impact in just a few months. We have called attention to DEI discrimination in almost 70 media hits, but more important, we have forced changes in bad behavior:

⇒ The University of Minnesota will stop racial discrimination in its summer research program that excluded whites after EPP filed a Civil Rights Complaint with the U.S. Department of Education generating enormous national publicity, and five U.S. Representatives then joined us in calling to end the practice.

⇒ Missouri State University will stop discriminating against white males in its business boot camp program after complaints by EPP to the Missouri Attorney General and a later Civil Rights Complaint. Once again, enormous local and national publicity accompanied our actions.

⇒ The Albany (NY) Public Library took down the webpage for its summer internship, held in cooperation with SUNY-Albany, limited to black future librarians, after EPP sent a cease and desist letter and went public.

⇒ In an action taken in the run up to EPP’s launch, the Providence Public School District stopped the practice of segregated teacher meetups that were limited to non-whites, after we challenged the practice and alerted the event venue that it may be violating the RI Public Accommodations Law.

We have other legal actions pending or in preparation:

⇒ We have a complaint pending and under active investigation at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission challenging the Providence School District’s new teacher loan forgiveness program, open only to non-whites. Local black community activists came out in support of our position, showing that ending discrimination is not and should not be a black versus white issue.

⇒ EPP has filed a DOE Civil Rights Complaint against SUNY-Albany for its help creating and promoting the segregated Albany Public Library program, and may be taking further legal action.

⇒ We expect to be filing as soon as this week a Civil Rights Complaint against a public law school for racially-discriminatory programming.

⇒ We have several other college and university programs under investigation on which we expect to file complaints or take other actions in the next 2-3 weeks.

⇒ We are preparing a lawsuit against racially discriminatory practices in public financed education opportunities in the medical field.

⇒ We are investigating business practices at a major, well-known, and powerful corporation, as to which we expect to be going public soon, despite what appears to be attempts to kill the story.

We are very proud of all we have accomplished in such a short time, but we are at a critical juncture and your support is needed to help us achieve more results

The Supreme Court will rule this week on the Harvard and UNC affirmative action cases. We filed an Amicus Brief in support of the Asian students. Almost everyone expects SCOTUS to end ‘race-conscious’ admissions practices, but that is no guarantee. Either way the court rules will embolden the purveyors of DEI discrimination in ways they have planned, but may not be obvious.

If SCOTUS allows ‘race-conscious’ discrimination to continue, it will be open season in higher education, corporations, public entities, and elsewhere on equality, with racial quotas in the name of ‘equity’ having been given another seal of approval. The open discrimination we have been fighting will proliferate.

If SCOTUS ends ‘race-conscious’ admissions, that will end DEI discrimination, right? No, wrong. It will push the practices even further underground, with colleges and universities eliminating standardized testing scores that proved so essential to the Asian students in the Harvard case. Already many universities have eliminated mandatory SAT testing, and it’s coming to professional schools also with a push to eliminate the LSATs and the MCATs. More discrimination will take place behind closed doors in higher education and elsewhere using ‘holistic’ approaches similar to what Harvard developed in the 1920s to limit Jewish enrollment.

They will not eliminate DEI discrimination, they will eliminate the objective evidence of that discrimination if SCOTUS rules against them.This same surreptitious discrimination is spreading to corporations and the government. Already we are seeing signs that algorithms and Artificial Intelligence parameters are being adjusted to return desired quotas. 

The mechanisms of DEI discrimination are shifting and EPP needs the resources to investigate, educate, and litigate when necessary.

So the fight is upon us. It will get more, not less intense. EPP’s efforts are more needed than ever, and we are geared up for the challenge. But we need your support. We need you to join us in this fight right now, there is no time to wait.

We are a small organization that punches far above its weight. We go up against powerful and wealthy government and private institutions. Donations are greatly needed. Because LIF is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3), donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

The three projects of LIF (this Legal Insurrection website,, and work together and provide us with a competitive advantage over other groups that operate in these individual areas. We are uniquely positioned to meet this challenge, but we need more resources.

Many of you have been readers and followers for over a decade. You know that I’m rarely this blunt when it comes to fundraising. But I see this as an absolutely critical moment in time for us, for you, and for the nation. 

Let’s stand together to achieve great things.


You can donate with credit card, PayPal, Apple and Google Pay at the DONATE PAGE, or you can pay by check payable to Legal Insurrection Foundation, 18 Maple Ave #280, Barrington, RI 02806. If you wish to donate securities, please contact us for instructions.


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.


Professor Jacobson and his team are doing incredibly important, laudable and morally righteous work, with this Equal Protection Project. Thank you, Professor J. and team, for everything that you’ve done and are doing, in this ongoing battle against the vile Dumb-o-crats’ brazen, lawless, racist and inequitable “diversity” and “equity” schemes.

BierceAmbrose | June 29, 2023 at 3:43 pm

Well, I kick in what I can, when I can, anonymously. If we, as citizens of a republic, want to govern ourselves to our own advantage (in our own terms):

— We may want to legally reorganize some how we govern ourselves.

— We might want to observe, note, and understand what “critical race” is, says, and is doing. That seems to be a thing, lately.

— We might even want to look at “equal protection”, wondering whether unequal protection intended to create “equity” can actually do that.

Legal Insurrection’s unique contribution is framing current cultural events: what is really going on here?

/Done fanboi-ing