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Word “Family” Unacceptable To Radical San Francisco Berniecrats, a Right-Wing “Common Dog Whistle”

Word “Family” Unacceptable To Radical San Francisco Berniecrats, a Right-Wing “Common Dog Whistle”

Jordan Davis, a trans-identified male on the Democratic County Central Committee, objects to the word “family” because “it’s a common dog whistle on the right.”

In any revolution, yesterday’s extremists are today’s old guard. Last week in San Francisco, the radical Berniecrats defended their newly conquered turf within the Democrat establishment from the Obama-era bourgeois progressives.

A “mean girls’ club” lead by Jordan Davis, a trans-identified male on the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) preempted the establishment of an entity that would have been called Westside Family Democratic Club. Evidently, the name was the problem.

At the Zoom meeting that was expected to charter the club, Davis, who as one of his supporters explained, built his “personal brand” by screaming obscenities at people, objected to the word “family” because “it’s a common dog whistle on the right.” I don’t know if it can be considered a dog whistle, but it’s easy to see why many Americans associate it with conservative politics—family is the social unit that guarantees cultural continuity. The teal-haired transsexual must be thinking along these lines which is why he objected to the club.

The link between family and conservative values is a bit of a problem for the cultural left, even in San Francisco. To tackle it, there’s been a push to redefine family as a progressive institution.

For instance, there is the Tech Families non-profit connected to lifelong political operatives. One of them is the State Senator Scott Wiener who authored legislature legalizing some types of pedophilia and enabling prostitution and is working on the legalization of hard drugs. Tech Families were given $5 million to spend on mostly garden variety lefty causes from closing streets to traffic to government housing normally championed by the childless.

Westside Family Democratic Club would-be founder Cyn Wang is a lesbian mother married to what sounds like an illegal immigrant—albeit it’s hard to tell. Left wing writers like to flaunt the illegal status, but are barred by convention from using precise language. According to Heather Knight of the San Francisco Chronicle, Wang’s partner is “a woman from Mexico who just got her green card last week.” I think Knight implied that at some point Wang’s fair bride was illegal, but you be the judge.

Wang worked for the State Department under the Obama Administration, where she was celebrated for her sexual orientation. The capture of our foreign policy by the LGBTQI+ establishment is one cause of  American decline on the world stage, but I’m not going to hold it against the self-described “intersectional feminist”—it’s on her bosses. I’m only going to note that she gets lots of intersectional points for her living arrangement.

Another would-be Family Democratic Club co-founder Parag Gupta assured DCCC that the organization does not gate keep the definition of family:

We seek to be an inclusive club, and we seek to be representative of all demographics, genders, races and inclusive of all families. If someone considers themselves a family, we consider them a family.

Without a limiting principle, family can’t exist. The institution’s slow decline is not good enough for Davis who accused his opponents of wanting to turn San Francisco into a “bland-ass gated community.” The activist’s insistence on radical aesthetics makes Davis a more honest player than the “pro-family” groups that refuse to define what it is that they claim to represent. Davis objects to paired-up households and makes no secret about it—that’s fair.

To be sure, progressive Democrats meet families where they are on some issues. For instance, Wang apparently supported the grass roots recall of radical school board members. But I hesitate to say what was the school board’s greatest problem, fixation on ideological issues like renaming buildings and closing the “racist” magnet high school, or simply the fact that the zealots in charge were out of their depth running a school district. After the recall, the new school board started pushing gender ideology, which appears to be fine with San Francisco progressive contingent that defines itself as family-friendly.

At the DCCC meeting, radicals hurled wild accusations at Wang’s group. Opponent of the recall Brandee Marckmann suggested that Wang takes GOP money. Marckmann offered no proof, but continued, “I know a Republican when I see one.” “Republican” is a common insult in the Bay Area; I don’t think it’s necessary to look for any substance to this accusation.

Although in 2020 Bernie Sanders easily won the Democrat primary in San Francisco, the city’s establishment is full of both progressives and radicals. Drag queen Honey Mahogany runs DCCC and supports the progressive Family Club.  Senator Wiener jumped in to run interference for Wang. He immediately tweeted:

For the Democratic Party to be as strong as it can be, we need to welcome a broad cross-section of the community. The San Francisco Democratic Party deeply screwed up by not chartering the Westside Family Democratic Club. The Party needs to fix this ASAP.

Wiener, who’s been photographed in S&M gear at a local street fair, seems to be arguing here that hard-partying men should find a place for quiet women on the local political stage. “Broad cross-section,” you see. Families, too, can be welcome in some capacity, if only we knew how to define them.

As discussed above, the San Francisco Chronicle ran an article in poor Wang’s defense. Given how all the connected people are on her side, I’m fairly confident she’ll eventually get her club chartered. Local Bernicrats are obnoxious, but they don’t come across as very bright. Or maybe they are more interested in causing a ruckus than advancing any kind of agenda. I’m not sure how either faction can solve any of the city’s many problems.

If San Franciscans want to get serious and cure itself from its ills, they need to stop caring about the intersectional credentials of the people in charge. The way I see it, the mayor who will clean up the city will be pro-life. Not necessarily because it will take the tough love of a committed pro-life person to compel drug addicts to rehab, but because to vote for a leader who can affect real change, the electorate will have to reevaluate its priorities.

Until then, grab yourself some popcorn. Intersectional power struggles are a hoot.


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The left’s targets – faith, family, freedom-from-government.

These have been consistent targets of totalitarians throughout history.

This society is so sick and dangerous

They are coming for all our children

Antifundamentalist | May 13, 2023 at 7:00 pm

You cannot use the identifiers that You prefer, you may only use the identifiers that we who want to control the dictionary decide that you will be allowed to use. Those that you may use will be inconsistent and arbitrarily applied depending upon our whims. But you may never, ever, question the identifiers that we choose to use for ourselves, however ridiculous, arbitrary and blatantly false they may be.

Message to radical SF Bernicrats: F*** Y***.

Will these folks who object to ‘family’ now be moving on to condemn ‘family reunification’ policies for illegal immigrants used by Biden and trumpeted by the lefties as a mere dog whistle?

You know we’ve reached the tipping point of this transgender nonsense. The country is not going to take much more AOC and Bernie Sanders’ proxy war on America, it’s culture and our traditions. We have had enough.

    PODKen in reply to Ghostrider. | May 13, 2023 at 8:04 pm

    I’m not optimistic … I think this will continue for a long, long time … I see little evidence that it can be overcome …

Three genders. MR, MS, and MI (mentally ill)

We have gotten to the point where the word “dog whistle” is a dog whistle and that tranny knows how to blow it.

    WTPuck in reply to Paula. | May 15, 2023 at 5:19 pm

    Isn’t it funny that leftists are the only ones who can hear “dog whistles”? They don’t care what that says about them.

Cyn Wang 王思惠🌈 … ah… you aren’t in the US anymore. The Progressive Express just blew by you….P. T. Barnum has your number.

The family, no? La familia, si? Mama, papa, y los bebes de concepcion, y las bebes de concepcion. Muy bueno.

henrybowman | May 14, 2023 at 1:03 am

“Family” is a dog whistle; “puppy play” isn’t.

I wouldn’t read too much into the “just got get green card” thing. There are a multitude of visas or other legal statuses that could allow someone to be in the US other than as a permanent resident. The Bay Area in particular is swarming with H1Bs.

Typical, obnoxiously totalitarian and Maoist Dumb-o-crat agitprop. Dumb-o-crats who fail to use the Party’s approved lexicon will be vilified, shamed and punished.

Steven Brizel | May 15, 2023 at 1:20 pm

Wiener clearly wants to legalize grooming which is another element of the destruction of the family that the LGBT and worke worlds have been aiming at for years