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VIDEO: Matt Walsh Debates Pro-Transgender Students at New Mexico State U.

VIDEO: Matt Walsh Debates Pro-Transgender Students at New Mexico State U.

“Somebody w/ a penis is having a medical emergency & they say to you, I think I’m having a miscarriage. Would you consider that a possibility?”

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire recently spoke at the New Mexico State University, at the invitation of the Young America’s Foundation. He spoke mainly on the topic of transgender issues and when his talk was over, he did a Q and A session.

Walsh was challenged by a few trans or pro-trans students. These clips are great.

Featured image via Twitter video.


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Put this on the front page, please.

Morning Sunshine | April 6, 2023 at 2:52 pm

Kudos. Serious big YEAH! WELL DONE to those students who were there to have a serious debate. I was majorly impressed with their questions and their desire to listen to the response.

daniel_ream | April 6, 2023 at 3:35 pm

Here’s the thing about the “genocide” – what they mean is the 40-50% suicide rate among people with severe sexual dysmorphia. They attribute it to the lack of social support and “gender-affirming care”.

The facts are a little different. Over 90% of people with severe sexual dysmorphia were serially sexually abused as children. The dysmorphia is a self-destructive coping mechanism no different from cutting, drug/alcohol addiction, or dangerous sexual behaviour.

Dysmorphia or otherwise, the suicide rate for adult survivors of severe sexual abuse is…about 40%. It’s higher than veterans with PTSD, higher than the clinically depressed, higher than any other category.

Now, the tragic thing is that currently no form of therapy or treatment we know of – CBT, “gender-affirming care”, ECT, nothing – materially affects that suicide rate. 85% of adults with Complex PTSD never show any improvement in their symptoms, whether they receive treatment or not.

Matt Walsh is a genuine hero, countering the misinformation and actual lies perpetrated by the trans community and their supporters.

As a very tiny percentage of the American population, they do not need to be put on a pedestal any more than they need to be attacked. Most people just don’t care, and probably react more strongly to outrageous drag queens.

The problem the transgender community has is that it is grooming impressionable students at very young ages, which is wrong, especially when these children are convinced that they need to maim themselves or be chemically disfigured. When you are at the age of majority, have at it, but leave the children alone! That is the real crime.

““Two trans people in the entire country in an entire year were killed in what the FBI would call a hate crime”
Thank you for doing the homework, Matt. It’s past time someone did.
Having these facts six months ago would have been even keener.

I used to get great mileage out of a 1996 quote from an NPC by the name of Peter Kallander, in testimony to the Southboro (MA) Board of Selectmen, against the proposed expansion of his neighbor’s private airstrip. He told them quite seriously that, “I’d like to create a climate where neighbors control what I do.”

Now we have this “woman” on video saying that the definition of a woman is “somebody who is included and respected and seen and participates in society, recognized by other women.” In other words, I am only what other people tell me I am.

This is what the government school system is teaching kids.

Matt Walsh is a national treasure.