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Syracuse U. Students Object to Talk by North Korea Defector Yeonmi Park, Calling Her a Liar

Syracuse U. Students Object to Talk by North Korea Defector Yeonmi Park, Calling Her a Liar

“In an online forum for Syracuse students, someone posted a photo of a torn flier. Underneath the photo, another user wrote, ‘The b**ch is a liar and a fraud.'”

Some of the students at Syracuse University objected this week to a talk by activist Yeonmi Park, who escaped the communist nightmare of North Korea.

They called Park a liar and tore up flyers meant to promote her appearance.

Campus Reform reported:

Leftist students call North Korean defector Yeonmi Park a ‘liar,’ destroy fliers for her event at Syracuse

Leftist students at Syracuse University recently voiced opposition to an event featuring Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector.

Ahead of the event hosted by the Syracuse College Republicans in partnership with Young America’s Foundation, students destroyed fliers and posted messages critical of Park and the College Republicans in an online forum.

Park, who delivered her speech on Apr. 5, “has criticized concepts like political correctness, trigger warnings and ‘woke culture’ in her career,” according to the student newspaper, The Daily Orange.

Photos obtained by Campus Reform show fliers for the event torn, thrown to the ground, or covered by other fliers.

In an online forum for Syracuse students, someone posted a photo of a torn flier. Underneath the photo, another user wrote, “The b**ch is a liar and a fraud.”

One post tells the forum to “[r]espect other people’s viewpoints.”

“I don’t respect people [who] are actively trying to take away my (and others [sic]) rights,” another user replies. “I don’t have to respect anyone.”

Leftist students on other campuses have embraced socialism and communism, two systems criticized by Park.

In Sept. 2022, the Florida State University Students for a Democratic Society hosted “We Won’t Go Back,” a rally “supporting abortion and socialism,” according to Campus Reform.

One speaker at the event stated that “[t]he Capitalist state’s attack on reproductive rights has a very real material basis.”

“They seek to repopulate the class of workers they exploit after over a million have died from COVID-19. U.S. imperialism is in decline,” the speaker continued.

Park is an outspoken critic of wokeness and has likened it to what she escaped from in North Korea.

Just last week, students at Whitworth University in Washington State objected to a talk by Xi Van Fleet, a woman who escaped the communist regime of Mao in China. We noted this in a quick take:

Student Government at Whitworth University Rejects Campus Speaker Who Survived Mao’s China

This speaks volumes about where we are. Left wing students don’t want people to know what life was like in a real communist regime.

Campus Reform reports:

‘What are they afraid of?’: Student govt. rejects hosting anti-woke survivor of Maoist China

The student government at Whitworth University (WU) voted to reject a speaker who survived communism under Mao Zedong and criticizes woke culture for suppressing opposing ideas.

During an Apr. 12 meeting, the Associated Students of Whitworth University (ASWU) voted 9-4 against hosting Xi Van Fleet on campus. Van Fleet immigrated from Maoist China to the U.S. and draws parallels between the Chinese Cultural Revolution and what she calls the “Woke Revolution,” according to a description of her book Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning.

WU is a private Christian university in Spokane, Wash.

Grace Stiger, president of the Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter at WU, spoke at an earlier meeting about the organization’s intention to host Van Fleet. The planned sponsor for her speaking engagement, the Leadership Institute, is the parent organization of Campus Reform.

The ASWU meeting minutes show Stiger describing Van Fleet as someone who “grew up in China during Mao’s Cultural Revolution.”

“We want her to tell her story,” Stiger continues.

Stiger says that, when ASWU members voted against Van Fleet during the next meeting, they objected to her tweets because they “were fearful of her bringing views to campus that would be hurtful or offensive.”

In the meeting minutes, the tweets in question criticize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Black Lives Matter, and other social justice movements.

“What are they afraid of?” Van Fleet asked in an interview with Campus Reform. “Those people who believe in lived experience, then they are going to get the lived experience from me because I’m not talking about an idea that I read or researched or studied.”

Have we really come to the point where American college students don’t believe people who escaped from communism who are trying to warn them?

Are our students so brainwashed about leftism that they will deny history? It sure looks that way, and it’s terrifying.


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“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.”

Of course she’s a liar! North Korea is not so bad. This lady is making shit up. The fact is the majority of the people in North Korea love their government. The communism they practice there is highly commendable. We should seek to emulate it, not disparage it.

What a crowd of BAMFs

Democrat students object to defector from North Korea….
“were fearful of her bringing views to campus that would be hurtful or offensive.” Children, you have no clue about what you will learn to fear if you get your way. You can’t imagine.

    This is all a scam – the dumbass children are utter narcissists and they know the deal: back their enablers and they have no pressure to work. That’s been the deal since the early 80s.

    countryboy1947 in reply to Whitewall. | April 27, 2023 at 6:43 pm

    If they took all the colleges and universities in America, where communism is taught to our young mush heads, and burnt them all to the ground I don’t think I would feel too bad about that. And if they threw those communist profs right out into the street, without a penny to their names, that would just be a bonus. How many billions of American taxpayer dollars do you suppose has fed this enemy takeover of the greatest land of freedom the world has ever seen?

      Whitewall in reply to countryboy1947. | April 28, 2023 at 9:38 am

      “And if they threw those communist profs right out into the street, without a penny to their names”

      That would be enjoyable to see, especially from the third floor. When I was mid way through college about 1966, we had a frizzy haired wild eye guest lecturer on campus who could lecture on poly-sci. He would fit the bill of the people you are talking about on campus. In the South, NC for me, at that time lecturing like that could prove dangerous to one’s health. Well this freak started out and after a half hour a few of us had had enough and offered to throw him through the window if he was so miserable. Those big wide multi pane wooden windows old buildings used to have. We were curious to see if a ‘red rubber ball’ would bounce..

Maybe the “S” in SU actually stands for “Stalin.” They could change the school color from orange to red, and hold public executions at the Dome of trouble-making dissidents like Ms. Park. Now, THAT would demonstrate progressive values.

stevewhitemd | April 27, 2023 at 1:50 pm

Challenge the student who says that Ms. Park is trying to take away rights. Which rights? How?

Challenge the students who say that her words are offensive or hurtful. Which words? How?

Make them defend themselves. Be Socratic. I will bet that the students actually can’t express themselves and answer these questions. It’s all leftist platitudes and buzzwords. They can’t work their way through a problem.

Challenge them.

    henrybowman in reply to stevewhitemd. | April 27, 2023 at 2:34 pm

    Find out who posted the libels and challenge them in a court of law.
    Funny how it is that they can doxx us whenever they want, but nobody ever seems able to doxx them. They ain’t all that good.

    DDsModernLife in reply to stevewhitemd. | April 27, 2023 at 7:25 pm


    A liar? That’s a serious assertion. Back it up! “Ms. Park claimed ‘wyz’ when in fact, ‘abc’ is the truth.”

    Take your time. I’ll wait but I’m not holding my breath.

nordic prince | April 27, 2023 at 1:57 pm

If they’re “offended,” then that’s all need to know that we’re over the target, and to push further and harder on the offensive.

Screw their “delicate” feelings. They wouldn’t hesitate to trample on us and our rights.

How could anyone not endorse diversity (i.e. class-disordered ideologies), equity, and inclusion (DEI) in a democratic/dictatorial State evolved from single/central/monopolistic solutions.

“Are our students so brainwashed about leftism that they will deny history? It sure looks that way, and it’s terrifying.”
This is the same inconceivable mindlessness we (those of us old enough) saw going on in real time in China, under Mao, in the Red Guard. Knowing how it was done once makes it easier to do again any time you want.

    Martin in reply to henrybowman. | April 27, 2023 at 3:22 pm

    That is the base requirement of leftism at this time. You can’t tell the truth about history because if you do then leftism looks like a destructive death cult. We can’t have that. Believe what big brother tells you no matter how that fails to correspond with reality and memory. It is not easy to be sane and love Big Brother.

    Dimsdale in reply to henrybowman. | April 27, 2023 at 9:58 pm

    The “patriotic” posters of the working man crushing the capitalists should be going up all over campus, now that they’ve cleaned out the Founding Fathers and other notables….

E Howard Hunt | April 27, 2023 at 2:45 pm

Move to a very remote, safe, homogeneous location, throw away your televisions, read old books, eat and drink well, and hope you die before they catch up with you. It’s all that’s left.

    Whitewall in reply to E Howard Hunt. | April 27, 2023 at 5:37 pm

    “read old books” and hold on to them.
    That will be key to rebuild when America reemerges. I have right many, even some college textbooks from the 1960s. I have books many decades older and I’m sure many here do too.

      Evil Otto in reply to Whitewall. | April 28, 2023 at 5:50 am

      IF it reemerges. I believe that lightning is unlikely to strike twice. We’ve experimented with freedom and apparently much of the population has decided that it’s not worth the trouble.

        Whitewall in reply to Evil Otto. | April 28, 2023 at 8:50 am

        Quite possibly but America has been through darkness before. The half century between 1800-1850 for instance saw growth and expansion only to have darkness descend leading to civil war and an attempt to break apart the country. People then believed it had been all for naught, just 4 score and 20 years and poof, gone. But it wasn’t.

        Reconstruction and counterinsurgency in the post war South was dark and violent carrying on through WW1 to the ‘fun decade’ of the 1920s. Then it ended by 1930 and darkness fell again followed by a bigger WW2.

Ignorant people I never want to know personally. How one can be so blind boggles the mind.

    Its’ going to boggle your mind when they completely infest our government and have a monoply on violence. Remember: the end goal of communism and fascism is ALWAYS genocide.

      Form legal, disciplined, trained communities who educate and rally to defend the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment and all that follow.

      Do not back away from this nonsense. Challenge it robustly. Otherwise there might not be a next chance.

      Make sure she gets twice the opportunities to speak on campuses about her book and North Korean experience.

      Directly tell the presidents of these universities that they must uphold free speech rights and principles as defined by the U. of Chicago and Purdue etc., or face funding and legal consequences.

Apparently those kids were afraid they might learn something. Park’s very presence here and the fact that she risked her life to defect should be proof enough of how terrible North Korea is.

“Don’t send my son to Hahvad,” the dying mother said.
“Nor send him up to Syracuse, I’d sooner see him dead!”

Send the Syracuse students a one way ticket to Nork Land if it the paradise they are shooting for.

    Dimsdale in reply to Skip. | April 27, 2023 at 10:06 pm

    After a couple of bowls of grass soup with a side of gravel should suit them.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when they meet their government handlers.

Leftists still defend North Korea?? Seriously, that is crazy

DDsModernLife | April 27, 2023 at 7:14 pm

“ Park, who delivered her speech on Apr. 5,..”

So, the speech went forward. Good.

Yeonmi Park is the real deal and therefore not easily intimidated. Meanwhile her testimony apparently elicits deep, visceral fear.

I feel sorry for the rising generation, afraid to even confront adversity in the realm of ideas and words. The colleges are tainted and we adults have perhaps awakened too late to the dire situation that we’re in.

OK- they can prove it….Let’s have them do a semester abroad (guess where?) !!!!!!!!

C’mon. Evryone knows that North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba are the happiest and most productive places on earth! The only reason people have to queue up for scarce food is because every night, the CIA either sends in an army of spies and wreckers to steal all the food and consumer goods off the shelf; or else they sneak an operative into Tibet to pull a yak’s tail, causing it to fart so much it pollutes the atmosphere over all of Asia to the East China Sea, making it impossible to grow things.

“Leftist students on other campuses have embraced socialism and communism, two systems criticized by Park.”

They have the same end point. Lenin said communism was socialism in a hurry.

There are already MANY existing choices of socialistic regimes (with some close enough to barely require relocation) to which these fine, young examples of the American “Education” system can pledge their allegiance, without having to turn the United States into their commie-utopia-wet dream.

It already exists…go there…FOAD.

Steven Brizel | April 28, 2023 at 8:35 am

This is American Marxism in practice

Steven Brizel | April 28, 2023 at 8:36 am

Let the protestors spend their summer or year abroad in North Korea

So what happened to “lived experiences” and “my truth?” Only when convenient, I guess.

To quote one of my favorite movie lines from Blue Thunder – you’re supposed to be ignorant and foolish, don’t abuse the privilege.

Yeonmi Park has a very powerful message to deliver not just to the Syracuse students but to younger people all across America. Leftists know this and they are willing to play Antifa on their campuses to quiet her.

Park’s experience makes the Hermit Kingdom transparent and our students need to understand what leftist activists and many faculty are promoting. She says she had no understanding of the concept of “I” before she escaped North Korea. She only understood “We.” Everyone’s understanding of everything begins with “We.” Similarly, she explains, there is no understanding of “love” because there is no relationship more important than one’s relationship to the state. This is true horror and there are hints of this same sublimation of individuality to the state on our campuses. It’s taken a bit longer to get here than the title suggested, but it looks like 1984 is on the horizon.

For those who are interested in Park’s message, the investigative journalist Lee Smith hosts a show called Over The Target on Epoch TV. On April 26, his guest was Yeonmi Park. If you are a subscriber, it is available at any time. If you are not, Epoch TV offers open viewing of their programming on Sunday evenings. I watched the interview and can attest to its power. It was riveting.

Leftists hate freedom – not only of speech.

Does anyone ever say how many are involved in these stupid behaviors? It might be a very small percentage of the student body?