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Our Telegraph Op-ed: Crime is running riot in Joe Biden’s America

Our Telegraph Op-ed: Crime is running riot in Joe Biden’s America

The Left-wing ‘defund the police’ attitude is at least partially responsible for the current state of lawlessness nationwide

The Telegraph recently published an op-ed we wrote in which we discussed the rapid and disturbing increase in violent crime during Biden’s tenure.

While Democrat leaders obsess and salivate over their pipe dream of a Trump conviction, their cities are in ruins.

The research we conducted in order to write the op-ed focused on a blue thread that runs through every city experiencing the worst violent crime — not only are they led by Democrats, they’re also run by Democrats who are bankrolled by Democrat mega donors.

We explain here:

So prevalent is the crime concern in the largest cities that crime reduction was the central focus of many mid-term elections. This wasn’t terribly surprising given the Left-wing “defund the police” attitude, which is at least partially responsible for the current state of lawlessness nationwide. It turns out that demoralising the police has consequences which disproportionately impact the most disadvantaged areas.

The cities most greatly aggrieved share a common political thread – they’re all run by Democrats, and not by accident. Over the last decade, Democratic donors have pumped millions into securing the election of liberal prosecutors in America’s largest cities. Many of those elected are political neophytes without prosecutorial experience – something that was previously assumed to be necessary to hold the office – but possessed instead of woke convictions and trendy beliefs that progressives seem to see as an acceptable alternative.

A simple look at the state of the US tells us how that is working out. Meanwhile, at the southern border lawlessness prevails, with illegal immigrants from around the world crossing each year as the Biden administration shrugs its shoulders. Fentanyl seizures are skyrocketing. The country is descending into abject chaos, and while Democrats may get emotional satisfaction from fiddling while the Republic burns, the toll in crime, death, and destruction is no laughing matter.

You can read the full article here.


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Regarding the illegal alien invasion from the South, the administration isn’t shrugging their collective shoulders, they are actively implementing the plan to start and accelerate the invasion. This is the plan, not an accident or a mistake.

    WTPuck in reply to Edward. | April 27, 2023 at 10:30 am

    We need a forensic audit to find out how much everyone in DC is profiting from the cartels and the chinese. Because if they weren’t making money, none of this would be happening.

Defund the police has been abandoned in favor of new punitive laws meant to hamstring police. CA and now MD and others have instituted new use of force laws that have abandoned the reasonableness test in favor of “necessary “ without defining it or who or when “necessary” would be determined. The law comes with a threat of ten years in prison and sets up a labyrinth of review boards. The effect is to end proactive policing. It is happening now, it is obvious, and there will be a whirlwind to reap.

Crime is running rampant?

Well, duh! Criminals are in control of the government from the White House on down to the lowest pogue on the government payroll.

And if there happens to be any robbers, rapists or murderers on the street, they have no fear of the government criminals prosecuting them.

Democrats ‘defund the police’. All meant to flood the zone and keep the public reeling from one catastrophe after another. The Federal Leviathan has many cards to play to exert its power and control over a fractured people.

E Howard Hunt | April 27, 2023 at 10:09 am

The quality of life has taken a pounding. Here, in the northeast, simply driving across town is now battle duty. Minority drivers pass on the right at 70 mph in 30 mph zones, pass school buses loading children, challenge people in crosswalks and blare loud, bestial music from their gigantic car speakers. At stop lights motorists are harassed by bums exercising their lawful right to demand money. The cops do NOTHING, and I can’t blame them.

I am moving to an isolated, country home in an area far away from any social service support networks. Life can be nice away from savages.

    docduracoat in reply to E Howard Hunt. | April 27, 2023 at 2:12 pm

    E Howard Hunt,

    No need to retreat to the wilderness.
    Come to Florida!
    We have a republican governor and Republican legislature.
    Criminals are still prosecuted here and we have a three strikes law for crimes committed using a gun.
    We have a robust castle doctrine and stand your ground law.
    Carrying a gun while protesting, and tearing down historical statues are both crimes here.
    Schools are required to have at least one armed guard at all times.
    Our governor removed from office the Soros prosecutor who attempted to ignore the law.

    The normals are still in charge here.
    Come to West Palm Beach if you like an urban situation or if you like the country there’s plenty of cheap land available north of Lake Okeechobee.

This fish is rotting from the head back. Somehow a person that has never had a real job, been in elected office for almost 50 years married a high school teacher becomes a multi millionaire. And NO ONE questions it.

The vile, callous and stupid Dumb-o-crats have been coddling and enabling criminal sociopaths since at least the 1960’s, but, the trend truly accelerated under narcissist-incompetent, Obama’s, odious and corrosive tenure.

Might I suggest the term “Soroscide” to describe this turn of events?

Biden 1972 campaign for Senate radio ad

“In Cale Boggs’ day when Stalin ruled, Americans had visions of the Russian soldiers in our streets. In Joe Biden’s day, Americans have visions of American criminals in our streets”

The democrat program to increase the party is succeeding. More illegals getting free stuff will vote democrat.