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Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Announces 2024 Presidential Run

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Announces 2024 Presidential Run

“I’m convinced that people want leaders that appeal to the best of America, and not simply appeal to our worst instincts.”

The fourth candidate for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination has thrown his hat into the ring. Former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson joins former president Donald Trump, former South Carolina governor and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy in a bid for the GOP nomination.

Stop laughing. It’s true.

Fox News reports:

“I have made a decision, and my decision is I’m going to run for president of the United States,” Hutchinson told ABC News. “While the formal announcement will be later in April, in Bentonville, I want to make it clear to you… I am going to be running. And the reason is, I’ve traveled the country for six months, I hear people talk about the leadership of our country. I’m convinced that people want leaders that appeal to the best of America, and not simply appeal to our worst instincts.”

Hutchinson has mulled a potential presidential run for months, receiving support from a new super PAC in February.

. . . . Hutchinson served two terms as Arkansas governor before retiring due to term limits. He has since been replaced by Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. As he concluded his tenure as governor, Hutchinson made back-to-back trips to Iowa, the state that for a half-century has kicked off the presidential nominating calendar.

“Going to Iowa probably does send some signals that you’re serious about looking at 2024,” Hutchinson told Fox News in February.

Hutchinson called the reception he received from Iowans “very welcoming,” and said his stops gave him “an opportunity to listen to Iowans and their leaders about the challenges they face and also solutions that they’re looking at.”

While Huchinson has a pretty close to zero chance of winning the nomination, the DNC seems intent on making him sound great to the GOP base.

Fox News continues:

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison issued a statement in response to Hutchinson’s announcement, saying, “After calling Donald Trump ‘the kind of transparent, straight-talking leader America needs,’ Asa Hutchinson now wants to rewrite history – but his support for Trump and the MAGA agenda speaks for itself. As governor, Hutchinson signed one of the strictest abortion bans in the country, ripped health care away from thousands of Arkansans, and advocated for taking away the ACA’s protections for those with preexisting conditions. He’s just another extremist joining the ever-expanding race for the MAGA base.”

Hutchinson, however, made the self-interested assertion that Trump should withdraw from the race due to the Bragg indictment but acknowledges that’s not going to happen:

Hutchinson weighed in on Trump’s indictment after it arrived on Thursday, saying the former president should withdraw from the race.

It’s hard to imagine Hutchinson winning very many votes in a GOP primary. Maybe he can have Chris Christie join him on a TDS ticket? That’ll get him all of ten votes. Maybe.

Needless to say, people have thoughts.


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Utterly idiotic.

At least with candidates like Nikki Haley you can argue that she’s not actually trying to win, she’s just spewing her ‘brown girl in a black and white world’ schtick to try and wrangle a VP spot or a pity cabinet spot.

But utter RINO morons like Hutchinson don’t even have THAT shot. This idiot has absolutely zero base of support, and his home state is solid red.

This clown doesn’t even have a chance of getting a pity cabinet spot. He’s a joke even to people like Pence and Haley.

    Hutchinson may not have ‘shot’ – nor a clue – he sure has an ego.

    Gosport in reply to Olinser. | April 2, 2023 at 11:10 pm

    Few people piss into the wind on purpose without something to gain.

    I’d keep a close watch on the campaign funds because I can’t see any other reason for him to run.

      AF_Chief_Master_Sgt in reply to Gosport. | April 3, 2023 at 9:45 am

      True. Since he was forced to retire due to term limits (something that should apply to ALL elected officials) he needs a vehicle to supplement his retirement income.

      What better way than to kinda-sorta announce to the MSM that he is planning to formally announce later that he wants to run for President. He’ll get loads of money from the TDS crowd, which he can then line his pockets after he withdraws before the ink is dry on the Iowa Caucus results.

      What a moron. Demanding that Trump withdraw because Trump was indicted. Under those terms, the Demitards could indict anyone on some BS claim and keep Asa from running. AH, you should run a campaign that gets you to the seat, not by asking your opponents to step aside.

“’I have made a decision, and my decision is I’m going to run for president of the United States,’ Hutchinson told ABC News.”

Included in his decision is the squandering of oodles time and money. Think Gary Bauer in the 2000 race. At least Bauer wasn’t a member of the Uniparty.

Boy oh boy! This such exciting news.. I just do n ‘t ……………zzz….

(Imagine snoring sounds)

His first move was to bash Trump. Classic MO. Mohammed Ali said it wasn’t bragging if you could do it. He can’t, he won’t and he shouldn’t.

Does Hutchinson need a campaign to pay for a new wardrobe or maybe to provide a last few campaign jobs to hand out as payback? It isn’t 1994 and we don’t need leaders stuck in the nostalgia of a past political and policy era.

He should’ve done it yesterday on April Fool’s day. Because he’s a fool.

Asa, the film-speed candidate. Everything is digital these days though.

Strictly speaking it helps Trump. Anything that splits the vote further helps him.

It’s what Arkansas governors do, nowadays. They serve a term or two, then “run for president”, and parlay that into a gig making TV commercials.

Has he been living under a rock or is he just a RINO fool? He said “we’ve got to have respect for our criminal justice system,” when discussing the Trump indictment. Uh, no, not when the left is politicizing the criminal Justice system. This precedes Trump, we have J6 vs BLM “peaceful protestors”, we have DOJ investigating school parents, we have DOJ prosecuting pro-life protestors who actually are peaceful and turning a blind eye to leftists firebombing prolife pregnancy centers. We have Soros DAs letting violent criminals out turning our cities into war zones. And they are also conveniently ignoring election fraud. No, we don’t “have”to respect anything that hasn’t earned it. Our criminal Justice system is beyond contempt and almost grounds to revolt. Any alleged Republican who doesn’t know this and promise to do something about it also deserves contempt.

Rupert Smedley Hepplewhite | April 2, 2023 at 6:22 pm

How irrelevant can one be?

henrybowman | April 2, 2023 at 6:26 pm

Has he ever had a real job in the real world? Because if not, that would go far to explain this.

Great . . . another RINO. Stick a fork in him . . . he’s DONE!

MacsenMcBain | April 2, 2023 at 6:34 pm

Vanity candidacy.

After months and months of breathless speculation on whether he would run, the public outcry for this most vapid of empty suits just became too much. The waiting is finally over! And he declares by announcing that he will be announcing his candidacy later. Now THIS is a man of action. (Cue the tumbleweeds).

healthguyfsu | April 2, 2023 at 7:32 pm


Money grab IMO

BierceAmbrose | April 2, 2023 at 8:38 pm

Well, some people still don’t get that the baseline qual is being better than the nominal Screaming-D candidate.

thad_the_man | April 2, 2023 at 9:06 pm

“I’m convinced that people want leaders that appeal to the best of America, and not simply appeal to our worst instincts.”

Saying this convinces me that he is appealing to our worst instincts. A real leader doesn’t just say he is a leader, he points the way to where he wants us to go.

    Had he instead just came out and said TRUMP “just… simply appeals to our worst instincts”, his statement would have more clearly revealed his condescending sense of moral superiority. At least now we know how he feels about Trump voters. Another intellectual lightweight who dismisses what he doesn’t he won’t even try to understand. Yes, that is a big tsunami heading your way governor, Keep your water wings handy as you lecture us children about the ebb and flow of ocean tides. “Don’t be afraid children! This big bad high tide will go away soon!”

Capitalist-Dad | April 3, 2023 at 9:53 am

Another useless non-entity enters the race. Hard pass on this loser.

“I’m convinced that people want leaders that appeal to the best of America, and not simply appeal to our worst instincts.”
The problem is your definition of “the best” and “worst” is exactly what got us here. Sucking up to the Progressive beliefs that we must never ever fight back and that compromise is always good brought us to the point where we have no choice but to fight dirty to maintain our freedom.

Also, I agree with Sarah: “Who?
If I weren’t a slight political junky with friends in Arkansas, I would have totally forgotten who this guy was.

Who is this? Have I ever heard of him? Nothing good, I think.

Go to Wikipedia. He is formerly Homeland inSecurity and DEA. He can probably get the Fascist vote, but he’s as bad a governor and potential president than the last guy to go that route.

Gremlin1974 | April 3, 2023 at 7:11 pm

As a lifelong resident of Arkansas Asa is a nice guy, I have met him a couple of times, but he has no chance of even coming close to winning the Primary in Arkansas, much less carrying the state. In fact if by some miracle he did get the nomination the state would probably go for the Democrat Candidate.

He’s good at making promises and big statements that he never even tries to follow through.