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Chicago Police Investigating Claims Cops Ignored Mob Attack on Couple

Chicago Police Investigating Claims Cops Ignored Mob Attack on Couple

“I literally went in front of a police car that I saw coming, like literally stood in front of their car, and I was like ‘stop! There’s people over here getting assaulted,’ and he looked, there were four police officers in the car. The driver looked, and he just cut a path and drove around me.”

CWBChicago announced the Chicago Police Department (CPD) started an internal investigation of claims that cops drove past a mob attacking a couple during the weekend’s “Teenage Takeover.”

The mob of teenagers attacked and beat Ashley Knutson, 20, and her boyfriend, Devontae “DJ” Johnson, 22.

Knutson and Johnson were holding hands when the mob encountered them. They shoved Johnson and then Knutson.

Everything exploded when Johnson told them not to touch Knutson. You cannot see Johnson in the video because the mob already pushed him to the ground.

The Good Samaritan, Lenora Dennis, took the couple to the police station and gave them money. The teenagers took their phones, credit cards, and shoes.

Johnson bled “from the mouth, his head, his eyes.” Dennis said he couldn’t make eye contact.

Lenora Dennis took a video of the attack and issued a scathing statement on her Instagram.

Dennis witnessed at least five police cars drive by and do nothing:

In the 45 years, I’ve lived in this city and ALL of the things I’ve seen AND experienced living on every side of this city. Last night was one of the most DISGUSTING, DEPRESSING, RIDICULOUS displays I have ever witnessed. I watched a mob of hooligan’s attack and viciously BEAT an interracial couple on Wabash, I watched several, at least 5, police cars drive by while this attack was in progress. I watched teenage children jump on the hoods of people’s cars, smashing windshields and causing several thousands of dollars of property damage. The desk sergeant at the 1st District told me to MY face that this is happening because @Brandon4Chicago was elected and he IS the wrong person to get a handle on this situation.

“I felt like I was watching the city devolve into complete and utter chaos like the Joker was finna pop on the scene,” added Dennis.

This is horrible:

“I literally went in front of a police car that I saw coming, like literally stood in front of their car, and I was like ‘stop! There’s people over here getting assaulted,’ and he looked, there were four police officers in the car. The driver looked, and he just cut a path and drove around me,” Dennis told NBC5 yesterday.

The couple confirmed Dennis’ story about police officers not stopping to help.

“[The police] almost had to avoid the collision to get past us, but they just drove by the incident in the middle of the street,” Ashley said on Fox News.

“Cops drove right by it. Acted like they didn’t see anything,” DJ added.

“They were going to kill that young man,” Dennis recalled in an interview with WGN. “They were stomping his head into the concrete.”


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And what were the police to do?
Should they have tasered or shot someone?
What would have happened?
THEY would be arrested and put in jail.

They could NOT have overpowered 40-50 people.

They should resign and move to a community that would never allow a mob to form in the first place.
When the mob knows there is no consequence, more mobs will form.
If the Chicago Mayor and Police Chief go to the next 3 riots and order the police to use ALL FORCE necessary to arrest all of the rioters then there won’t be a fourth riot.

But we know who the current and future Mayor is and what is going to happen.

If you are still in Chicago or these other “troubled” cities, you have failed the IQ test. You will not lose lots of money on any property because no one will buy it. The smarter ones already left.

    Martin in reply to 1073. | April 19, 2023 at 3:29 pm

    Thank you for saving me the effort of making this comment.

    n.n in reply to 1073. | April 19, 2023 at 4:27 pm

    Progressive Precedent (PP)

    chrisboltssr in reply to 1073. | April 19, 2023 at 7:59 pm

    I know this got down votes and I understand the down votes. The cops should always be willing to do their jobs.

    That said, I agree with this sentiment. Most cops know the minute they were to stop black thugs from thuggin they would be the ones in trouble and blasted on the news and not the criminal black thugs. It just more inversion of our morality due to the ever increasing immorality of the Leftists in power. And when the city votes for this by electing a mayor who openly calls for defunding police and excuses black thugs thuggin, well, all of Chicago’s cops should go out to the burbs where people will defend them and not tolerate blacks thuggin.

      docduracoat in reply to chrisboltssr. | April 20, 2023 at 12:51 pm

      You are 100% correct.
      Even if there were 100 cops, they would be insane to act to protect those 2 citizens.
      The minute they used any force at all on the thugs, even non lethal force, they would be pilloried in the press.
      If a minority youth was killed during the rescue, the cops would be on trial for murder.

      The few remaining Chicago cops are responding logically to the incentives.
      Do nothing
      Stay in the car.
      Never interfere with any black criminals

    Dathurtz in reply to 1073. | April 19, 2023 at 8:03 pm

    Makes ya wonder what they are getting paid for.

      Reader45 in reply to Dathurtz. | April 20, 2023 at 4:01 pm

      That night, they were escorting the elderly back to safety and away from the violence, as well as trying to prevent the chaos from spreading to other areas. They are not allowed to racially profile or get in the way of the “teens” civil rights. Thank a democrat.

Yea … Right … What should they have done … Leap out of the car … Run over … Make a few arrests … Spend the next 5 years defending themselves in court … Or the prison yard …. I used to read Second City Cop … Nice blog about Chicago police and politics … The police have a saying there … GOING FETAL… … The philosophy is … Smile …. Wave …. Drive on

    Gosport in reply to Aggie9595. | April 20, 2023 at 2:28 am

    Nobody expects them to have broken the riot, just paid attention to 2 taxpayers getting lynched for the crime of being alive and in Chicago.

      Reader45 in reply to Gosport. | April 20, 2023 at 3:15 pm

      Cops probably could not discern these two as taxpayers vs. willing participants in the “teen takeover”. Google Illinois SAFE-T Act. Illinois Dems made it law to tie the hands of police, limit their power, pushed to end qualified immunity, and then cuddle the criminals. Disappointing to see this blog did not show all the police did that night to protect many of the thousands of other law abiding taxpayers that evening. That didn’t make the news or any blog.

Strange how you don’t see this type of feral behavior where people are allowed to exercise their right of self defense.

Support the Blue

Some, Select [Black] Lives Matter (SS BLM)

Will it be as good an investigation as all their ones into those murders every weekend?

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to GWB. | April 19, 2023 at 5:04 pm

    I’m FAR from being a badge licker, but in this case, I feel for the cops. When no one “don’ hear nuttin’ din’t see nuttin”, and “snitches get stitches, what can they do?

2 officers vs a mob of 40-50? Unless they were willing to use overwhelming lethal force (thinking shotgun and rifle) against the mob (and still facing a fair chance that they would be overrun have their weapons taken, and killed) their tiny presence would easily have made matters worse.

I suspect they were ordered to get out anyway. And what CPD officer is going to use lethal force against ‘teens’ knowing they would be on trial before the last shell casing hit the ground.

    gonzotx in reply to iconotastic. | April 19, 2023 at 6:16 pm

    I believe she said 4 cops were in one car

    AND there were at least 4-5 other police cars she saw who went out of their way to do nothing

    So yeah 4-12/14 police could do something and reinforcements could have come quickly

    If your frightened to do your job, do something else but no reason for law abiding people to have thugs beat them up in front of them and do nothing AND get paid for it.

      iconotastic in reply to gonzotx. | April 19, 2023 at 7:26 pm

      It would be worthwhile to know their orders regarding the mob. While not a moral excuse following orders does have the benefit of avoiding disciplinary action. It might be similar to the Kris Kimes murder in Seattle, where over 100 SPD offwatched Kines be beaten to death and did absolutely nothing. ‘Teens’ did that too.

      Gosport in reply to gonzotx. | April 20, 2023 at 2:31 am

      … which begs the question: where were the cops going and what did they do there? Because they certainly didn’t have any effect on the riot in general. So how about take the small victory of actually protecting innocent taxpayers from the raging pack that had trapped them?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t has turned into really seriously damned if you do, nothing happens if you don’t for the Chicago police.

The consequences are obvious.

But you know beyond a doubt that if either of the two defendants had produced a lawfully carried firearm and put two or three of these feral creatures on a slab at the morgue, hundreds of officers and detectives would be put on the case to prosecute. Of course a lawfully carried firearm in Chicago is about as probable as a unicorn.

The police have no way to do their job in Chicago anymore. Seriously, they should just all quit.

The white-hating race mobs now rule the city, and there is nothing anyone can do except flee.

However, neighboring towns should have their police lined up at the city line, ready to shoot at mobs that try to enter.

Victor Immature | April 19, 2023 at 8:11 pm

I am almost certainly more “black” than Elizabeth Fraud Warren is native American, Ima get me some reparations

Well, when Chicago PD shifted their hiring from huge male Poles, Irish, etc. who could sub in for the defensive line of the Bears when needed… to tiny little diverse women etc., and then vastly reduced the number of those, you knew they weren’t serious about protecting the place.

“I felt like I was watching the city devolve into complete and utter chaos like the Joker was finna pop on the scene”
A trenchant observation.
Batman doesn’t kill perps, and Gotham can’t seem to keep them in prison.
Chicago doesn’t even lock them up in the first place.
Welcome to Gotham City, Illinois.

BierceAmbrose | April 19, 2023 at 9:54 pm

I wonder what will happen when the apparatchiks who design and direct law enforcement and occupation policing realize their threats have become impotent, and there’s nothing left to extract.

So a middle aged couple did what the cops ignored. Dragged this couple into their car, clothed them, gave them what footwear was banging around as they rushed them to a hospital.
I hate Chicago and the cops there also.

I agree with many of the other commenters. The cops in a situation like that are in a no-win position.

If they get involved and they end up using force of any kind, they could end up in prison for doing their job. The worst thing that will happen to them for doing nothing is to be fired. Better that than behind bars.

If I were a cop in a city like that, most of my time on the clock would be spent trying to avoid any type of interaction that could turn frisky.

That’s not a matter of me being unwilling to do the job, that’s a matter of the powers-that-be telling me by their actions that my job is not to enforce the laws or protect the law abiding, but to avoid any interactions with the non-law abiding…especially the black non-law abiding…that could end up requiring the use of force.

Message received.

E Howard Hunt | April 20, 2023 at 8:40 am

This woman should be more discriminating in her choice of boyfriend.

LongTimeReader | April 20, 2023 at 11:58 am

Illinois was trying to make cops personally liable for up to $25K, not sure if that ever passed. Even if it hasn’t as long as they are still showing up to their calls for service, I can’t fault them.

    Reader45 in reply to LongTimeReader. | April 20, 2023 at 3:56 pm

    That was part of the Illinois SAFE-T Act. It was introduced by the Illinois Black Caucus. The purpose was to end “systemic racism” in policing in Illinois. Republicans pushed back on it. They did modify it, thanks to Republicans. The Dem Attorney General still wants to try to get more “police reform” into law.

      JimWoo in reply to Reader45. | April 20, 2023 at 9:50 pm

      Why are blacks so dismissive of crime? They are most frequently victimized. I once had a black coworker who bought a big screen. She took the empty box to a city dump instead of putting it out by the street. I asked her why and she said she wanted the tv to be there when she got home. This is how they want to live? By passing the anti cop Safe-T law they enable the thugs and yet the black politicians are all for it. It’s insane. So they defunded the cops; did their taxes go down?

        Reader45 in reply to JimWoo. | April 21, 2023 at 1:12 am

        You’re right. It doesn’t make sense. It is insane. There has been a lot of “black flight” out of Chicago to the suburbs and other states. With the new radical mayor, demonizing of police and the out of control crime, Chicago will continue to decline.

BierceAmbrose | April 20, 2023 at 2:15 pm

So, they had enough insight and coordination to tell The Enforcers not to intervene, rather than directing an intervention.

So, it was a choice. Good to know.

If you watched the non-media videos from that day, you would see all the “teen” fights and screaming every where you looked. It is very common scene in these groups. Chicago cops don’t interfere with “teen” fights. Blame falls on 1. “Teens”, their producers, and their culture 2. Politicians demonizing the police 3. Media spinning a narrative. Time to push back against the REAL problem. All you have to do is google “Chicago police misconduct lawsuit”. The “teens” know the ghetto lottery is in their future if a cop, especially a white one, comes near them, says anything to them, or dare lay a hand on them.