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Author Cancels Talk at Furman University Over Safety Concerns About Protests

Author Cancels Talk at Furman University Over Safety Concerns About Protests

This is becoming the norm.

There is going to come a point where no one will visit college campuses anymore. It’s not worth it.

WYFF News reports:

Furman responds after author cancels speech at university

Furman University is responding after an author canceled her speech over concerns about protests.

This stems from an opinion editorial published in the Wall Street Journal. Mary Eberstadt said she was scheduled to speak at Furman University about her new book, but decided to cancel over concerns about protests and her safety.

She cited an event with Scott Yenor, an Idaho professor who spoke at the university in February and said, “Scores of faculty and student protestors ‘silently’ objected inside and outside as he spoke.”

Furman University President Elizabeth Davis responded in her own op-ed piece, saying respectful protests are part of the exchange of ideas.

“I do think that people who choose to put their positions and a national spotlight, have to be willing to anticipate they’re going to be people that who disagree. I mean, that’s how we were trained as academics; people are going to pick apart our arguments. But for us, we want our students to really have the opportunity to think through their values, to not shut down their voices, not to silence them, but to be sure when they want to protest that it’s done in a respectful way,” Davis said.


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President Elizabeth Davis is being disingenuous, like most Leftists. I’ll leave it at that because Leftists are disingenuous, and dishonest.

My beef is with Mary Eberstadt, the author who was scheduled to speak. To not go all the way to promote, not just your book, but the message, does you nor anyone else any good. If you can’t take the heat, as they say. The Left is, and will continue to be disgraceful, belligerent, and violent. You knew that when you wrote the book. And yet, you cower at the first offensive. You’ve done nothing to advance your, or our cause.

To remind you, there are many of us, on the Right, Right-Center, and Center-Left that get out there in the ‘war zone’ knowing full well what to expect. We do it anyway. There’s your lesson, Ms. Eberstadt.

retiredcantbefired | April 2, 2023 at 11:32 pm

If the previous protests were silent, conditions at Furman aren’t nearly as bad as those that prevail at most other universities.

I believe that silent protests or protests in a separate room are protected by the First Amendment. For example, students could wear T-shirts with a message printed on it or hold signs. However, heckling or preventing the speaker from being heard is not allowed.