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President of Temple U. Resigns as Campus is Plagued by Crime

President of Temple U. Resigns as Campus is Plagued by Crime

“The Temple University Police Association said it wants to work with the next leadership team on campus safety issues.”

All that talk about defunding the police went right out the window once students started becoming victims of crime.

The College Fix reports:

Plagued by campus crime, Temple president resigns

Temple University’s president will leave his job this Friday after only starting in the role in July 2021.

The university’s board of trustees announced that President Jason Wingard resigned and will leave office on March 31.

Wingard’s (pictured) resignation comes amidst ongoing campus safety issues, including the killing of a university police officer in February.

Chairman Mitchell Morgan stated:

Given the urgent matters now facing the University, particularly campus safety, the Board and the administration will ensure the highest level of focus on these serious issues. We understand that a concerted and sustained effort must be undertaken as we attempt to solve these problems.

At the same time, we acknowledge that these issues adversely affect all of the University’s constituencies. We recognize that solutions will be most effective, impactful and long-lasting when they reflect the perspectives of so many different groups who care deeply about Temple’s future. We remain confident that the University can overcome these challenges with your support.

The Temple University Police Association said it wants to work with the next leadership team on campus safety issues.

“TUPA is eager to form a working relationship with Temple University’s new leadership team,” the union wrote in a March 28 tweet. “We are dedicated to working together to implement proven strategies to increase safety on campus.”


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Wingard was in administration at Stanford and Columbia before becoming president at Temple. Likely very well indoctrinated in wokeness, won’t be missed by most.

BierceAmbrose | March 30, 2023 at 6:15 pm

Poor prezzy.

When what they want can’t possibly work, you can tell them it won’t and piss them off early, or wait til it doesn’t work and get clipped, then. Prezzy didn’t jump soon enough.

“Speed is not the essence of strategy. Timing is the essence of strategy.” — Musashi

Charles Coupé | March 30, 2023 at 7:58 pm

What a terrific opportunity to do a real-world academic case study … bringing to bear all the tools of scholarly hypothesis testing, data gathering, statistical analysis of various measures of outcome — e.g., grades, quality of applicants, transfers, etc.

Sadly, they probably won’t do it.

Imagine if they actually utilized all the resources available to a public university …. to truly benefit their campus and the surrounding community.

Imho in a few years “The Temple Turnaround” would be studied around the world.

And emulated.

It could be such a source of pride for Philadelphia.

My guess is Wingard’s hands were tied. He was also set to move onto campus next month, and probably did not feel safe enough to make that commitment.

I don’t understand why the guy had to resign over campus crime.

Phillygirl1807 | April 1, 2023 at 1:06 pm

As a Temple grad ‘68, I can tell you that Temple made a big mistake when it “committed to the inner city.” Temple had the ingredients for expanding its lovely Ambler, PA, campus, but opted to give up student safety for unrealistic hopes that the North Philadelphia ghetto that surrounds it would miraculously transform into an Eden-like area. No amount of beautiful buildings or course offerings will change the dangerous area that surrounds Temple’s campus.